Which One To Choose Between Brow Lift And Blepharoplasty


With growing age, your eye area and forehead start to show the first signs of wrinkles, leading to sagging skin later on. Some people might even have such aged appearances before attaining a certain age. Sagging eyelids is one common occurrence among maximum people. It will not just let you look a lot older but also starts interfering with your vision.
If you are not happy with the way things are turning out and your vision is getting compromised, then head towards cosmetic surgery right away. There are two separate surgeries available for the same reason. One is the brow lift procedure, and another one is Blepharoplasty. Deciding which one to choose might be tough for you, but not for the professionals. After checking out your current condition, a cosmetic surgeon will recommend the best option.

More on brow lift surgery:

Through brow lift surgery, you get the chance to rejuvenate the upper face by working on sagging brows and forehead wrinkles. For that, reliable doctors will use the endoscopic approach or might aim to modify the traditional coronal lift technique.
● There is a general difference in female and male eyebrows. So, it is vital to be extremely careful while raising them in a proper manner while performing brow lift surgery. As a result, the brows will appear to be more natural and lifted, and the forehead will be a lot smoother than before.
● This form of surgery can always eliminate any upper face-based wrinkles. It can furthermore correct the upper eyelid hood, which is the result of sagging brows.

The right candidate for brow lifts surgery:

If the hooding or overhang of upper eyelids is extending beyond the initial corner of your eyelid, then you are a perfect candidate for a brow lift. Your eyebrow shape will be another indicator. In case they are flat, or the tail is lower than the central portion of the brow, then a lift can help to restore that amazing arch.
A proper candidate will experience a distinct drop in the forehead with passing the time and flattening or arch, leading to sagging brows. In case that sagging brow led to upper eyelid hood, then a brow lift surgery is able to reverse it. You can also be a potential candidate for a brow lift if you end up having several wrinkles on brow areas and forehead.

Learning about Blepharoplasty:

Blepharoplasty, commonly known as eyelid surgery, helps to rejuvenate the upper portion of your face. It does that by working on extra fat and skin around the upper and lower eyelids. This process is separated under upper and lower Blepharoplasty, and some patients can head for both surgeries at the same time.
● Here, the surgeon is held responsible for removing extra fat and skin.
● He will furthermore adjust muscle tissue. The main goal is to restore a young look to the eyes.
● This process will restore complete sightlines. It does that by removing extra eyelid skin in some severe cases.
● Blepharoplasty can also reduce puffiness and fine lines in the lower and upper eyelids.

The perfect candidate for this process:

You can opt for Blepharoplasty if you have excess sagging skin in the lower or upper eyelids. It is mainly accompanied by extra fat. Candidates will have that proper upper eyelid hooding, which will block the visual field partially. The Blepharoplasty candidates will also experience under-eye bags, which are the results of excessive fat accumulation in those pockets. If your current eyebrow positions remain the same, but you have an upper eyelid hooding, then Blepharoplasty is the call for you.

When you should not have Blepharoplasty and go for brow lift instead:

If you are actually trying to remove wrinkles and fine lines only from the corner of your eye, then you don’t have to go for Blepharoplasty. There are so many other appropriate and less invasive options available. In most cases, the sagging upper eyelid might be the result of not just excess skin but also eyebrow descent. During such instances, you can always head towards a brow lift rather than heading for Blepharoplasty.
In case you already had Blepharoplasty before but noticing droopiness of the eyelid again, then you have to go for another surgery. But, if you don’t have enough eyelids to remove, a brow lift is a clear cut winner at this stage. However, most patients are pretty happy with the outcome and don’t feel the need to go for another process. Blepharoplasty is a long-lasting result.

When to avoid brow lift completely:

In case you have a brow position, which sits higher naturally, then you should not go for a brow lift. It might leave you with a shocking appearance, which is not what you are looking for.
On the other hand, if you don’t want any invasive procedure for your eyelids, then you can try some of the non-invasive treatments for rising up your brows. There are so many injections available for such requirements. But this form of treatment will not have a long-lasting effect.

Make the right choice between a brow lift and Blepharoplasty:

Whether you need to choose brow lift or go for Blepharoplasty will be a tough choice, especially for the first-timers. Some patients are pretty unsure regarding the best process to meet their specified goals. Generally speaking, a brow lift is effective if you have aging signs along with forehead and eyebrows. Examining the shape and position of the brow line will be a good test at this point.
In case the issue lies with the eyelids more, then Blepharoplasty is always a better choice to make. It may not help in raising your existing brow line, but it can open up your eyes significantly and give you a refreshed look. In case you have impeded vision due to drooping lids, then Blepharoplasty is always the right choice to go for.

Check out with the experts:

Always remember to check in with the professionals before you head for any of these surgeries. The doctors are well-trained and will offer you with proper guidance after checking your initial condition. So, always rely on their advice for better results.

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