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Preparing for the Buttock Enhancement Procedure – Detailed Info

Preparing for the Buttock Enhancement Procedure – Detailed Info

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​​​​​​​Are you feeling like having an appealing body with more rounder and curvaceous butts? Have your butts flattened, lost projection...

Are you feeling like having an appealing body with more rounder and curvaceous butts? Have your butts flattened, lost projection due to weight loss or pregnancy, or are not in proportion? If yes, then buttock enhancement surgery would be an ideal solution to help you regain your shape and hence the confidence. But are you prepared enough for this treatment? The information here can help you significantly.

Buttock Enhancement – Brief Intro

Unlike the erstwhile times when people used to focus little on their appearance, they now have started realizing the importance of being presentable. To create a better impression in the society, people do not even hesitate to opt for surgeries. Buttock enhancement is one such widely demanded surgery that works effectively in accentuating the overall appearance. 

This popular procedure adds contour and volume to your butts. You can attain this appearance through buttock lift or augmentation. At times, the surgeon may perform both of these treatments to attain the desired results.

Opting for a surgery is an important decision; you should be well-prepared for it. This requires you to have proper knowledge of the involved process, the advantages, complications, cost etc. Before making any important decision, you should therefore meet your surgeon to gain proper knowledge of buttock enhancement. This will help to prepare you both financially and mentally. 

Preparing for the surgery

According to expert doctors, the success of these kinds of surgery mostly depends on the obedience of the patients. Your doctor will prescribe you a number of pre-operative instructions. By following those instructions, you can prepare for the surgery with ease and attain the desired result without facing any major difficulties. 

In addition, keeping a few important points in mind before going for surgery would also be advisable. For instance, it will be better if you can discuss the whole process of buttock implementation with your concerned doctor. This will enable you to structure your schedule accordingly. 

Also, make sure to arrange for someone at home to help you in carrying out our domestic activities right after the surgery. In this way, you will be able to go back to your normal routine at the earliest. 

Important instructions before your buttock surgery

Your surgeon would advise you some important points to consider before and after the surgery. Adhering to these tips will help you to get the best result from the buttock enhancement surgery. Here are some of the common pointers in this regard.

1. Stop any ongoing medication

You should stop your regular medicine such as aspirin and many other compositions to avoid any minor or major risk at the time of surgery for sure. Additionally, you should avoid any kind of herbal supplements to reduce the chances of heavy bleeding during surgery. 

2. Avoid smoking

You need to avoid smoking and consuming excessive alcohol at least 6 weeks before the surgery. Smoking can weaken your healing power quite easily. This is why doctors recommend people avoid smoking before these kinds of surgeries.

3. Have someone for your help at home

You should ask someone to drive you home after the operation. However, you should ask that person to stay with you for at least some days. The support and motivation of your loved one will surely make you feel better, even in pain. 

4. Keep yourself hydrated

You need to consume plenty of water before and after the operation. This will enable the medicines to work more positively. The recovery process will also improve day by day. Finally, you can go back to your normal life as early as possible with ease.

Numerous buttock enhancement processes are available with advanced health centers all over the world. After receiving an overall idea of different kinds of buttock surgeries, you will be able to select the best one for you according to your requirements and budget as well. 

Different types of buttock enhancement procedures

Here are some of the most preferable and effective procedures to let you choose the most appropriate one for your buttock enhancement.

1. Sculptra butt lift

This risk free and non-surgical cosmetic procedure can improve the shape and curve of your buttocks appreciably. People having unappealing butt with reduced plumpness and pert due to pregnancy, weight or aging factor are the ideal candidates for this treatment.

In this process, the doctor usually administers the dermal filler injection named sculptra into the soft tissues to stimulate the production of collagen in the inside layers of the skin. You will be able to observe a visible change instantly right after the injection process. Later on, your body will produce more collagen to form the desired volume with ease. You can undergo this minimally invasive and low-risk treatment through a trained and licensed doctor.

2. Fat transfer

Many people wish to deduct excessive fat from different body parts. In this way, doctors usually cut off extra fat from the abdomen, the thigh and add them to the tissues of the buttock area. Mostly termed as fat grafting, this process is possible through injections only. After undergoing this treatment, you are less likely to face any major health issue. You can go back to your normal life with ease. 

3. Silicone implants

In this process, the patient needs to get admitted in the clinic or hospital for at least two days to undergo the surgery. The expert surgeon will generally place solid silicon in the buttock area with the help of major surgery. The patients need at least 4-5 weeks to recover completely. However, the result of this surgery is more visible than fat transfer and other injection-based therapies. 

4. Liposuction

People with excessive belly fat and thigh fat are the best candidates to go through the liposuction process for buttock enhancement. The technique is instrumental in the process of buttock fat transplantation as well as during the buttock augmentation procedure. The surgeon will plan a better way to transfer fat to your buttock area to get your desired shape.

5. Hydrogel injections

Compared to the other processes, this specific procedure is cheaper and easier to undergo. According to expert surgeons, this traditional surgery process can help people to recover quickly. In addition, this treatment method can provide you with a better result. To avoid the health issues resulting from this treatment, you need to follow the prescribed instructions strictly.

Depending on the condition of your body, your plastic surgeon can suggest you to opt for any of the aforementioned buttock enhancement procedures to help you regain your appealing figure. You can make your decision to go for the suggested surgery accordingly.  

Here is more on the process of buttock enhancements to help you increase your knowledge.

Facts to consider for the buttock enhancement  

Numerous considerations help people to get ready for a successful buttock enhancement procedure. Here are some of the crucial points in this regard.

  • You should fix your goal for the treatment
  • Select the desired shape and size for your buttock area
  • You should have a sufficient amount of fat in your own body. This will help the surgeons to inject the required amount of fat into your buttock areas with ease, to give it a proper shape
  • Your skin quality is an equally important consideration.

Steps to perform buttock enhancement

It would be worthwhile to go through these common steps to understand the process of buttock enhancement surgery.

Step 1: To start with, the doctor will inject a sufficient dose of anesthesia to perform the whole process properly.

Step 2: Next, the expert will prepare an incision to place in your buttock area. 

Step 3: He will place that incision under the muscle or proper places according to the required position.  

Step 4: Finally, the surgeon will close the buttock tissues with great expertise.

Step 5: You can observe visible changes instantly. However, you need to wait for at least 6 weeks to experience the accurate changes in the shape of your buttock.

Wrapping up

Having a one-to-one consultation with your surgeon will help you get a better knowhow of the buttock enhancement procedures. You can proceed with its preparation for the treatment accordingly. After undergoing the treatment, you will end up having enhanced and aesthetically more pleasing buttocks. 

The surgery when performed under the supervision of an experienced doctor can improve the size and shape of your bottom appreciably. Browsing through our website will assist you single out the best surgeon for your buttock enhancement surgery. We enable you to look for an experienced and board certified surgeon in your craved location through our robust database. 

Buttock enhancement helps to improve the look of your butts by opting for any of the multiple surgery types. It is however good to have realistic expectationsor detailed info, feel free to connect with one of our representatives. We will be happy to serve your cause.