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Dr. Sandeep Kansal – The Expert Plastic Surgeon in Meerut

About dr. Sandeep Kansal

Dr. Sandeep Kansal works effectively in improving the looks and wellbeing of the patients. Currently practicing in Kailashi Super Speciality clinic, Meerut, he is an accomplished plastic and cosmetic surgeon with specialization in trichology (cosmetology). He cares for his patients and prefers having a keen attention to details to know the patient history before performing the surgery.
In order to help his patients restore their lost appearance to an appreciable extent, Dr. Kansal performs several plastic surgery treatments. Specifically, he holds credible experience in performing vascular surgery, ophthalmic surgery, general surgery and so on. Besides, he also holds dexterity in carrying out treatments like body peel, skin care, tattoo removal, trichology, facelift, surgical dentistry, etc. with sheer success.
Dr. Sandeep Kansal also believes in providing the best of aesthetic treatments to his patients. However, he prefers making the patients aware of all the involved pros and cons related to the treatment. Dr. Kansal suggests his patients to have realistic expectations with the surgery, as things might not be as perfect as earlier. Still, he tries his best to deliver near perfect results.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Meerut

Your appearance matters the most and you should do your best to regain it the way it used to be. Even if your plastic surgery treatment is coming out expensive, it will be worth it due to the involved complication of the treatment. If you approach a substandard or cheaper hospital and plastic surgeon, chances are higher that you might face adverse consequences. Hence, it would always be better to prefer quality to cost.
Mostly, the cost of plastic surgery procedures is minimal as compared to other nations. Still, it would be a considerable amount. Several aspects contribute to the cost of the treatment, such as the selection of the plastic surgeon, the clinic, medical facilities, surgery sessions, medical equipment used and so on. To get accurate info, a candid consultation with our expert plastic surgeon Dr. Sandeep Kansal would be advisable.

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Kailashi Super Speciality clinic commits itself toward ensuring the well being of its patients. We keep the entire clinic clean and hygienic. Our medical tools and equipment are industry best, and our medical staff is extremely helpful. As you might expect, we have an experienced team of expert cosmetic and plastic surgeons, spearheaded by none other than Dr. Sandeep Kansal himself. We are always there to assist your cause; all you need is to approach us at the earliest.

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