Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Is Nonsurgical Fat Reduction the Right Choice for You?

With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to get rid of tenacious fat pockets. Yes, you can now enhance the contours of your body without surgery or the fear of scarring. The Nonsurgical fat reduction procedures include minimally invasive treatments that break down the fat cells selectively in certain areas in order to minimize the size of fat deposits.


The minimally invasive processes for fat reduction use upscale technology, which utilizes cooling, heating, or injected medications in order to reduce or rupture the fat cells present in the body. All these procedures are suitable for people who are unable or unwilling to go under the knife. Moreover, their exercises and diet checks are probably getting futile in their attempt to curb excess fat.



How can Non-invasive Treatments Improve Your Body?

Here are few ways in which a non-surgical procedure can help your body recover from the excess fat.

· It can reduce stretch marks

· Tightens lax skin on the abdomen

· Aids in reducing a double chin

· Helps reduce a belly bulge

· Rejuvenates vaginal tissues

· Shrinks love handles significantly

· Smoothens and firms the thigh muscles

· Reduces saddlebags

· Reduces cellulites


Are you an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

Nonsurgical fat reduction is a great option for those who are either at or near their most suitable body weight and do not require a major reshaping. Depending on the area from which the resistant fat needs reduction, the doctor would tell you the ideal treatment procedure. However, it is crucial to have genuine expectations regarding the results. For instance, non-invasive procedures are only efficient at reducing fat and provide minimal sculpting ability as compared to liposuction.

Types of non-surgical Fat reduction processes

Here is brief description of the most common non-surgical procedures for fat reduction.


Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical fat reduction process that uses extreme cold in order to strip down fat cells and alleviate a fat pocket. An expert places a cupped or a paneled device on the treatment area at a cold temperature that can efficiently freeze the fat cells. The muscle, skin and nerve tissue would only freeze at a temperature lower than what is required to destroy the fat cells and hence they remain unharmed. This non-invasive method is best for those who want to reduce a fat bulge with some reshaping.


Injectable Deoxycholic acid

Deoxycholic acid is essentially a naturally occurring substance in the human body and helps in breaking down the fat for easier digestion. When used in its injectable form, it aids in tearing apart fat cells on contact for the reduction of a fat pocket. This process is generally suitable to reduce a double chin and patients undergo this treatment in nearly no downtime.


Laser Treatment

This treatment uses controlled heat in order to get rid of subcutaneous fat. In this nonsurgical fat reduction process, the expert cosmetic surgeon projects a determined laser wavelength through the skin that heats the fatty cells up to an extent where they start to break down. Alongside, the implantation of a constant cooling technique protects the skin from any kind of damage. The treatment is typically painless and is efficacious on several areas including flanks and abdomen.


Red Light Therapy

The Red Light Therapy is the newest technology approved by the FDA for nonsurgical fat reduction. In this process, the experts use red light to minimize the presence of subcutaneous fat cells. Unlike other treatment processes, which destroy or remove the fat cells, this therapy deliver specified light wavelengths through the skin with the help of a specialized lamp. This light triggers the fat cells to produce small openings and discharge some of its contents. This in turn helps in shrinking the size of the cells and results can start to appear within a few hours of the treatment.


Ultrasound Fat Reduction

The ultrasound nonsurgical fat reduction process uses highly efficient sonic waves to break down the walls of fat cells in the treatment area. This reduces the size of fat deposit by releasing the fat that body metabolizes. Next, the rapid pressure changes tend the ultrasound energy to transmit through the skin, which leads to the breakdown of the fat cells. The treatment is suitable for use on the flanks and abdomen.



Pros of Nonsurgical Fat reduction

Here are some of the plus points of undergoing a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment on your body.

· For most patients, side effects are minimal

· The patients may have to face little or absolutely no downtime at all

· Results are usually long lasting and would last if the patients can maintain their weight

· No requirement of general anesthesia and incisions which means no scarring

· The gradual onset of desired results lets patients remain discreet about the procedure


Are there any cons of Nonsurgical Fat reduction processes?

Yes, these treatments can have certain disadvantages as well. Let’s find out.

· The fat will take time to disappear, so you need to bear patience.

· If you are an obese or overweight person, treatments like coolsculpting is not for you

· Several nonsurgical fat reduction heat treatments like SculpSure need constant massage on the treatment area

· Treatments like Kybella, which reduces fat from chin is a strict no for pregnant and nursing women.

· Patients often feel hot during such procedures, especially those involving radiofrequency energy.



As with any other medical procedure, the results are bound to vary from person to person. The best way to understand whether nonsurgical fat reduction is suitable for your desired goals is to get in touch with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Any such surgeon is the best person to tell if you are an ideal candidate for this treatment and if it is possible to achieve the expected results.