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Don’t Be Shy! Ask These Questions to Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Don’t Be Shy! Ask These Questions to Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Many women have improved their self-esteem and gained confidence in the way they look after breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation, then it is vital to get all the facts straight.
Many feel shy to ask certain questions to the surgeon but there is nothing to feel embarrassed about! It is best to get all your concerns out in front of the surgeon and gain some clarity than worrying about in your mind and not speaking it aloud. So, here are a few questions to help you start the conversation with the surgeon.

What Is Your Experience in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Don’t just ask the experience of the plastic surgeon. Ask the surgeon’s experience in performing breast augmentation surgery; there is a great deal of difference between both. Some surgeons have specializations in particular branches of plastic surgery. While a surgeon may have more than a decade of experience in hair transplants, he may not have a similar experience with breast augmentation. Those having experience in breast augmentation can provide you with the expected results.
To get more information about the surgeon’s experience, ask about the number of breast augmentation surgeries the surgeon has performed and about the most recent surgery, he has done. For further concrete proof, ask for the before and after photographs of the previous patients.
Moreover, do check his credentials, like his degree and ensure the certification from the authorized medical boards.

Are There Different Breast Augmentation Procedures?

Usually, the primary method of breast augmentation remains the same although the details about the incisions and the placement of implants may vary. You may discuss the pros and cons of different incisions. Also implants may be placed either beneath breast gland or beneath muscle or the more recent and advanced techniques of placement beneath fascia. Which would be suitable for you and reasons why he feels so is what you need to ask. Kind of breast implants differ. The breast implants come in various shapes, sizes and surface characters and may be silicone or saline filled. The surgeon will discuss all these details with you.

How Can I Choose the Size of My Implants?

The surgeon will show you various kinds of implants in multiple shapes and sizes. This will give you an idea of the options you have. The surgeon will himself suggest a few implants based on the kind of figure you want, your current height and weight. You can also choose an implant based on the breast size you want to achieve but be prepared for little variations.

Which Implant is Better for Me?

This is a crucial question to ask your surgeon. The two types of breast implants used are saline implants and silicone implants. Both have respective pros and cons and depending on your physical condition and age, the surgeon will guide you to choose the suitable one.
While the cost of either does not differ much, yet the suitability varies based on other factors like the incision you have chosen may permit saline implant or for very large implants silicone implant might be a preferable choice.
Most important is to prefer a FDA approved implant, though these may be bit costlier yet the quality assurance for something that would be placed inside makes them worth it. You may ask your surgeon to prefer these.

Will My Breasts Hurt After Surgery?

As with all other surgeries, you will experience swelling, bruising and pain for a few weeks. The duration of the recovery period may differ from time to time. Pain is usually bearable and easily manageable with painkillers that your surgeon would provide. Within a few days to week pain subsidies and it is more of slight discomfort or tightness. This too decreases gradually over time.

How Long Will My Implants Last?

Both saline and silicone breast implants do not last a lifetime. You may need to replace them after some time due to either your desire to further improve your breast shape or size or due to certain changes caused by the implant itself. Most implants used today are expected to last beyond ten years. There are certain guidelines for the life of the breast implants, so be sure to ask about it to the surgeon. Sometimes, based on your physical changes, you may require a revision or sometimes, when you damage your breasts, you should visit your surgeon and get the implants removed or replaced.

Can People Find Out That I Have Breast Implants?

The surgeon will place the implants in such a way that it will feel and look natural. Also, the size of the implants will only accentuate the body and not make it look artificial. The only thing that might remain noticeable is the scar of a cut that was made to enter the implant. This too is placed in a way to remain hidden as far as possible. The incisions of the surgery might be visible for a few months to a year and fade out to a fine mark. The surgeons most commonly make the incisions below the breasts in the crease called infra-mammary crease. You can hide these incisions beneath your undergarments.

Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

People often speculate that breast augmentation may cause cancer, research findings beg to differ. Few say that certain types of breast implants can cause anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. Your surgeon will help you choose the safest FDA approved implant available based on prevalent international recommendations. Choosing an experienced surgeon who is updated in his knowledge and takes precautionary measures will help in preventing these as far as possible.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Most techniques used for inserting the implants go beneath the breast tissues and glands. It is generally unlikely to affect your ability to breastfeed. It is essential to understand that your preexisting small size of breast may mean insufficient or inefficient glands so you may already lack the ability to produce milk in enough quantity. Voice your concern to the surgeon and discuss the possibilities of breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery.

Will the Implants Affect My Breast Milk?

If you can breastfeed after the surgery, then there is no worry about it. The saline and the silicone implants are placed well below the breast tissue and gland and will not react/affect with the breast milk and therefore, it is safe for the baby.

What Can I Do to Get the Best Results?

If you want to get the best results, it is wise to take proper rest after the breast augmentation surgery and follow every single instruction of the surgeon. The surgeon will advise you about the do’s and don’ts after the surgery and suggest the best way to take care of the breasts. Get all such information before the surgery so that you can prep for your rest period and set up all precautionary measures in place.

What Happens When the Size of Implants Is Not Satisfactory?

It is best to convey the right size of the implants you want before the surgery. You can even place the implants with the size of the bra you wish to achieve and check if it is satisfactory. Even after taking all the precautions, if the implant size is too big or too small, the surgeon will have to operate again and place another size implant. This would mean extra cost and downtime for recovery so try to be sure what size of breast you would like before the first procedure. It is best to have this conversation before the situation to see how the surgeon usually handles it.

How Will I Know about the Damaged Implants?

In the case of saline implants, you can easily find out, as the ruptured saline implants will automatically deflate. In the case of silicone implants, you may not usually know about the damage unless you go for a scan. If you have hurt your breasts in any way, it is best to go for an immediate examination.

Will My Implants Suffer Damage During Mammogram?

While several researches report implant rupture during the mammogram due to the squeezing involved during the process, it is unlikely if you inform your radiologist before the procedure. Also, there are possibilities that the implants may hinder the complete view of the breasts. Hence, it is best to choose a radiologist who has good experience with handling breast implants during mammograms to avoid any such issues.

Will I Lose the Sensation of My Breasts After Placing Implants?

Some women feel a slight tingling in their breasts and the nipple area after a breast augmentation surgery while a few may feel a varying degrees of decrease in sensation during the recovery time. Only a rare few lose their sensation permanently either in just the nipple and areola or the entire breasts. It all depends on the expertise of the surgeon in performing the surgery.

How Will the Implants Keep Up the Appearance Over Time?

As one ages, the breasts start to sag and form loose skin around it. Though it is difficult to predict how your sagging breasts will look with the implants, the surgeon can give you a general idea about the appearance of your breasts and may suggest ways to manage the condition.
Ask all these questions and any other you have in mind to the surgeon. It is best to speak out your apprehensions than second-guessing your decision. A good surgeon will be able to provide answers to all of these questions honestly and this will further guide you to check whether you have chosen a perfect breast augmentation surgeon.