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Body Lift Recovery: Comfortable Clothes for Faster Healing

Body Lift Recovery: Comfortable Clothes for Faster Healing

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Body Lift surgery has become a common procedure to improve appearance. It is a widely practiced treatment among youngsters worldwide....

Body Lift surgery has become a common procedure to improve appearance. It is a widely practiced treatment among youngsters worldwide. Even more patients are expected to go through this surgery in the future to attain a slimmer figure.

Most of the people succeed in achieving this coveted desire with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon. Here is a brief intro on this widely embraced procedure followed by insights into the type of clothes you should wear to make way for a safe, sound, and swift recovery from the surgery.

Body Lift Surgery: A Concise Intro

As the name suggests, a Body Lift intends to enhance the shape of the underlying body tissues that support your skin and fat. The cosmetic procedure involves eliminating the unwanted fat or sagging skin from the selected parts. A painstakingly done Body Lift will improve your overall contour and give your body a complete makeover.

It is best to perform on patients who have lost substantial weight because of a bariatric surgery, conscious diet, or exercise regime. None of these practices has helped them part ways with the sagging or loose skin, leaving them with discontent hygienic problems.

You may prepare your mind to go under the knife for a wide range of Body Lift procedures such as:

  • Lower Body Lift: Targets abdomens, thighs and buttocks
  • Upper Body Lift: Treats arms, breasts, and upper back
  • Complete Body Lift: Targets lower and upper areas of the body 

A successful Body Lift surgery carried out by a dexterous surgeon will enable you to anticipate the following benefits:

  • More contoured and toned appearance
  • Reduced hygiene issues and discomfort
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Multiple dressing options to choose from

Right here, we are about to focus on the last benefit – dressing options. Yes, the complete recovery of the patients after a Body Lift depends largely on the type of dress they wear. Let us delve deeper and find out more about the types of clothes that would suit the patients for satisfactory recovery.

The importance of comfortable clothing post Body Lift

Retaining the results of Body Lift surgery has less connection with scheduling follow-up appointments with the surgeon for routine checkups. Instead, they depend much on the way you care for yourself. You should be able to abide by the instructions of the surgeon for quick and complete healing.

In terms of clothing options, you need to think about your dress and pay attention to more comfortable clothes for fast healing. Here is more on what you should put on during and after undergoing the Body Lift procedure.

Things to Wear During the Recovery Period  

It is natural to feel eager and a bit excited to show your new figure right after the surgery. But, let's keep it real; your body cannot take tight and heavy attire during the recovery process. It is because, after the surgery, bruises and swelling are commItThis is not possible to wear dresses that will highlight your swelling and bruises. So, it is better to know what kind of attire you can wear after Body Lift surgery.

1. Compression Garments

Right after the surgery, your doctor will advise you to wear compression garments. This recommended dress will reduce swelling and support in prompt healing of your body. You can think of these compression garments as a gentle hug or barrier of your skin. This can keep everything in place and ensure you feel comfortable. Though these garments may not create a stylish look, they play a crucial role in your recovery. Therefore, making it a habit to put them on after a Body Lift surgery shall facilitate favorable recovery.

2. Soft and seamless undergarments

You must stay comfortable after your Body Lift surgery. This will require you to concentrate on your inner garments as well. Choose soft and seamless undergarments that will not rub against your skin or irritate your healing areas.

The last thing you want after the surgery is to feel scratchy. So, make soft and seamless undergarments your best friend. They will give your body the support it needs without causing any discomfort. Any kind of adverse feeling will make you feel uncomfortable and may hamper your healing time as well. Therefore, be sure to wear the most comfortable innerwear.

3. Button-front Shirts

One lifesaver garment after the surgery is a button-front shirt. When you have to go out, wear button-front shirts, as they are super easy to put on. These shirts will help you avoid extra strain on your body.

Button-front shirts come in a varied range of styles. So, you can pair them with almost anything and look stylish. Buy them from a reliable store and check the fabric quality. This will also contribute to your healing journey.

4. Drawstring Pants

It is yet another essential attire that you should have in your wardrobe is drawstring pants. It can be a lifesaver after your Body Lift surgery, as they are adjustable. They are perfect for accommodating swelling on your body and the changes in its shape.

They can make you feel comfortable. Since they are on trend now, you can wear them and stay stylish. It will make you look good without putting pressure on your healing areas.

5. Hoodies

Hoodies are a great option to wear during the recovery period after Body Lift surgery. They are loose-fitting and give you the right amount of coverage. However, it is good to shop for hoodies of breathable and soft materials to avoid any irritation.

In winter, they are perfect for layering over other clothes. You can take on and off hoodies easily. Overall, it can give you that cozy soft feeling that you need in your recovery phase.

What should you wear when you heal completely?

After the tissue healing process, you can think about upgrading your wardrobe. When you love your body shape and curves, shopping becomes easier. Here are some tips on what you should wear post-Body Lift surgery.

Skinny yet comfortable jeans: You can wear skinny jeans to accentuate your firmer buttocks and slimmer thighs. Maybe, you will find that you need smaller-sized jeans because of the surgery.

Waistline hugging dress: The classier alternative is to pick something that will help you flaunt your new body type. For example, you can shop for close-fitting skirts and pair them with a beautiful top. You can even wear a sweater so that it will hug your waistline.

Classic attire: Another thing you can do is invest in classic wear. Wear a well-tailored trench coat, a pair of boot-cut jeans, and a button-down shirt. It will never go off the trend. This can satisfy your creative fashion style as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing Garments After Body Lift

Selecting the right garment after undergoing Body Lift surgery is inevitable to ensure a smoother and comfortable journey. You may consult your surgeon to have personalized advice on dressing. But, you always need to keep certain effective tips in mind to get the best possible outcome.

1. Material's Flexibility

Check the flexibility of the material you choose. Keep in mind that your body needs time to adjust to the new contours or shape. So, it is better if you wear stretchable clothes to help your body adapt to the changes. Look for materials that come with high elasticity so that they never give you any discomfort and restrict your movement. Tighter and less flexible clothes may hamper your recovery goals.

2. Compression Level

Whenever you pick a compression dress, check the level of compression to wear it after Body Lift surgery. Enough compression helps lower swelling and improves blood circulation. It also supports your tissue to help them settle into their new positions. Excessive compression can make you feel uncomfortable and never offers proper support.

3. The Fabric

Your choice of fabric also plays a crucial role as it influences the effectiveness and comfort of the dress. Choose soft clothes that are good for sensitive skin. You can wear cotton dresses, lycra, etc., as they are durable and very soft. They can help you keep your skin dry. It reduces the chances of having a skin infection.


Body Lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve the overall contours of your body. Surgeons recommend it to patients who fail to get away with excess fat and loose skin despite regular exercising, having a balanced diet, or undergoing bariatric surgery.

Depending on whether you opt for a lower, upper, or complete Body Lift, the surgeon will treat the concerned body part to leave you with a more appealing look.

Nevertheless, knowing what to wear after Body Lift surgery is an important part of your healing. You can try several essential dressing options and upgrade your wardrobe accordingly. Whatever you do, consult with your surgeon for more safety.