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While performing Chin Surgery the plastic surgeon places a custom-fit chin implant to enhance the facial appearance of the patient. Also termed as Mentoplasty or Genioplasty, the procedure improves the jawline structure, and strengthens a recessed and weaker chin. Our chin surgeon in Mumbai holds dexterity to carry out this treatment with precision.

Why Consult Dr. Milan Doshi for Chin Surgery in Mumbai?

  • Experienced in performing numerous chin surgeries to improve the patient’s facial harmony.
  • Certified by many reputed plastic surgery associations in India and overseas.
  • Works with precision to bring the patient’s chin in improved proportion with
    other facial features
  • Satisfies all the patient’s queries and concerns before starting the surgery • A Renowned plastic surgeon to perform chin surgery in Mumbai

Cost of Chin Surgery in Mumbai

The type of chin implant that you opt for chin surgery holds a major say in deciding the surgery cost. For instance, you can choose from among silicone or polyethylene implant, bone graft, autologous tissue graft, cadaveric tissue graft and so on. This will however exclude the cost of anesthetics, surgeon’s operating fee, charges for operating room facilities. Direct discussion with our chin surgeon in Mumbai will help you get a deeper insight into the cost of the entire procedure and the additional facilities.

Our Services

With one of the most experienced chin surgeons in Mumbai performing your surgery, you are in safe hands. Moreover, our sophisticated operating room studded with advanced surgery equipment will make your treatment easier and hassle free. You may always contact our expert chin surgeon in Mumbai to know about all the ingrained details involved with the chin surgery.

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