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Often, too small, too big or saggy buttocks or those with dimples can thwart the appearance of your back. Those willing to get their buttocks back in shape may hence choose for buttock enhancement surgery. It will work effectively to improve the shape, size and contour of your back to get rounder, fuller and appealing buttocks. Our plastic surgeon in Raipur can perform this procedure with high-end expertise to enable you regain your toned body.

Why is Dr. Sunil Kalda an ideal choice for Buttock Enhancement Surgery in Raipur?

  • Dexterous in performing all the types of buttock related procedures in Raipur such as buttock augmentation, implants, Brazilian butt lifts and fat grafting.
  • Ensures symmetry of buttocks without making them look artificial
  • Has a high success rate with buttock enhancement surgery
  • Instills self-confidence and increase self-esteem of the patients with the surgery

Cost of Buttock Enhancement in Raipur

Various factors govern the cost of arm lift in Raipur, such as the experience, expertise and the fees of the surgeon. Anesthesia, room facilities, medical tests, post-operative garments, and other aspects are equally important in this regard. You should enquire with your medical insurance provider if it covers this particular surgery. Feel free to connect with our arm lift surgeon to know more about the cost of the surgery.

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The cost of surgery for buttock enhancement relies on your current geographical location, the type of surgery you opt for and the reputation of the surgeon whom you approach. Among the other factors that decide the cost may include anesthesia, room fees, the surgeon’s fees, medical tests, facilities provided in the clinic and medications. For deeper insight into the associated cost, you can always consult with our experienced buttock enhancement surgeon in Raipur.

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