11 Interesting Facts About Rhinoplasty You Never Knew


Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as ‘nose job’, is something we have all heard of. Rhinoplasty restructures and reshapes the nose, and is one of the top five plastic surgeries opted by many. While many view rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, there is much more to it in terms of enhancing functionality. Here are some interesting facts about this surgery that will take you by surprise.


1. Rhinoplasty Is Not a Modern Technique
Most people consider Rhinoplasty as a modern surgical practice, but in fact, it is not new to this world.
Rhinoplasty had been one of the most famous nose treatments of the ancient times as well. Yes! This treatment finds its mention in the ancient Indian documents written around 2000 years ago. Sushruta, an Ayurvedic physician of 800 BC, describes the reconstruction of the nose in his medical compendium Sushruta Samhita. This technique was used to correct the noses that were damaged in battles and also as a result of mutilation. Similarly, in Egypt, an ancient papyrus was found which detailed the restoring of the nose that is cut off through the basic principles of today’s Rhinoplasty.
2. Rhinoplasty Isn’t Just for the Looks
Though cosmetic surgery is often associated with the looks, Rhinoplasty is performed for other reasons as well, apart from beautifying a person’s appearance. Some opt for Rhinoplasty when they have trouble breathing. This is commonly due to deviated septum where one passage of the nose is narrower than the other, which obstructs the person from breathing freely. Rhinoplasty can correct this deviated septum by changing the position of the tissue present between the two passages.
Rhinoplasty is also used to correct irregularities in the nose due to accidents, congenital disabilities cancer or for any other reasons that require to repair the nose.
3. Not All Surgeons Can Perform Rhinoplasty
Not all plastic surgeons are equipped to perform Rhinoplasty. Since the nose is a very delicate part of our body, operating on it requires extreme attention to detail and expertise. Even a minor deviation or mistake during the operation could have a significant impact on the person.
It is best to go with a surgeon who is qualified enough not just by qualification but also by experience. Surgeons who have performed enough Rhinoplasty surgeries are expected to be more adept at giving the expected results like in most surgical fields.
4. Improper Rhinoplasty Procedure Could Change Your Voice
Did you hear the rumours about the change in the person’s voice after going through Rhinoplasty? Well, that may not be entirely wrong!
While it is possible to notice a modification in the voice by operating on the nose structure, not all Rhinoplasty surgeries could end up with the same result. The voice will change only when the surgeon has made a mistake in the surgery or he didn’t take proper precautions.
This is easily avoidable by choosing an experienced surgeon who has performed several such surgeries successfully.
5. Rhinoplasty Technique Could Vary Depending on the Gender
Though the basic procedure of Rhinoplasty remains the same, the technique can differ for men and women. The angle of the slope on the nose is different for both men and women and hence, the look of the nose also differs. The surgeon will try to make it look as masculine or feminine as possible based on the respective gender when working on the nose structure.
6. An Exact Replica of the Nose Isn’t Possible
Few may visit the plastic surgeon with a picture of a celebrity whose exact nose they wish to have. However, Rhinoplasty doesn’t work that way. This surgery is to make your nose as natural as possible in alignment with your other facial features. Trying to replicate someone else’s nose through the surgery can make your nose unnatural and have chances to spoil your entire look.
7. Rhinoplasty Is Very Quick
Both the surgery and the recovery period are quicker than many other standard cosmetic procedures. Based on the intensity of the treatment, Rhinoplasty could take a maximum of 1 to 2 hours after which the patient can go home. Generally, a week’s rest is sufficient to heal and the patient can return to normal life.
8. Computer Imaging Can Give an Idea About the Results
A patient may have certain expectations about how they want their nose to look. Similarly, the plastic surgeon will have a few ideas about reshaping the patient’s nose to make them look better. All these visions of both the surgeon and patient can be brought together through computer imaging. Instead of the patient fretting about how the nose may look after the surgery, the plastic surgeon could create an image of the patient with the new nose through computer imaging. The patient can voice their opinions and this will help in deciding a near-accurate shape of the nose that is achievable through Rhinoplasty. However this may have medicolegal issues if the same nose as planned is not achieved. This is the reason most surgeons will not adopt this practice of computer simulation.
9. Winter Is the Most In-Demand Period for Rhinoplasty
This is yet another fun fact about Rhinoplasty. Wonder why many prefer to go for Rhinoplasty surgery in winter? This is mainly because the healing period is much quicker in the winter period and the patient can get back to their normal life sooner when compared to the same procedure performed in the summer.
10. A Revised Surgery Can Correct Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong
It is not always possible to get the expected results of the Rhinoplasty as one desires. Sometimes, the patient could be unhappy with how their nose looks even after the surgery. However, there is still a way to correct it.
A minor surgical revision can help in modifying the results of Rhinoplasty but this can only be performed after the nose has healed from the first surgery. It could take a few months for the nose to heal completely from the first Rhinoplasty after which, the surgeon will perform the revision.
11. The Complete Results Can Take Many Months to Appear
Though the recovery period of Rhinoplasty is very less, the patient will experience swelling on the nose for a few months to a year depending on their body conditions. During this healing period, the swelling on the nose may take away temporarily from the actual results. Before jumping to conclusions that the expected results aren’t visible, it is best to wait until the swelling is completely gone and then observe the nose.
You can get the expected results from Rhinoplasty if you choose the right surgeon. Spend sufficient time in researching about the surgeon and have realistic expectations of getting the best out of Rhinoplasty.

Do you feel bad about your visual appearance and want a facelift? Have you injured your face severely in an accident and want to regain your looks? Do you want to remove that excess fat to get back your toned figure? In all such cases, cosmetic surgery can be your ultimate resort. Still, since it involves surgical procedures on your body, it may be difficult to opt for since you may have apprehensions of safety and efficacy. Further, cost considerations and apprehensions about the results could also keep you away from cosmetic surgery. What you need to do therefore is to research the procedures completely, make a visit to some clinics and then make the right decision. This article provides more information to help you to decide further-


The Foremost Thing – Are You Sure?

Your decision could have a long lasting impact on your personality. If things go the right way, you can get near natural appearance to flaunt. On the other hand, if things do not go the way as intended, it could disappoint you. As a result, you can also have adverse effects on your personality and self-confidence. Hence, the main thing is to be sure if you really want to choose this procedure to correct some imperfections in your body that you detest or dislike. If you think that your self esteem and social life is getting affected by these infirmities in body shape and structure, it is time you seriously consider getting cosmetic surgery done. Your research and sense of inquiry will help you in allaying apprehensions you may have about going under the knife.

Get Ready For Introspection

This is important! You need to prepare for the cosmetic surgery from within before you say ‘YES’ literaly. In the run, here are few questions that you need to ask yourself and try to get honest answers for the same.
1. Am I concerned about my appearance unnecessarily?
2. Do I really look unappealing or I am not so good looking as compared to others in my social circle?
3. Am I feeling low due to my appearance?
4. Have I tried enough to enhance my visual appearance before opting for this cosmetic procedure?
5. Do I wish to go for cosmetic surgery, just because I have seen others in my acquaintance opting for it with success?
6. Am I aware of the probable consequences of the treatment?
7. Do I have realistic expectations from the surgery?
8. Do I intend to become more popular with the surgery, or it is just to please my inner self?
9. Will the surgery infuse positivity in my life?
10. Are there other better ways that could enhance my appearance?
11. Do I want it to improve my social life or job prospects?
12. Will the surgery improve my relationship with my closed ones?
13. Can it help me to shed off the negativity and infuse a positive attitude in my life?
14. Am I ready to bear the cost of cosmetic surgery and the aftercare expenditure?
15. Is cosmetic surgery really the last option for me?

Here Are Few Good Reasons To Say Yes To Cosmetic Surgery

1. I can’t identify myself while looking into the mirror.
2. I want to change the perception of an angry and tired person, which people have of me
3. My regular workouts and diet do not reflect in my personality.
4. To hell with everything! I just want the cosmetic surgery for myself.

Confirmed? Now let’s do some research

If after doing all the introspection, you finally decide in favor of cosmetic surgery, now is the time to do some research work.
1. To start with, try to explore almost everything possible about the treatment.
2. Know all the pros and cons related to the cosmetic surgery you are contemplating.
3. Consider all the expenses involved with the procedure including the surgery, the aftercare, additional surgery (if required).
4. Try to find out the response of patients who have already undergone the surgery, whether in the vicinity or online.
5. At the best, consult an expert surgeon after doing detailed research about his credibility.

Visit your surgeon

Consulting an experienced surgeon could help you remove many of your reservations regarding the surgery. As you choose a preferred one, try booking an appointment for in person consultation with him at the earliest.
In the one-to-session with the surgeon, make sure that you clarify all your apprehensions regarding the surgery. In addition, also make sure that the surgeon talks about:
1. The realistic expectations you have with the surgery.
2. The change you want in your visual appearance.
3. All the minute to major details about the surgery.
4. The complications involved during and after the surgery.
5. The cost involved in the process and whether your insurance will cover it.
Besides, if you are too much concerned about the change in your relationships, social equations or job, you may also fix an appointment with a counselor or opt for psychological therapy sessions. The motive here is to set you free from all the confusions and anxieties that you have regarding the surgery. This will ultimately help you instill self-confidence which is the prime motive besides happiness.

Your Decision & Red Flag Signs

After consulting with the surgeon and knowing all the involved facts, you can still give yourself ample time or a ‘cooling-off period’ before deciding for the treatment. Make sure you do not make your decision in haste or in pressure. If you find something suspicious after talking to the surgeon, such as if:
• He performs the surgery in hotels, private homes or shops and showrooms.
• Lures you into time-bound deals and discounts
• Asks you to go for group treatments
• Stresses on giving your consent for additional procedures that he didn’t mention earlier
In all such cases, you can simply switch over to some other more experienced and genuine surgeon.


To conclude, it is for you to decide whether the cosmetic surgery is a right option for you or not. No other person can force you to go for it. If you feel that it could work in improving your appearance and personality or if it could infuse positive attitude toward life, then you can feel free to proceed. In any case, it is wise to have realistic and rational expectations and do not anticipate miracles.


Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Cosmetic Surgeon


The information is being provided by plasticsurgery.in and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is a Plastic surgeon by training but now completely dedicated to the art and science of minimally invasive hair restoration surgery. He also runs a hospital, the Five Rivers Hospital in Mohali, Chandigarh where junior Cosmetic surgeons perform esthetic Cosmetic surgery under the overall supervision of Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo who is the Chairman of the Program. Dr. Bhangoo is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons. He is an internationally renowned top cosmetic surgeon and chief of Cosmetic Surgery in Buffalo NY, USA.”

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