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Dr. Prakash Kumar – The Expert Plastic Surgeon in Patna

About Dr. Prakash Kumar

Dr. Prakash Kumar, M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery and D.N.B. (Plastic Surgery) is a reputed plastic surgeon in Patna. Practicing from Jeevan Rekha Plastic Surgery Clinic, the national board certified plastic surgeon holds a credible experience of performing numerous plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.
Dr. Prakash is a member of several renowned cosmetic and plastic surgery organizations including ISRM, ISSH, IMA and APSI. He is compassionate for the impoverished people in the society. No wonder, he has provided treatment to a number of poor patients as a part of his plastic surgery awareness camps. He holds specialization in various procedures including Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplantation, Cosmetic Surgery, Gynecomastia and more.
In the wake of providing the best possible treatment, Dr. Prakash Kumar prefers keeping pace with the latest tools and technologies prevalent in the plastic surgery field. His efforts get visible in the reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries he performs. The successful treatments that he has carried out so far have only helped in broadening the smiles of his patients.

Plastic Surgery Cost in Patna

Various factors combined together decide the cost of plastic surgery treatment you undergo. Prominent of these include the fees of the cosmetic or plastic surgeon, the hospital you choose for the treatment, the medical facilities provided, tools and equipment used for the procedure, surgery sessions required for the entire treatment to complete, etc.
Nevertheless, if you aspire to enhance your looks through an immaculately carried out plastic surgery procedure, cost could take a back seat. Instead, you should focus more on choosing the best plastic surgeon and the setup where you are about to undergo the surgery. To get favorable results, these two aspects are the most important. Even if you have to expend a few additional bucks, you shouldn’t mind it. After all, your appearance matters the most.

Our Services

At Jeevan Rekha Plastic Surgery Clinic, we provide industry best medical facilities so that you could feel at ease during stay for the treatment. Our multi-specialty surgery clinic extends the services of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons. We use technologically advanced and latest tools to help the plastic surgeons perform the surgery with high degree precision. Dr. Prakash Kumar, our expert plastic surgeon, prefers engaging in face-to-face discussion with the patients and helps them to get away with all the confusions they have in mind regarding the surgery.

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