Regain your natural appearance after delivery with Mommy Makeover

After childbirth, a woman’s body no longer remains the same. She may gain a ton of weight, have loose skin, sagging breasts and buttocks. Mommy makeover eliminates all such body changes and restores the woman’s body after pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover Treatment
Mommy makeover is a combination of different plastic surgeries aimed at breasts, buttocks and stomach to help women get back their natural body structure. Some of the possible procedures that are a part of mommy makeovers are:
Breast Lift
Breast Augmentation
Buttock Augmentation
Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

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Getting Ready for a Mommy Makeover

The much talked about Mommy makeover procedure can bring a sea change to your entire body and therefore, you need to consider few points before going through with it.
Points to Consider before Makeover
• If you have any plans to get pregnant in the future, then the results of the procedure may not sustain after the next pregnancy as the body goes through various changes during pregnancy and childbirth. It is best to go for the mommy makeover procedure after your last pregnancy.
• If you are still breastfeeding, you may want to wait for some time before going for the breast-related surgeries. Breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries need complete rest to the breast for a few weeks which may hinder your breastfeeding.
• If you are planning weight reduction in the future, then go for your mommy makeover only when you have achieved your objective. Weight gain or weight loss after a mommy makeover will disturb the effects obtained from the surgery needing costly revisions which will take much effort on your part as well as time.


Once you are all set to go for a mommy makeover, it is time to find a good plastic surgeon. As you are going to have multiple procedures done, it is important to find an experienced surgeon who can ensure best results without any complications.
The surgeon will first examine your body thoroughly and discuss with you your expectations from this surgery. He will also consider your medical history, your current medications (if any) and recommend the best course of action accordingly.

Mommy Makeover Procedure
Be frank with the surgeon and explain what you are looking for. As this is a major procedure, be sure to inform him about every little injury, allergy or complications you have had in the past. Based on the observations, the surgeon may modify some of your medications and recommend some supplements.
You should stop smoking for about 6 weeks before the scheduled date of surgery. Don’t forget to arrange someone to pick you up after the procedure and take care of you for a few days after the surgery as you will be under complete rest.

The Procedure of Mommy Makeovers

Mommy makeover is generally performed in an outpatient facility or at a hospital.
You will be administered general anesthesia as this is an extensive procedure. You will wake up in an observation room sometime after completing the entire procedure.
Based on your requirements, the surgeon will perform breast reduction or augmentation combined with a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock enhancement, and buttock lift. Besides, if you have any requirements for facial modifications, the surgeon will also perform it all together as a single procedure.
After the completion of the mommy makeover, the operated areas will be completely dressed.

Recovery and After-Care

Travelling Back after Mommy Makeover
You need to travel safely after the procedure back to your home. The surgeon will provide you with particular instructions on how you should take care of your body. During travelling, it is advisable to keep a pillow under your buttocks and near your breasts and lie down on the back seat of the car. This will prevent your buttocks from getting disturbed immediately after the surgery.
For The Next Few Days
You need someone to take care of you for a few days. It is better not to sit on a chair for the next few days. Perhaps, lying down on the bed in a position advised by the doctor is a better idea. You will get medications to ease the pain and help the healing process. In addition, the surgeon will also recommend you to wear a surgical bra to support the operated breasts.
The surgeon may provide you instructions to change the dressing on the operated areas for which you may need a little help in the beginning. The expert may also suggest use of some ointments on the areas to soothe the redness and help with the swelling.
To prevent blood clotting in the legs (DVT), you may walk inside the house for a few minutes in between your lying time slowly. Try not to bend down, stretch up or engage in any other action that may cause stress to your tummy, buttocks and breasts.
In The First Few Weeks
After a week or so, the surgeon may start removing the dressing one after the other. You may still notice redness, swelling and pain in those areas but this soon fades away.
In one or two weeks based on your healing, the surgeon may permit you to sit on a chair with a few pillows. You should place your thighs on the pillows rather than the buttocks and sit in that posture for some time. You can also start moving around the house while doing small activities that do not require you to bend down or stretch up. No matter what you do, ensure that you do not accidentally hit the operated areas or cause damage to yourself.
The surgeon will ask you to continue wearing surgical bras for protection for around four to six weeks. You may take bath after a week or two or the surgeon may ask you to go for a simple wet towel wipe down.
Getting Back to Normal Life
As mommy makeover is a combination of the various procedures, hence the recovery time may be a bit longer. You can go to work after eight to ten weeks after the approval of the surgeon. Even when you are travelling to work, you should sit on the pillows and not directly on any chair. You will still feel sore on the operated areas and should therefore only opt for work that doesn’t involve you moving around a lot.
If you accidentally get your breasts, buttocks or tummy damaged, visit the surgeon immediately. In case if you see a sudden increase in the swelling or extreme pain, do not wait around for it to reduce; instead, consult the surgeon.
Mommy makeover is not a permanent procedure. It sets back the clock, like most esthetic procedures, but does not stop it from ticking! It attempts to bring back the natural body you had before childbirth and it is up to you to maintain it with proper diet, workout and healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kulwant S Bhangoo, Plastic Surgeon

The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, Plastic Surgeon on: 20-JUN-2020