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Dr. Bibilash Babu – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in thiruvananthapuram

If you are noticing a flat appearance of your mid-face, it is due to your deformed cheek bones. It may have happened due to an accident or any other reason. In any case, opting for cheek implant surgery is a befitting solution to remedy this flawed appearance. The sole purpose of this surgery is to lift or add volume to your cheeks. Our cheek augmentation surgeon in thiruvananthapuram holds a thriving track record of performing cheek implants and fat grafting, which are the two widely performed surgeries in this regard.

Why Consult Dr. Bibilash Babu for Cheek Augmentation Surgery in thiruvananthapuram?

  • Have performed countless cheek surgeries to accentuate the facial appearance of the patients
  • Extremely qualified and experienced to perform cheek augmentation surgery In thiruvananthapuram
  • Member of several renowned Indian and international plastic
    surgery associations
  • Proficient in carrying out malar, sub-malar and extended malar implants

Cost of Cheek Augmentation Surgery in thiruvananthapuram

The cost of cheek augmentation surgery in thiruvananthapuram relies largely on the type of cheek implant used for your treatment. It will not comprise the charges for medical facilities, operating room, anesthesia, or any other associated expense. The surgeon’s fees will be an added expenditure, which will depend on his or her skill, expertise and experience. Feel free to contact our cheek augmentation surgeon in thiruvananthapuram to get the detailed info about the surgery cost.

Our Services

During your surgery, we make sure to equip you with every possible facility and services that could make you feel comfortable. We also boast of our robust equipment and cordial nursing staff. Moreover, our cheek augmentation surgeon in thiruvananthapuram is among the best in the healthcare industry.Overall, you can leave our hospital duly satisfied with an enhanced facial appearance.

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