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You may appear fit, but is your skin elastic enough? Have you started noticing loose skin flaps or ‘bat wings’ hanging from the upper arms? In any such situation, an arm lift surgery or brachioplasty can improve that loose and sagging portion shaping up in your upper arms, making way for better contours. Our experienced arm lift surgeon in Nagpur can help you significantly in serving your purpose. As a result, you will gain a toned arm and an appealing overall appearance.

Why Trust Dr. Gaurav Jannawar for Arm Lift Surgery in Nagpur?

  • Adept at carrying out the procedure with minimum risk and maximum symmetry in the shape of your arms
  • Can perform various arm lift procedures like liposuction, and limited, standard and extended arm lift surgeries
  • Expert in doing surgeries with minimum scars
  • oard certified surgeon in Nagpur with vast experience in arm lift surgery

Cost of Arm Lift in Nagpur

Various factors govern the cost of arm lift in Nagpur, such as the experience, expertise and the fees of the surgeon. Anesthesia, room facilities, medical tests, post-operative garments, and other aspects are equally important in this regard. You should enquire with your medical insurance provider if it covers this particular surgery. Feel free to connect with our arm lift surgeon to know more about the cost of the surgery.

Our Services

Getting arm lift treatment from our expert plastic surgeon in Nagpur can help you get back to track with more vigor. You can count on us for the superior quality treatment facilities during the surgery. We provide industry best technical equipment, operating rooms, and nursing staff to make your feel at ease during the surgery. Further, undergoing the surgery from one of the best for arm lift in Nagpur will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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