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Are you noticing sagging skin on your forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids? If yes, then it is high time to go for a Brow Lift surgery in Amritsar. Surgeons use two different methods to lift eyebrows and forehead. Classic lift, the first method involves making a continuous cut from the ears to your hairline. Endoscopic lift, the second type of Brow lift surgery is less invasive as compared to the first one, as it involves making smaller cuts to protect the tissues.

Why Consult Dr. Ravi Mahajan for Brow Lift surgery in Amritsar

  • An experienced plastic surgeon with expertise in Brow Lift surgery
  • Holds certifications from various national and international plastic surgery associations
  • Expertise in performing surgeries with minimal or no scars at all
  • Helps patients get an appealing forehead appearance
  • Engages in a candid discussion with the patients prior to the surgery

Cost of Brow Lift Lift in Amritsar

The cost for Brow Lift may differ as per the surgeon or the hospital you choose for the treatment. Usually, it may range between 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR, but mostly, this won’t include the cost for medicines, hospital facilities, lab tests, anesthesia or the surgeon’s fees. You can connect with our Brow lift surgeon in Amritsar to know more about the cost of this procedure.

Our Services

You can avail a completely satisfying treatment from our brow lift surgeon in Amritsar. We will let you feel at ease during the entire procedure, thanks to the safe hands of our doctor and the cordial assistance of our plastic surgery staff. We extend the facilities of advanced surgery equipment, operation beds, experienced nursing staff and every possible medical facility to make your Brow lift surgery in Amritsar, a long lasting success.


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