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Neck Lift– A Promising Surgery for an Ultimate Neck Transformation

Neck Lift– A Promising Surgery for an Ultimate Neck Transformation

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Aging is a natural phenomenon and comes with time. Some people accept their aging signs gradually, but a big percentage...

Aging is a natural phenomenon and comes with time. Some people accept their aging signs gradually, but a big percentage of people want to defy their aging signs. For their profession or by their choice, they want to rectify their wrinkles, sagging skin, furrows, etc., as far as possible.

Often, you will notice the aging signs on the face, neck, or hands. While you can hide it in the hand, your growing age is evident on the face, and so is on your neck. To remedy your Turkey neck problem, which results from vertical muscle bands or excess fat deposits on your neck, doctors mostly suggest a Neck Lift or Platysmaplasty. If this appears identical to your problem, this blog is just for you. Let’s read out till the end.

Why should you opt for the Neck Lift Procedure?

People usually take care of the visible parts. They express more concern for their face and forget about the neck. Suddenly, they find aging signs on their neck rather than on their face. This gives them a senile look. This is the reason why people opt for Neck Lift procedures. Before proceeding further, here is a brief on the Neck Lift procedure.

What are the causes of sagging neck area?

The biggest reason behind your neck developing wrinkles is age. The platysma muscles present in the neck start getting isolated and inclined, leading to sagging. Fat deposits can also get stored in the neck, which may be the reason for a double chin.

Other prominent reasons behind the aging and thinning signs on the neck include stress, weight gain, ignorance, gravity, environmental conditions, and sometimes, genetics. Furthermore, loss of collagen that makes platysma more obvious can cause neckbands.

What is a Neck Lift?

The rolls and flab under the neck are the fat deposits about which people care the least. A diet, exercise, or any kind of massage cannot help to rectify the fat in the neck. This makes Neck Lift surgery all the more important. A Neck Lift can change a person’s profile and jawline by making the skin appear tighter and younger. In addition, it also tightens muscle laxity.

It requires the surgeon to eliminate unwanted fat and sagging skin from the neck. By addressing creasing and wrinkling in the neck due to growing age, this surgery enables the patients to get a slimmer and smoother neckline.

The Neck Lift Procedure

When skin tightening and injections fail to remove the excess fat around the neck, surgeons recommend opting for Platsmaplasty or Neck Lift. For effective and quick results, it is a preferred surgery with effective results.

The surgery can happen in the doctor’s clinic with appropriate surgical facilities. Some surgeons prefer to perform the treatment in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center.

To make the patient comfortable during the procedure, the surgeon administers anesthesia depending on their existing medical condition.

  • General anesthesia sends the patient into a deep sleep, making the surgery easier and pain-free.  
  • Local anesthesia sets the patient free from pain during the surgery.
  • Likewise, with the intake of sedative medications, the patient remains awake but comfortable,

The procedure may take several hours to complete and requires the doctor to make two small incisions along the back of your neck in addition to a tiny incision under the chin. After the removal of excess fat, elimination of extra skin, and tightening of the neck muscles, the closure of incisions happens next.

Application of a pressure dressing underneath the chin and along the head wraps up the incisions. This minimizes the scars and speeds up the recovery time by limiting the damage your body has to heal.  

Benefits of a Neck Lift Surgery

The neck is an important part of your look, which can determine your age. People tend to forget this part, which paves the way for Turkey neck condition. A Neck Lift surgery can address this issue in detail under the supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. When done carefully, under stringent measures, it can lead to multiple benefits.

No age issue: You can opt for Platysmaplasty at any age. Whether you are in your 30’s or 70’s, you can undergo this surgery because of its minimum complications and fast healing process.

Quick recovery time: Any surgery takes its part of pain and healing time and neck surgery is no different. When compared with other cosmetic surgeries, Neck Lift has a relatively fast recovery period. You can say, “There is not much pain in this gain”.

Minimal scarring: A surgery always leaves its mark, but the neck surgery scars are relatively very small. At times, you may not notice it at all. The incisions are usually under your jawline, making it hard for anyone to notice the signs of cosmetic surgery.

Jaw contouring:  A jaw plays an important role in the look of the face. A Neck Lift can tighten the skin back around the underside of the jawbone, bringing back the youthful neck gracefully to the collarbone.

Fewer wrinkles: The procedure is also instrumental in rectifying wrinkles, thus enhancing the appearance around the neck.

Are you the right candidate for a Neck Lift?

When you decide to go under the knife for a Neck Lift surgery, the surgeon will recommend you abide by certain essential criteria to be a suitable candidate for the surgery.

Good health condition: You should be physically fit. In case you are undergoing any medication or treatment, you have to inform your doctor.

Quit smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and this is no hidden fact. In case, you have this avoidable addiction, surgeons recommend stopping smoking at least 2-3 weeks before the surgery. Notably, the nicotine present in cigarettes obstructs your recovery process severely. It can also lead to several other consequences such as excessive pain, swelling, bruising, longer healing time, etc. Abstaining from smoking is hence obvious.

Maintain your weight: Be it any surgery, you should have a normal weight according to your age and height. In case you are obese or lose many pounds, it is advisable to come to a normal weight before undergoing surgery to avoid further complications.

Have Realistic expectations: You may feel tempted to see your favorite celebrities opting for cosmetic surgeries with success. The same holds for Neck Lift as well. Nevertheless, be aware that every person has a different body. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Therefore, it is wise to have realistic expectations with the surgery so that you do not feel disappointed if the results are below your expectations.

Is the result of the Neck Lift long-lasting?

Usually, a Neck Lift result is permanent and long-lasting. Though, all humans are unique and so are their consequences. You can see 1% among 1000 people who experience adverse reactions toward Platysmaplasty. Your neck and face will continue to age with time.

You may repeat the procedure one or more times, though it will not be necessary if you follow a healthy routine. The key is to keep following the instructions and maintain the results of the Neck Lift procedure for a long time. Here are some noteworthy aftercare tips:

  • Maintain your body weight and exercise regularly
  • Apply moisturizer or sunscreen daily.
  • Do follow a healthy diet.
  • Do not lift heavy weights for one week, such as a child or a pet
  • In case of unbearable pain, redness, unexpected fever, etc., prompt medical intervention becomes inevitable


The desire to look appealing is ubiquitous. No wonder, a clear healthy face, and a perfect jawline add up to the beauty of any person. Nevertheless, setbacks such as growing age or any accident might affect your face, eyes, neck, or any other body part.

While there is surgery to restore the look of every part, people often pay less attention to the neck. This results in a wrinkled and sagging neck or a Turkey Neck. To remedy this situation, people are now paying more attention to undergo a Neck Lift surgery.

Also termed Platysmaplasty, a Neck Lift is a simple surgery, that can bring back your younger look with minimum pain and a small recovery time. Go ahead and make yourself look more appealing with this simple plastic surgery. You just need to get hold of an experienced plastic surgeon.

This is where we can help you out. Just navigate through our website, select a cosmetic surgeon of your choice in your preferred location, and go on to fix an appointment with direct consultation.