Reasons Behind The Growing Popularity Of Eyelid Surgery


Whenever you are looking for some of the best surgical options for your face, the most common and popular one that comes to everyone’s mind got to be eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Whether you are suffering from droopy upper eyelid which is restricting your vision, or you want to get rid of the under eye dark circles, there are special upper eye lid and lower eyelid surgeries. Most of the time, plastic surgeons will perform one lid surgery initially. But, if you are facing issues with both upper and lower lid of your eyes, then they might prescribe you going for both operations at the same time. Such surgeries will usually take some time to operate and also longer time to recover, but so worth it!

Reasons behind eyes showing age:

With growing years, your skin will start producing less and less amount of collagen, resulting in saggy skin and losing your own natural elasticity. It will start becoming more wrinkle and saggy. As you fail to come across maximum active muscles around eye portions, the skin surrounding this area is the one to show aging signs first. Moreover, you might end up accumulating some pockets of fat, which will cause some unwanted bulges around your eyes. That will make the lids heavy and slackened.

That’s when you need eyelid surgery!

Eyelid surgery is known to have a long history. This is noted to be one of the most popular services of modern times. Most people head for blepharoplasty for their aesthetic values. But, then you have others, who are desperately in need of such surgical procedure because the droopy eyelid is blurring their visions and they can’t see properly. Some cannot even open their eyes wide because of the heavy lids falling on top of it! Experts are able to operate on both the eyelids. The lower lid or upper lid, whichever one you want, just inform the surgeons and let them start the procedure soon enough.

Reasons behind its growing popularity:

Even though eyelid surgery is meant for both the genders, but women prefer heading towards this surgical means more because they hate droopy eyelids. Women, in their 30s and 40s are known to have this form of surgical procedures done the most and there are some good reasons behind it. So, learning about those points will gladly help you big time!
No need to look fake at the end of surgery:
Once you have selected premium board certified and qualified surgeon for the facial plastic surgery, you don’t have to worry about the results at all. The eyelid surgery will make you look completely subtle and natural. Moreover, you will have that resting appearance to it. So, you won’t end up looking like an alien in any shape or form! People will often state how relaxed you look and friends will ask for some suggestions from your side as well!
Shorter recovery process coming your way:
Most of the time, patients return to work within few days. They get the chance to head back to their usual activities right after 10 days of surgery. There are times when patients might feel well right after the procedure has taken place with minimalistic pain. The little bit of pain that they are suffering from, that can be taken care of with prescribed medicines or painkillers. Sometimes, doctors might suggest mild narcotics for the same.
There are times, when you might see some bruising signs around your eyes. Nothing to be worried about as that is completely natural. This is one minor sign and you can camouflage that well with some concealer and makeup!
No need to spend a hefty amount for the eyelid surgery:
It is true that eyelid surgical procedure comes handy with varying price point. For some people, it is not at all costly, but for others, it can be a bit expensive. No matter whatever the situation might have been, the rates will always be within your affordable or pre-set budget plans.
Lower risk involved with eyelid surgery:
No matter whatever kind of surgical procedure you are going through, either cosmetic or not, there always remain a risk factor. The same rule is applicable with eyelid surgeries as well. But, the best part is that eyelid surgery is less complicated and they are experienced much less among individuals. Even if some patients feel some risk factors, those are pretty minor and will go away naturally within few days!
Not a big surgery to worry about:
Whenever you are dealing with the eyelid surgery, it is mostly the outpatient procedure. It is performed in the surgeon’s office only and by using just local anesthesia. The length of the current eyelid lift surgery will solely depend on some major factors like extending tissue laxity, anatomy of every person’s eyelid and more. Most of the time, it will take somewhere around 1 to 2 hours to perform the entire surgical procedure.
Surgeons can customize the process well:
The current surgical procedure can easily get customized by surgeon based on the eyelid condition of every patient. That’s why they will always suggest you to head for the consultation period. Based on patient’s current condition and needs, the results are going to vary quite a lot. The procedure will involve everything from upper surgery, lower surgery or both!
Always a long lasting approach:
Once you have gotten yourself an eyelid surgery, be sure of the long lasting result it will provide you with. Most of the time, it will last for at least 5 to 7 years with ease. However, that goes with the upper eyelid. With the lower eyelid, you might have to repeat the process often times.
No matter whatever the situation might have been there are some interesting cosmetic results coming your way with the eyelid surgery. Just plan to look into the matters with ease and get impressive results all the way. Things will gladly work out in your favor.

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