Inverted Nipple Correction

As much as we wish that we are born with perfect bodies with perfect features, the reality is we aren’t. But that shouldn’t stop us from looking the best and making ourselves feel perfect.
For some women, the nipples may not point outwards which could cause some serious issues in her self-confidence. Thankfully, inverted nipple correction procedure helps such women to feel good in their own skin.
In this surgery, the surgeon will reverse the inverted position of the nipple and correct it to point outwards.

What Are Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipples are quite a common occurrence in women. Due to the tight tissue leading to the nipples, one or both the nipples will point inwards to oneself instead of pointing outward. Simply put, the nipples don’t project itself outward like it’s supposed to be. Instead, it points itself inward to the breasts.
While it can be a serious problem to one’s self-esteem, there is also one more practical problem associated with inverted nipples.
Issues with Breastfeeding
Women with inverted nipples may find it hard to breastfeed or sometimes, completely impossible as there is not much for the baby to bring into its mouth. Through the inverted nipple correction surgery, the surgeon will correct the nipple to point outward without disturbing too much with the connecting tissues responsible for breastfeeding.
Common for Men and Women
While women most commonly prefer it, some men also suffer from the same problem. This inverted nipple correction treatment is the same for both men and women to change the projection of the nipples.

The Different Types of Inverted Nipples

Before we go on with the treatment, let’s look at the different types of inverted nipples.
1. The first one is often called the ‘shy nipple’ where the nipple will become inverted in normal conditions but may project itself outward when it’s too cold.
2. In the following condition, the nipple is always in an inverted position. But it can be ‘forced’ to project outwards through extreme suction or stimulation.
3. The last type of inverted nipples is the ones that don’t even budge with the suction. These nipples are tightly gripped by the tissues around it, which don’t allow the nipples to protrude out for any reason.
As there are three types of inverted nipples, the surgeon will first test it out and see if there what stage your nipple is in. It will help to decide the course of the surgery and ensure that you get the best results.
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Risks Associated with Inverted Nipple Correction

Although it’s a fairly simple procedure, it’s an intricate treatment that requires excellent attention to detail. Sometimes, the tissues holding the nipples inverted may be near the milk ducts. It would be impossible to correct the nipples without affecting the milk ducts. So, in such cases, women cannot breastfeed after the surgery. Apart from that, there are some more risks associated with the procedure
● Bleeding
● Infection
● Loss of sensation
If you experience any such issues after the surgery, it’s vital to rush to the surgeon immediately.

The Procedure for Inverted Nipple Correction

The surgeon will perform minor surgery for inverted nipple correction.
● You will usually be given local anesthesia, while some surgeons may administer general anesthesia.
● The surgeon will make a 1mm to 2mm incision on the edge of the nipple.
● The surgeon will now take a look into the condition of the different tissues holding the nipple together.
● After finding out the ones responsible for inverting the nipple, the surgeon will gently release the tension and allow the nipple to project outside naturally.
●The surgeon will then stitch on the area of incisions with absorbable sutures.
The results of this procedure will last a lifetime.

The Recovery and After-Care

Since it’s a minor surgery, there is very minimal recovery time.
You can get back to normal life in a day provided you are cautious about the nipples. If you accidentally bump your nipples in the first few weeks, it may cause the stitch to open and cause severe complications.
The surgeon will advise you to use an antiseptic to wash the nipples for the first few weeks. You can shower in a day after the surgery by following the precautionary measures. It’s normal to find a little oozing from the incisions, which will stop in a week or two.


Inverted nipple correction is a simple procedure to reverse the appearance of the nipples to point outwards instead of inwards. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is critical, especially for women, as improper surgery could cut off the connection of nipples from the milk ducts, resulting in inability to breastfeed.
Ensure that the plastic surgeon you go for is expert at inverted nipple correction and will do the best possible to ensure a safe treatment.

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