Blog / Expert Opinion On India Ranking Fourth As Plastic Surgery Hotspot

Expert Opinion On India Ranking Fourth As Plastic Surgery Hotspot

Expert Opinion On India Ranking Fourth As Plastic Surgery Hotspot

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Improvement in technology has an immense impact on medical facilities. The ways of plastic surgeries are evolving, and so the demand is on the rise. With India offering top-notch medical facilities to the patients, the country has successfully secured the fourth rank when it comes to plastic surgery cases. Many factors contribute to the growth of India as the hotspot of cosmetic surgery procedures.

India becoming the hotspot

Many people who are unhappy with their looks often crave to change it. With plastic surgery becoming popular in India, you can now work on any part of your body without a scar to let anyone know about the surgery. However, there are many more reasons that are accelerating the number of surgery cases for cosmetic improvement.
• Rising awareness
Even a few years back, people all across the world were not much aware of cosmetic surgery procedures. Also, looks didn’t matter much to most of the people. But as the celebrities began to opt for various surgeries o enhance the look, media coverage increased significantly. Common people are coming to know about the existence of procedures they might never have heard of. So those who have sufficient money to support the procedure are taking an interest in the process.
• Growing economy
As you can well apprehend, the procedures for enhancing the aesthetics will demand a considerable price to pay. India is now growing steadily in the economic aspect. People are earning well, and they have excess cash after paying for the essentials. The factor is a major trigger to inspire people to improve the looks artificially. Attaining a particular standard of aesthetic is the chief aim of spending the money.
• Good track record
When you are planning to undergo surgery, will you proceed without any knowledge gathering or research? Obviously no. And the same theory applies to most of the other individuals who are keen to change their looks for a better form. If you go through the record of Indian cases, you will find all good success stories with a high recommendation for various surgeons all across the country. You can even check out individual surgeon’s records to know about the strength as well as the weaknesses.
• Certification
As the demand is rising, there should be a proportional increase in the supply chain. But that does not mean that any doctor can claim to be a plastic surgeon in India. The medical board is very strict regarding the certification of practicing doctors. Still, you should always verify the certification of the doctor before undergoing surgery. The high demand is also inspiring young doctors to specialize in the field, and so, the number of cosmetic surgeons is also increasing.
• World-class facilities
India is now competing equally with the USA and Brazil when it comes to the quality of medical facilities and caregivers post the surgery. Most of the procedures are usually outpatient process, but many hospitals do provide hospital facilities for the convenience of the patient. You can even request the facilities if you think that you need special care after the procedure from the medical professionals.

The growing interest of tourists

Foreigners are now also keen to undergo cosmetic procedures in India. As a matter of fact, India is now offering one of the finest solutions to global patients when they are searching for accurate body correctional treatments. You can enjoy myriad benefits if you are from a different country. You can undergo many types of correctional treatment, including :
• Breast surgery: With this procedure, you can either decrease or increase the breast size or undergo other procedures like breast lift and reconstruction of nipple-areolar tissue.
• Facial surgery: Improving your face contour is the chief aim of this surgery. It can be both non-invasive and invasive, which includes processes like nose reshaping. Chin implants, laser resurfacing of the skin, Thermage, facelift, and more.
• Vaginal surgery: Women often want to enhance the appearance of the vaginal parts, along with the demand for restoring the virginity. The procedures are not complex, and a woman can easily undergo vaginal tightening, labiaplasty, or hymenoplasty.
• Body surgery: Reshaping your body has never been easier than the latest procedures like liposuction, tummy tucking, calf augmentation, and body lifting. It will help to reshape your body without any dieting or exercising.

Certification verification is mandatory

If you desire to look beautiful or at least better than you do now, you have the liberty to consult a certified cosmetic surgeon who can tell you in detail about the process and its advantages. While plastic surgery is more about correcting the body’s defects and reconstruct a normal appearance, cosmetic surgery focuses on appearance enhancement.
Training is a mandatory part of every medical professional who masters the art of cosmetic surgery. The training includes a Super specialty residency program that comprises of three years’ training in general surgery and the next three years’ training in plastic surgery training. So when you see the board certification, it proves that the professional has completed the training and has sufficient expertise to proceed with the treatment.

Reasons for popularity

The era of smartphones and laptops has changed the mentality of common people. The individuals who thought about plastic surgery as a highly expensive and too complicated method a few years back are now aware of the actual process and how it can help everyone achieve a perfect look. You can change the structure and shape of your hips, elbows, chin, lips, abdomen, breasts, nose, thighs, and eyebrows. The very idea is exciting for most people.

Looks do matter

How many of you suffer from a lack of self-confidence just because you know that you don’t look good enough? Well, the number of positive responders will be overwhelming. When there is a way to improve your physical appearance that will increase your self-esteem, you must avail of the procedure. The presence of skilled practitioners and excellent hospital facilities will help you undergo hassle-free treatment in India.