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Dr. Ravi Mahajan – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Amritsar

Augmentation mammoplasty or Breast augmentation aims at enhancing the shape, size, roundness or completeness of the female breasts. The surgery requires our surgeon in Amritsar to use saline, silicone implants beneath the breast tissue. Composite breast implant is also one of the widely used breast augmentation options. With our consummate surgeons to work on your cause, you can ensure to regain the appearance of your breasts as per your expectation.

Why Approach Dr. Ravi Mahajan for Breast Augmentation in Amritsar?

  • One of the top performing plastic surgeons in Amritsar for breast enhancement
  • Dexterous in fixing all types of breast augmentation implants
  • Years of experience in performing successful breast augmentation surgeries
  • Interacts with the patients directly to know about their reason for the surgery
  • Member of several plastic surgery associations in India and abroad

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Amritsar

The cost for breast enhancement procedure depends largely on the type of implant used, the level of medical facilities provided, the fees of the surgeon, anesthesia and other charges. You can connect directly with our breast augmentation surgeon in Amritsar to know about the cost of the surgery in detail.

Our Services

Our expert surgeon performs breast augmentation surgery in Amritsar with due satisfaction and success. Our advanced facilities and services help her further in carrying out the procedure without hassles. Keeping pace with the latest trends in the healthcare domain, we keep all our services upscale and advanced. We are home to sophisticated technical equipment for the surgery. Our nursing staff is also extremely caring and strives its best to attend to all your concerns during the surgery. Fix your appointment with our breast augmentation surgeon in Amritsar today and get the best possible treatment in our clinic.

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