Dr. Arun Bhatnagar Top-Surgeon In Bhopal

Dr Arun Bhatnagar

Cosmetic / Plastic.


Ambrosia Clinic

Near GTB complex, Bhopal

Email: drbhatnagar@cosmeticsurgery.in

About Dr. Arun Bhatnagar

Dr. Arun Bhatnagar is a top plastic surgeon in India experienced at various facial and reconstructive surgeries. She has close to 20 years of experience working as a plastic surgeon from her clinic in Hyderabad. Dr. Shukla is a Gold Medalist and All India Topper in her MBBS and MS that comes across in her superior patient results. She has excelled in various other fields with Gold Medals in Surgery, Orthopedics, Forensic Medicine and Pharmacology.
Dr. Arun Bhatnagar is a talented surgeon who has helped many patients to feel confident about how we look. She has worked with several patients who are victims of accidents, burns or deformities. She takes up a tailored approach to every procedure and delivers a customized solution that intricately betters the patient’s appearance.

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