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Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Amritsar

Many reasons could tend the women to opt for breast implant removal. These may include breast cancer, change in lifecycle, or several other complications such as bleeding, infection, calcium build up, necrosis, capsular contraction and so on. As the name suggests, the procedure is just opposite to breast augmentation, and intends at removing breast implants or revising the breast size and shape. Our skilled plastic surgeon in Amritsar holds high end-expertise in performing this surgery with thriving results.

Why Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta The Well-Known Surgeon in Amritsar for Breast Implant removal Surgery?

  • One of the top performing plastic surgeons in Amritsar for breast enhancement
  • Dexterous in fixing all types of breast augmentation implants
  • Years of experience in performing successful breast augmentation surgeries
  • Interacts with the patients directly to know about their reason for the surgery
  • Member of several plastic surgery associations in India and abroad

Cost of Breast Implant removalin Amritsar

The cost of breast implant removal depends main upon the expertise of the surgeon, the location of treatment and the type of procedure. It may include surgeon’s fee, facilities used during the treatment, post-operative garments, surgeon’s prescription, etc. Usually, the insurance may cover breast implant removal in Amritsar if done to get away with an accidental injury, infection, breast cancer or leakage. New implants after the removal of the old ones may however remain uncovered with the insurance.

Our Services

Just like breast augmentation and breast augmentation surgeries, we provide all the requisite facilities and services for breast implant removal in Amritsar. We leave you at the disposal of the best treatment facilities, technically sound and advanced surgery equipment and a cordial nursing staff. Your will undergo the most satisfying breast implant removal procedure under the supervision of our qualified and skilled plastic surgeon.

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