Brazilian Butt Lift for Buttock Enhancement

Buttock enhancement reshapes the sagging and flat buttocks into firmer and rounder buttocks. Generally, buttock enhancement surgeries are performed with buttock implants or fat grafting techniques.
Buttock enhancement procedure is suitable for people who are either aged and also those who have lost massive weight.
Buttock Enhancement Surgery
Briefly, buttock enhancement surgery can:
• Improve the size of your buttocks.
• Help in achieving well-rounded buttocks.
• Increase the projection of your buttocks.
• Help in eliminating sagging buttocks.
• Helps to create a well-balanced and youthful look.

Getting Ready for Buttock Enhancement Surgery

Once you decide to go for the surgery, it is essential to pick a plastic surgeon experienced in buttock enhancement surgeries. You can discuss your goals with the surgeon and the outcome you wish to see.
Assessing the Patient
The surgeon will want to know all about your medical history including the past medications you had, the past treatments you had undergone, the allergies you have, etc. Don’t forget to mention the medications you are taking and your current medical conditions.
The surgeon will then physically examine the buttocks to note the size and shape of your buttocks, and the texture of the skin on the buttocks. The surgeon may also take some photographs as reference, to compare before and after surgery condition of the concerned body part.

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Things to Do Before Surgery

• You need to stop smoking for at least six weeks before the surgery.
• If you have been taking any anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal medicines, it is time to stop them too well before the surgery as some of these medications may make it difficult to stop bleeding.
• Make sure to arrange for someone to accompany you on the day of the surgery prior to your discharge.

How Is The Buttock Enhancement Surgery Performed?

Surgeons perform the buttock enhancement surgery usually through two methods: through autologous fat transfer, also known as Brazilian butt lift, and through buttock implants.

Brazilian Butt Lift
• It involves removing the excessive fat from thighs, hips, abdomen and/or other areas without any mechanical damage.
• This fat is processed and prepared for the transfer.
• The processed fat is injected into different areas in the buttocks to increase its size uniformly and symmetrically.
Buttock Implants
Suitable for people who have less fatty tissue in their body or have very flat buttocks and have insufficient fat for transfer. Also for those who do not want fat grafting which is not very successful due to asymmetry. Developing with time.
• The incision is generally made in the buttock crease and maybe in the surrounding areas as the surgeon plans.
• The silicone implant is then placed. You will get to know about the size of the implant during your appointment with the surgeon, prior to the surgery.
• The incisions are closed and stitched with temporary or permanent stitches.
After both the buttock enhancement techniques, drain tubes may be placed in the buttocks and a compression garment is used to hold the recently added implants or fat in place. When the buttocks are sagging after weight loss, sometimes a combination of both the techniques may be considered.
Following the completion of the surgery, the surgeon will allow you to go home after keeping you under observation for few hours.

Taking Care After Buttock Enhancement Surgery

Before discharging you from the facility, the surgeon will advise you about the precautionary measures you need to follow.


• When returning home after getting discharged, the surgeon will ask you to lie on your stomach during transportation. This has to be followed every time you are transported on the first few days.

• On the first day, you need to lie on the bed at times with the special garment. You may walk on the second day if the surgeon approves.

• You shouldn’t sit for one two weeks after the surgery except while using the toilet. Even here pressure should be distributed around the implants and not on them.

• If drain tubes are placed, then you or the person taking care of you will need to learn how to drain the fluids. The surgeon may remove the drain tubes after a few days.

• You need to wear special garments on your buttocks at all times after the surgery. The surgeon can recommend the garment you need to wear.

• Till your surgeon advises otherwise, you need to spend most of your time lying down on your stomach .

• You shouldn’t apply direct pressure on your buttocks for two months after the surgery.

• Even when you are allowed to sit, you need to use pillows every time and place your body in such a way that the buttocks aren’t touching anything and your thighs are resting on pillows or cushions or gel pads.

Visible Results

You may have some swelling for the first few months after the surgery, which may not allow you to see the expected results. But as the swelling and the redness reduce, you can observe the shape and the size of your buttocks.
Returning to Normal Life
You can return to work in around two weeks depending on the type of buttock enhancement procedure. You would still need to use a pillow while sitting or driving. You can resume your normal work after two months, although you need to be cautious about pressuring your buttock regions too much. You can engage in high-intensity exercises or go to the gym after a few months, once the surgeon approves.
Wrapping up, the buttock enhancement surgery is long lasting if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and include exercises in your daily routine.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon

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