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Who is the Best Candidate to Undergo Breast Lift Surgery?

Who is the Best Candidate to Undergo Breast Lift Surgery?

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As the name suggests, breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to lift the sagging breasts in order...

As the name suggests, breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to lift the sagging breasts in order to rejuvenate the figure of the women and make them feel more confident about themselves. This surgical solution to drooping and sagging of breasts can bring back your chest to its former splendor and help you flaunt your attractive personality yet again. But, do you know why this happens? Well! Immense weight gain, post pregnancy effects or aging are some of the main reasons that lead to the need to lift the drooping and sagging breasts.

 Undergoing breast lift surgery can reshape your breasts appreciably and help you get your smooth curves back. To perform it with high-end expertise, the surgeon will have a look at your body structure at first. After checking the size of your breasts, the surgeon will be in a better position to discuss with you about the surgery. Since, you are about to opt for an important invasive surgery; you need to be careful while finding a competent doctor for the same. In addition, equally important is to abide by the precautions that your surgeon suggests for speedy recovery.

Who is eligible for breast lift surgery?

Mostly, women who opt for breast lift surgery want to tighten their loose breast tissue and reduce their breast volume via augmentation. With many reasons one chooses to do breast lift surgery, you should have a valid reason to opt for the surgery. Let us have a glance at some of the factors that make you qualified for a breast lift surgery:

You possess a healthy body

This is the first and the foremost important requirement to consider for breast lift. This surgery does not have any potential risks and can exhibit remarkable results when performed by an expert surgeon. Still, it is not advisable for women who do not perpetuate good habits. Those who smoke will need to discontinue months before undergoing the surgery. Carrying it out will only interfere with the process of healing and yield worse results than you may expect.

The size of your breast is not an issue for you, only the shape is

Females often believe that this surgery also helps in altering the size of your breasts, which is a misconception. Breast lift surgery doesn't really change the size of your breasts but only gives it the shape you want by repositioning your existing breast tissue. If you want your breasts to have an increased size, this is surely not the right choice. You should discuss with your surgeon to find out other options for the same.

You do not intend to get pregnant again

Pregnancy and breastfeeding altogether play a huge role in making your fuller breasts sag and droop down. Any surgery performed on breasts during pregnancy or breastfeeding period can have adverse effects on your body. The same holds if you want to have children in the near future. It is therefore advisable to wait until after you no longer plan on having another child to schedule a breast lift surgery for yourself.

Your breasts have unusually shape

It is usual for one of your breasts to appear flatter than the other. Activities like breast-feeding can create even more asymmetry. While this is normal but if you want to regain the symmetry between both your breasts, opting for this surgery is the best option. It will help to reshape your breast tissue and lift your breasts appreciably, to give it a fuller, rounder, and curvier appearance that you always craved for.

Your breasts point downwards

If your breasts are sagging and your nipples rest below the crease of your breast, it may be a feasible reason for you to go for this surgery. Many women get uncomfortable with the positioning of their breasts. Breast lift surgery helps to reduce excess skin from your chest and gives your breasts their usual perky look and face forward. This will also help you become more comfortable when wearing bras or swimsuits.

Consult your surgeon to know his views and thoughts

Getting an expert opinion is always the best. It is important to know whether you are the right person to undergo the surgery. Your surgeon will examine you thoroughly to suggest the best for you and prevent any adversity. Also, you will be able to clear your doubts and book the appointment with ease.

What to look for while opting for breast lift surgery?

Generally, surgeons ask patients to stay away from a few habits before undergoing this surgery. Some of them are as follows:

Patients need to quit smoking nearly six weeks prior to the surgery. This is because smoking can obstruct the healing process and the patients may have to face complications after the surgery.

  • They  need to undergo evaluation via several lab tests
  • They should be careful about the medications before and after the surgery
  • They need to avoid aspirin and any other anti-inflammatory medicine

You will start experiencing the results immediately after undergoing the surgery. Bandages and dressings will keep the cut away from any kind of infection. The surgeons suggest wearing bras that provide maximum support. You may expect a little pain after the surgery and so the doctors prescribe few pain relief medications to subsidize it.

How long does it take to recover?

Every female is different and so are her breasts. The desire to have appealing breasts is however ubiquitous. While some already have attractive curves, those with comparably lesser attractive busts often prefer to opt for breast surgery. Depending on their size, they opt for breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift and other related surgeries.

As for breast lift, it is difficult to find out the actual duration for the surgery to reach its completion. However, usually it takes nearly 2-3 hours and then one more hour for the patient to recover. The surgeon wraps them with a compression bra or compression bandages to decrease swelling. At times, there can be small drains of fluid or leakage.

Two weeks after the surgery, you can slowly engage yourself with normal activities and can be back to your normal routine. Strenuous activity or exercising may still wait, as you can start them only after say six weeks from the surgery.

What are the side effects of Breast lift?

Usually, the breast lift treatment is risk free but you cannot rule out the chances of any side effects in entirety. You must therefore inquire about all the pros and cons from your surgeon before going under the knife.

After knowing about all the potential risks and complications of the surgery, you are still ready to attain your goals, it will be your personal decision. Just before going for the treatment, you have to sign the consent forms as a token of your acceptance for any risk or side effect taking place due to the surgery.

In any case, the surgeon should be prompt to attend to your problem throughout the healing phase. Some of the probable risks associated with the breast lift surgery include:

  • Scar on the breasts due to incisions
  • Risk of anesthesia
  • Hematoma formation or bleeding
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Asymmetry in breasts
  • Slight discomfort after the surgery
  • Irregularities in breast shape and contour
  • Numbness for a short duration
  • Poor or delayed healing of incisions
  • Possibility of infection
  • Loss of nipple, partially or totally
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Permanent or temporary change in nipple sensation

Is breast lift painful?

The breast lift surgery is likely to leave you with a little bit of discomfort, which could be the case with almost any other surgery. The resulting pain is mostly moderate but the surgeon will try every bit to reduce the pain to a minimum through his professional expertise and training. The level of discomfort may depend on various factors like the extent of your treatment of breast lift, your tendency to bear pain, etc.

The surgeon will provide medications to mitigate the pain in any such condition. However, in rare occasions, if the discomfort persists despite pain medications, it could be one of the post surgical complications and prompt intervention of the surgeon becomes inevitable. Opting for a highly qualified, professional, and consummate cosmetic surgeon can help to deal with any such situation significantly.

Bottom Line

Breast lifting is a decent option if you are conscious about your loose and sagging breasts. It is better to keep several important points in mind to have a successful breast lift surgery. Consult a renowned surgeon and book your appointment now! We assist you look out for an experienced board certified plastic surgeon through our robust website.

You simply need to search for a surgeon for a specific specialty in your preferred location. Consequently, you will come across a number of doctors matching your criteria. Fix an appointment with your chosen surgeon and proceed for the surgery. To get further insight on how to search for an expert surgeon, you can always get in touch with us.