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Breast Reduction Surgery: Top 6 Facts You Should Know

Breast Reduction Surgery: Top 6 Facts You Should Know

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Today, people worldwide undergo various kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their looks. Among those notable surgeries, breast surgery...

Today, people worldwide undergo various kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their looks. Among those notable surgeries, breast surgery is quite popular. Performed by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons, this procedure intends to reduce the size of large breasts.

At times, excessively large breasts can cause troubles with proper care and maintenance. They can even create several physical and emotional issues. Thus, many women wish to undergo this surgery to live a happier and more satisfying life by opting to decrease their breast size.

Stats about Breast Reduction surgery

Today, when females are more open and less shy about expressing their taboo things, their decision regarding Breast Reduction comes as no surprise. Breast Reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates around the world and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), has revealed the same in one of its research as well.

In a study conducted by ASPS that included 125 women who underwent Breast Reduction, 80% rated their outcomes as good or very good.

In another 2022 study, ASPS observed a commendable 54% rise in the demand for Breast Reduction since COVID-19. The number of women wishing to undergo Breast Reduction for aesthetic reasons increased to 71,364 from the 46,340 aspirants in the 2019 pre-pandemic era.

With women, valuing body acceptance and personal comfort more than anything else, this increase is obvious. This affinity toward Breast Reduction also indicates the growing importance of aesthetics and comfort in the lives of today’s women.

Therefore, if you are also planning to undergo this surgery, there is nothing to worry about. All you need is to approach the best cosmetic surgeon around you.

Before undergoing a Breast Reduction surgery, you must know several essential facts related to this procedure. Here is more about them. But we will start with a brief intro about this widely embraced treatment.

Breast Reduction Surgery: What is it?

Also popular as reduction mammoplasty, Breast Reduction is a surgical process that can reduce breast weight and size if necessary. It includes a few surgical incisions to remove excess fat tissues and unwanted skin from the breasts. The surgery also involves reshaping the breasts and elevating them to come with a comparable and more proportional bust size.

Sometimes, the surgeons may combine Breast Reduction with liposuction as well. The decision for this surgery is no doubt difficult, but most of the patients consider it as the best move to improve the aesthetic appeal of their breasts. Positive surgery outcomes enable them to feel more comfortable and confident about their bodies.

Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Doctors may recommend Breast Reduction if candidates face the following issues caused by heavy breasts:

  • Headaches
  • Posture Issues
  • Back, neck, shoulder, and breast pain
  • Skin infections and rashes under the breast
  • Deep bra grooves on the shoulder
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit
  • Difficulty in performing various physical activities

Besides these reasons, women may also consider undergoing Breast Reduction surgery if they are not happy with their appearance. In addition, the reduced breasts allow them to avail of multiple benefits:

  • Increased physical freedom
  • Less body discomfort  
  • No more emotional setbacks
  • Significant boost in self-esteem
  • More options for clothing

What happens during Breast Reduction Surgery?

Here is what you can expect during a Breast Reduction surgery.

  • Usually, surgeons perform Breast Reduction surgery under general anesthesia. Their medications will make you lose consciousness, leaving you with painless surgery.
  • During this surgical procedure, your surgeon will remove excess tissue or fat from your breast.
  • Next, the expert will reposition the areola and nipple,
  • Reshaping the remaining breast tissue and skin will take place next.
  • In this way, you will get the desired shape of your breast.

The doctor may perform different types of surgical procedures during Breast Reduction surgery. It will depend largely on the complexity level involved. Your surgeon will discuss all the procedures and the possible intricacies in a face-to-face consultation before the surgery.

During the interaction, the doctor will examine your breasts and find out if they are suitable for the surgery. Besides, your surgeon will also consider your existing health condition, medications, and any chronic condition before declaring you the right candidate for the Breast Reduction procedure.

Top six facts to know about Breast Reduction Surgery

Moving over, here are the top six notable facts that you have to know before undergoing Breast Reduction surgery.

Fact 1: Patients will get some minor scarring

A significant fact about this kind of surgical procedure is that patients will receive a few minor scarring. It happens because the surgeon will have to make a few incisions during the surgical procedure. The scar will be visible around the areola and the bottom of the breasts. However, the good news is that those scars will fade after some time, and will hardly remain noticeable after a few months of the surgery.

Fact 2: Liposuction can shape the chest wall

Many famous doctors use the liposuction technique to get rid of the lateral breast roll on the side of the patient’s chest area. In doing so, patients will get a more even and perkier chest area. The fat tissue thus removed may even result in a notable reduction in pain in the neck, back, and even shoulders of the patient.

Fact 3: Patients can walk and shower on the very first day following surgery

In most cases, all swelling and bruising usually settle around just two weeks after a Breast Reduction surgery. Thus, most patients can go back to their previous active lifestyle after a few days of the surgery. At that time, they can even perform some daily exercises.

During the recovery procedure, patients should visit their doctors if any severe health issue or side effect of the surgery arises. Thus, there is nothing to worry about in the recovery procedure after Breast Reduction surgery.

Fact 4: Patients will get to see the results before the actual surgery

In several famous and top-notch facilities, doctors use a special software program known as Crisalix. It usually offers a web-based 3D simulation, with the help of some photos of the patient’s body. This enables them to offer a realistic picture of the final result. Hence, patients can find out what they will get after the surgery. It will prove beneficial in their decision-making regarding the procedure.

Fact 5: To encourage faster healing doctors often use LED lighting  

It is indeed important to get back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible after surgery. To make this happen, many reliable facilities around the world incorporate LED light therapy. These lights can speed up healing, along with relieving pain.

Fact 6: Not everyone can be a candidate

If you wish to undergo Breast Reduction surgery, it is essential to know if you are suitable for the procedure. You will be a suitable candidate if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • No smoking or drinking habit
  • Physically healthy body
  • Large breasts are affecting your physical ability
  • Realistic expectations with the surgery

As long as you meet these criteria, age is not a big issue for Breast Reduction surgery.

Therefore, if you are planning to undergo Breast Reduction surgery, you must be aware of these significant facts. Knowledge about these considerations will help you to choose the best surgeon and get your desired body shape.


To conclude, Breast Reduction surgery is widely popular nowadays due to its various advantages. Women who feel burdened because of their large breasts prefer opting for this surgery. Often, females who wish to attain physical freedom, body comfort, or better dressing options also choose to undergo Breast Reduction. Several conditions like persistent headaches, posture problems, tight bra, skin rashes, infections, etc. may also compel one to go for this surgery.

Before going under the knife for this procedure, you should be aware of all the essential facts associated with Breast Reduction surgery. For instance, you may get some minor scarring that will vanish after a few months of the surgery. Surgeons often opt for liposuction along with Breast Reduction to help your breasts get in shape.

The growing technology plays a key role in enabling patients to find out how the surgery can influence the appearance of their breasts. Some surgeons also use LED light for faster healing. These and many more facts altogether will help you to decide positively about the surgery.

For best outcomes, you must make sure to approach a seasoned cosmetic surgeon. To help you in this endeavor, we provide capable assistance with your robust website. For more details, click through our web portal or contact us in person. We will be happy to assist your cause.