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Dr. Bijal V Parikh – The Best Plastic Surgeon in Ahmedabad

    About Dr. Bijal V Parikh

    Dr. Bijal V Parikh is a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. He practices his cosmetic and plastic surgery from Curves & cure clinic in Ahmedabad. Dr. Parikh is consummate at implementing the industry best surgery techniques to produce the desired change in his patients. He holds expertise in performing laser treatments, reconstructive procedures, and aesthetic surgery.
    With M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), MS (General Surgery) and MBBS as his qualification, Dr. Parikh is one of a kind plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad. An outstanding 28 years of vast experience under his belt further makes him the most trustworthy plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Parikh has mentored several renowned medical institutions, clinics and hospitals in India and abroad.
    Like every concerned cosmetic surgeon, he cares for his patients and prefers to clarify all his doubts before making them mentally prepared for the surgery. He says, “To me, there’s nothing more wonderful than seeing a patient happy with the results of their surgery”. He also holds the requisite skill and experience in performing Hair Transplantation, Non-Surgical Body Shaping and Aesthetic Surgery among other procedures.

    Plastic Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

    For most of the patients, India is the foremost choice to opt for plastic or cosmetic surgery. This is mainly due to the reasonable cost of the treatment available here, which is comparably much less to other countries. The cost will hence include the fees of the plastic surgeon, hospital or the clinic you choose for the treatment, medical facilities provided, number of sessions required for the procedure, etc.
    Nevertheless, since the treatment in itself is a life changing one, you should focus more on choosing the cosmetic surgeon instead of bothering about the cost. An experienced and skillful plastic surgeon could prove to be extremely beneficial for your cause. Approaching Dr. Bijal V Parikh would hence be a smart decision.

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    At Curves and Cure, we excel in providing the best services to our patients during their treatment in our clinic. We help you get the treatment from the industry best cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Furthermore, we are home to the industry best treatment facilities including advanced tools and equipment to perform the surgery. You can feel at home with us.

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      • Curves & Cure is the ultimate destination for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.
      • Our clinic in Ahmedabad has excelled under the profound supervision of Dr. Bijal V Parikh.
      • With international exposure and years of expertise, Dr. Parikh is beyond doubt the unsurpassed plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad.
      • Excellent services by outstanding staff have helped our clinic to enthrall the attention and support of our past and existing patients alike.
      • At Curves & Cure, we help you to get all types of cosmetic surgery treatments through the hands of our expert plastic surgeons.
      • We pay due attention to hygienic conditions for the wellbeing of our patients.
      • Our cosmetic surgeons and the entire medical staff also make sure to strictly follow the approved standards.
      • Our clinic in Ahmedabad would be the best to spruce up your appearance.

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