Blog / Are you Aware of these Important Aspects about Arm Lift Surgery?

Are you Aware of these Important Aspects about Arm Lift Surgery?

Are you Aware of these Important Aspects about Arm Lift Surgery?

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A healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help you a lot in losing excess weight. In addition, some people often...

A healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help you a lot in losing excess weight. In addition, some people often choose to undergo a few bariatric procedures to get the perfect body weight. However, as your body loses weight, your skin cannot get slimmer instantly. This can result in your skin to sag in a few specific areas, including in the arms – also known as “bat wings.”

To get rid of this issue, many people choose to undergo Brachioplasty or arm lift procedure and try to slim out their saggy upper arms. Let us discuss more about this procedure.

How can an arm lift treatment help patients?

Those who try to lose their body weight are not the only ones to face this problem. With growing age, your skin may become loose and crepey, resulting in the creation of excess bags under your arms. In this situation, a Brachioplasty can help you get better results. It can work effectively in getting you rid of sagging skin and extra fat from your elbow to your armpit.

Furthermore, an arm lift can offer you a more sculpted and sleek shape by tightening and lifting the tissues of your arm. It can even remove fat deposits that cannot provide response to your exercises, thus making your arm appear smoother and back in shape.

The ideal candidates for arm lift surgery

People who wish to undergo the arm lift procedure need to meet certain important criteria. For instance, they need to possess

  • A significant amount of loose skin in their upper arms
  • A stable and almost healthy weight
  • Realistic expectations for the process
  • A healthy body, free from any serious medical conditions

Before choosing to have a Brachioplasty, it is vital to remember that this procedure is not an alternative to exercise and weight loss. Therefore, make sure to ask a trained and qualified plastic surgeon about the possible results of the surgery in your case.

After examining your condition, the surgeon can be in a better position to consider you as a good candidate for the procedure. If he finds you as an ideal candidate, you can go on to consult with him about certain other important aspects like the preparation about the surgery, necessary precautions, aftercare, the cost involved and the expectations with the surgery.

The arm lift procedure in brief

An arm lift is a kind of outpatient procedure that mainly needs just a couple of hours to complete.

  • During the surgery, the surgeon will administer general anesthesia to the patient.
  • After that, he will make a little incision either on the inside of the arm or the back part of the arm.
  • Removal of extra amounts of fat happens next via liposuction or any other method that the surgeon finds suitable.
  • The doctor will even tighten the tissues of your upper arm and shape them into more aesthetically satisfactory contours.
  • If your skin has a lot of excess skin, the surgeon will try to remove it in a way that can minimize scarring as much as possible.
  • Lastly, the surgeon will try to smooth the remaining skin and close the incision.

What are the risks and complications of Brachioplasty?

At any surgery, complications may exist despite precautions. However, the risks associated with arm lift surgery are rare. For best results, approaching a trained and experienced surgeon is very important. Equally essential is to follow the instructions of your surgeon during and after the surgery. Some of the possible risks and complications that may occur during an arm lift surgery include as below:

  • Swelling of the hands
  • Scarring at the operated area
  • Loss of sensation  
  • Need for another surgery
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic results
  • Hematoma, etc.

You should take proper rest and follow a healthy diet after the surgery to minimize the complications. Notably, most of these problems vanish on their own in a few days after the surgery. If the problem persists, make sure to visit your surgeon immediately to avert any severe health consequence.

The side effects of Arm lift or Brachioplasty

In some cases, patients may experience several side effects after undergoing a Brachioplasty. The entire process is however safe, as these side effects usually dissipate within just two weeks. Patients may also get relief from discomfort by taking painkillers as prescribed by the surgeon. Some side effects of the arm lift procedure can include:

  • Trouble with healing of wound
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Possibility of seroma (fluid accumulation)  
  • Complications arising due to general anesthesia
  • Damaged lymphatic tissue, that may cause your arm to swell
  • Possibility of blood clots, including pulmonary embolism
  • Damage to nerves, muscles or blood vessels
  • Persistent pain in the operated arm
  • Numbness or changed skin sensation

The healing procedure after Brachioplasty

Patients can go home after the surgery if the procedure attains its completion after a single procedure. However, if done in conjunction with some other procedures, the surgeon will recommend them to stay for another day for observation. For proper healing after the surgery, the surgeon will recommend some essential suggestions:

  • Wear pressure garments for at least 21 days or more.
  • After one week of your surgery, you should avoid activities, which can raise your blood pressure, as it may result in bleeding at the incision parts.
  • Avoid exercises that can stretch your surgical stitches directly.
  • Remember not to consume salty foods and follow a healthy diet.

The Recovery Period

  • It can take a minimum of three months to see the desired result.
  • It may take around 6 to 12 months to get rid of surgical scarring. Patients can opt for laser treatment later on to get away with these scars.
  • Being able to drive or work after a Brachioplasty may require you to wait for a minimum of 10 days.

Choosing a reliable plastic surgeon

While planning to undergo an arm lift surgery, you need to be sure to select a trained, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. These factors can make sure that you are getting the safest, best, and most advanced care possible regarding a Brachioplasty. In your regime to look out for a preferred plastic surgeon who could fulfill your specific requirements, we can assist amicably.

All you need is to browse through our official website and search for a suitable arm lift surgeon in your preferred location. Once you zero-in on the best surgeon, we can help you fix an appointment with him. You could talk to him in person and clear all the doubts and expectations you have regarding the arm lift surgery.

What is the cost of an arm lift procedure?

The total cost of a Brachioplasty or arm lift surgery may vary depending on a range of factors, which include:

  • Examination fees of your surgeon
  • Surgery equipment fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Charges for before and after care
  • Medication and hospitalization fees
  • The setup or clinic where your surgery took place

Be aware that arm lift will get no cover from your health insurance plan, as the sole purpose of this cosmetic surgery is to improve your aesthetic appearance instead of treating a specific health condition. Different countries have different costs for a Brachioplasty, such as in Poland, Turkey, Canada, Australia, etc. When you compare the rates of the surgery in these and other foreign countries, you will find the cost of arm lift to be the most affordable one in India.

Expectations with Brachioplasty

After recovery, you can see remarkable results of an arm lift surgery or Brachioplasty. Though the result may vary from patient to patient, you can definitely get the desired result if you end up approaching a duly trained, experienced, and board-certified surgeon.

So, if you are looking for a reliable plastic surgeon, do your research properly to get favorable results. One important thing here is to have realistic expectations with the surgery. The treatment could indeed help you to get away with the sagging skin on your arms, but there may remain some variations in the results.

Hence, it would be unfair to expect miracles. Your surgeon will make you aware of the probable results well in the beginning. You can also satisfy yourself by going through the before and after photos of the patients who have undergone the arm lift surgery previously.

Wrapping up

A Brachioplasty or arm lift procedure requires the patient to follow several important instructions to make way for favorable results. The expertise of your plastic surgeon also holds high importance in delivering the intended outcomes. Therefore, choosing a board certified plastic surgeon is always beneficial. Still, it is good to have realistic expectations instead of expecting miracles.

Consulting your surgeon about the surgery would be of great help to make you aware of all the pros and cons, doubts, expectations and the cost associated with the surgery. No wonder, an arm lift surgery is a great way to lose excess fat in your upper arm without any notable side effects. All you need is to abide by the recommendations of your surgeon during and after the surgery.