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Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Indore

Do you want to regain your damaged or weird looking ears back in their natural form? Ear surgery is the best solution to serve your cause. Also known as otoplasty or pinnaplasty, it is a cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape, resize or reposition your ears. The treatment helps to regain the natural appearance of your years that have gone defective by birth or due to an accident. The ear surgery in Indore performed by our seasoned ear surgeon can also repair perforations, take care of hearing problems, and minimize the pain resulting out of otitis media.

Why Choose Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal for Ear Surgery in Indore?

  • Experienced surgeon in Indore to perform ear surgery
  • Works appreciably to enable your regain the natural appearance of your ears
  • Extremely qualified and experienced specialist for ear surgeries
  • A member of several national and international associations for plastic surgery
  • Pays attention to patient’s concerns and their expectations with the surgery

Cost of Ear surgery in Indore

The charges of ear reconstruction surgery in Indore will vary according to the surgeon and the clinic you approach. The cost is likely to include the fees of the surgeon, pre and post operative care, anesthesia charges, medical facilities, surgery garments and more. For a better understanding of the cost, you can have a direct appointment with our expert ear surgeon in Indore.

Our Services

Get a rejuvenated ear with a carefully done surgery through our expert ear surgeon in Indore. Whether your bad shaped ear is the result of congenital deformity or an accident, our specialist surgeon will make sure to bring it back to natural shape. The advanced facilities we provide at our clinic will further assist in your surgery. We keep you at the disposal of industry best surgery equipment, caring nursing staff and refurbished surgery rooms. Contact our ear surgeon to know more about this treatment. You will leave our clinic, happy and satisfied for sure.

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