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Dr. Gaurav Jannawar – An Experienced Plastic Surgeon in Nagpur

About Dr. Gaurav Jannawar

The coveted desire to get your original appearance back after a severe health problem or an accident is obvious. Dr. Gaurav Jannawar helps you fulfill this wish through expert plastic surgery procedures. The reputed board certified plastic surgeon holds a credible experience of performing successful cosmetic and plastic surgeries thereby helping patients with a transformed appearance.
Dr. Gaurav Jannawar operates from the famous Auradale Clinic in Nagpur. He is a highly qualified surgeon with MS and Mch (Gold Medalist) degrees to his name. His expertise in a range of plastic and cosmetic surgeries has been commendable. Prominent of these are Hair Transplant, Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Microvascular Reconstruction, Male and Female Breast Reduction, Facelift surgery and more.
In the wake of strengthening the doctor-patient bond, he makes the patients feel at home during his one-to-one interaction with them. This enables him to provide them with a hassle free environment and result-centric treatments. Additional skills like art, sculpting and ambidexterity further help him perform the plastic surgery in an artistic manner. His ultimate priority remains to ensure technologically advanced and beneficial surgery procedures for his patients.

Plastic Surgery Cost in Nagpur

The cost of plastic surgery relies upon various factors such as the selection of plastic surgeon, the clinic where you opt for the treatment, number of surgery sessions taken to complete the procedure, location of surgery, equipment used for the surgery and more. At Auradale, you can however get comparably cheaper treatment with no compromise to the standards.
Dr. Jannawar works actively in performing safe plastic surgery treatments to help the patients regain their lost appearance. Before going under the knife, he prefers the patients to engage with him in a direct consultation. He cares to pay attention to their expectations and apprehensions regarding the surgery. This helps him to make them feel comfortable and mentally prepare them for the surgery with realistic expectations instead of miracles.

Our Services

At Auradale, you can undergo a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures through the hands of our expert plastic surgeons. We offer industry best surgery facilities in Central India and are home to the latest medical equipment like Lipolysis gadgets, NST, Scar and Lasers for the treatment. Our staff is available at your service round the clock. We make sure to keep the clinic premises clean and hygienic to ensure utmost safety of our patients while they are with us.

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