Facial Implants

Facial Implants – The perfect option for facial balancing and enhancing

Do you find your facial appearance uninteresting and want to give it a lift? Or, do you want to enhance your looks to excel in your acting or modeling profession? Whatever be the reason, opting for Facial Implants is the right move to deal with such situations. Undergoing this specific treatment helps to reconstruct, rejuvenate and enhance your facial contours appreciably.


What are Facial Implants?

Facial Implants are sculpted silicone pieces or other materials designed specifically to for facial balancing and enhancing. Surgeons recommend these implants to improve the structure of cheeks, jaw and chin. For obtaining best results, you need to tell about the specific features that you want to augment and your motive behind the surgery.



For instance, if you have a feeble jaw, don’t like your small chin or wish if you could have facial contour, then applying Facial Implants through plastic surgery could suffice your requirement.

Types of Facial Implants

Here are the important types of implants you could opt to improve your facial structure:

· Jaw implants: As the name suggest, jaw implants can increase the length of the lower portion of your face. The surgery is suitable if you have an improperly defined weak jaw, which is very different from your neck.

· Chin implants: If your chin does not complement your mid-face and forehead, chin implants can be helpful in raising its projection and size.

· Cheek implants: These implants can enhance the projection of the patient’s cheekbones especially the flat or recessed areas.


When to opt?

Certain situations may tend you to go for Facial Implants:

· To improve receding and weak chin

· Get more natural looking cheeks

· Restoring facial structure in the old age

· Correct asymmetrical face or deformation



Are you a good candidate?

Do you feel like opting for facial balancing and enhancing via implants? If yes, then make sure that your skull and head are physically mature enough to undergo the treatment, which mostly happens in the late adolescence. Besides, other important conditions to be a good candidate for these implants include:

· Healthy body


Positive attitude regarding perfection of facial contours


The procedure

The treatment process for Facial Implants is similar for all the areas.

1. The surgeon draws marks on the patient’s face to help in the placement of implant.

2. He also marks the area to indicate the underlying structure that does not need operation.

3. The patient lies face-up on the table

4. The surgeon administers general and local anesthesia

5. He makes an incision on the area where implants need to be placed.

6. Next, he creates a pocket in the facial tissue wherein he will go for implant insertion

7. Generally, the surgeon uses sterilized clamp to insert the implant

8. After inserting the implant, he closes the incision with sutures in combination with tape or bandage.


Advantages of Facial Implants

Some instant benefits of going with facial implants include as below:

· Quick procedure and reliable results.

· The treatment is helpful in improving the deformities and symmetry in the jawline, cheeks and chin

· No surgery required in any other part of the body, like extracting fat graft from the patient’s abdomen to add essence to face. 

Are there any side-effects?

Yes, facial implants do accompany certain side-effects as well.

· Possibility of infection, which may result in the removal of implant.

· Possibility of damage to Musculature damage and facial nerves

· Chances of Implant malpositioning, which could in turn lead to abnormalities in contour

· Numbness in several areas on temporary or permanent basis.

· Smiling or talking could be problem for the next many weeks.

· The implant may get infected.



After facial implants, you would encounter swelling till a long time and your new look will take months to surface. For best results, surgeons prefer using synthetic implants like polythene or silicone. Using human tissues is also an option but it will give only semi-permanent results, as the tissue will go old with time. Make sure not to rub the wounds and consume soft wood to allow your mouth to heal quicker.



Facial implants are ideal to reshape your jaw, chin or cheeks and this treatment has no alternative. Before opting for the procedure, make sure if you are the right candidate for the same. To conclude, you should have realistic expectations from the procedure. Expecting a miraculous change in your face will only shatter your dreams to pieces. Consulting an experience plastic surgeon to know about all the pros and cons of the surgery before going under the knife is always advisable.