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Dr. Ravi Mahajan – The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeon in Amritsar

Dr. Ravi Mahajan excels in performing excellent cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Amritsar. He holds a commendable reputation for delivery excellent plastic surgery results. He operates in RM Aesthetics – the multi specialty clinic renowned for proving satisfying treatments. The dexterity of Dr. Ravi in performing plastic surgery procedures has helped him become a popular plastic surgeon in Amritsar.
Dr. Ravi, MBBS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) and MS (General Surgery) possesses 37 years of outstanding experience. Throughout his career in cosmetic and plastic surgery, he has helped countless patients to restore their appearance and live their life with confidence. Dr. Ravi Mahajan is a board certified plastic surgeon and is the member of several cosmetic and plastic surgery associations like APSI, ASPS, ISCLCPACA, ISSH, ISAPS, NABI, ISRM and IMA.
Among the many surgeries performed by Dr. Ravi in a career spanning more than three decades, include Cleft & Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, Microvascular Surgery and more. He also holds expertise in performing Blepharoplasty, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Body Contouring, Abdominoplasty and many other plastic surgery procedures. He is beyond doubt the foremost choice of the patients owing to the excellent results he delivers.

Plastic Surgery Cost in Amritsar

Plastic or cosmetic surgery charges are usually higher than other treatments due to the involved complications and the precision it requires. Still, the cost of plastic surgery in India is much less as compared to that in other countries. No wonder, people prefer undergoing the treatment in India from renowned doctors, with Dr. Ravi Mahajan being one of them.
Various factors affect the cosmetic and plastic surgery cost in India and elsewhere in the world. For instance, it largely depends on the selection of the plastic surgeon, the clinic where you wish to undergo the procedure, number of sessions taken to complete the surgery, medical facilities provided and more.

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