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How Cool is CoolSculpting – A Deep Insight

How Cool is CoolSculpting – A Deep Insight

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That excess fat on your body doesn’t look good, for sure. Isn’t it? I am sure you would seek a...

That excess fat on your body doesn’t look good, for sure. Isn’t it? I am sure you would seek a safe solution to remedy this contour problem if your time and pocket permits. Most procedures for body contouring require surgical procedures with a few days stay at the hospital. If you are apprehensive about big surgeries, you can try a non-surgical solution and see if it works for you like it has in umpteen 100s of clients. No anesthesia is needed and you can return to work at the earliest.

Incision free no risk methods can be tried since they are available in the medical market. Methods like lasers, or ultrasound waves, could be worthwhile in this regard. Even better alternative would be CoolSculpting. Surgeons and even patients endorse this treatment as one of the best ones to remove fat through non-invasive ways. But is it really that cool a process? Let’s find out!

Brief intro to Coolsculpting

The CoolSculpting method surfaced with the efforts of ZELTIQ Aesthetics Inc. Europe approved its use in 2009 and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave it the green signal in September 2010. Based on the proven cryolipolysis procedure, this method leverages upscale medical equipment to remove fat cells without causing any harm to your skin or tissues.

It works on the theory that fat cells react more promptly to cold temperature as compared to other types of cells that surround the human body. Its minimally invasive nature, followed by easy process and positive results altogether make it a popular choice for patients to eliminate limited accumulated fat deposits.

If you are not able to lose fat through exercise or dieting then this is a feasible method to opt for. Be aware that this not a weight loss treatment anyway but purely cosmetic procedure that can reduce small fat bulges only. Hence, if you are looking out to remove fat from deep within your skin, better opt for liposuction or some other method.

Is it better than Liposuction?

Fat reduction through liposuction requires the patients to undergo proper surgical procedures like injections, incisions, metal rod insertions (in case of ultrasound-assisted liposuction or UAL), laser beams etc. Even the recovery duration after the procedure can lead to bruising, numbness, pain, swelling, blood clotting, etc. In short, it involves considerable down time to remove fat tissue. However it is the only sure way of permanent fat loss. Only the surgeon needs to be experienced.. No wonder, liposuction remains a widely accepted and popular procedure the world over.

So how is CoolSculpting different?

The process can be completed without anesthesia, without incisions and without hospitalization. In short, it is safe and has low downtime. Nor being invasive in nature, CoolSculpting uses a device that operates above the skin and does not affects its shape or form anyway. There are no residual scars, bruising, etc.

During the treatment, the expert will use an applicator, depending on the size of the treatment area and a gel pad. The device helps to deliver controlled cooling on the fat that requires removal. Once complete, you can get back to your daily activities instantly. All these factors altogether make cool-liposculpting a preferred procedure to liposuction in patients who do not want to go the whole hog..

What are the most targeted areas?

People often wish to try CoolSculpting for various body parts like thighs, belly, lower back, belly and chin. Besides, it can also help to minimize the cellulite on love handles, arms, legs, male breasts, and other parts. The size of the body part decides the size of the applicator used for the procedure. Moreover, larger body parts may need more sessions as compared to smaller parts.

Are there any side effects of coolsculpting?

Yes, there may be certain side-affects as result of the treatment.

  • A jerking vibratory  feeling during the treatment can be discomfiting. This is not really a side effect.
  • Aching or stinging in the treatment area for up to two weeks after the treatment
  • Swelling, redness, bruising for short time in the treatment area.
  • It may put additional burden on your pocket since numerous sessions come at an enhanced cost.

What are the advantages of CoolSculpting

The multiple advantages of this Cryolipolysis process simple outdo the short-term side effects it exhibits.

1. Safe and efficacious

FDA has declared this treatment as a safe part alternative to fat elimination through surgery. They are effective as well, which is probably the reason why more than 6 million people have opted for it.

2. Works naturally

CoolSculpting does not melt away or vacuums  fat. It in fact destroys and kills the excess fat cells in the treated area. This dead cellular material then comes out of the body’s natural excretory system

3. Fast treatment

The entire procedure takes around 35 to 60 minutes to complete depending on the treatment area. During the process, you can watch TV, operate your smartphone, or simply relax.

4. Minimal Discomfort and no downtime

Baring few instances of pulling or tugging, your session will remain comfortable. Leaving behind few minor side effects like pulling, swelling, redness for a limited time after the treatment. You will be free to get back to your work soon.

5. Prompt results

You will observe initial changes in the starting two weeks after the procedure itself. Complete healing may take around two months and the fat reduction process may continue till around six months through natural disposal system of the body. The best thing is that you don’t have to go on any special diet regime, workouts, or food supplements to prepare for CoolSculpting. However after the procedure it is best to maintain fat at a low level by dietary discipline and regular exercise.

What is the cost of CoolSculpting?

According to the company’s official website, the average cost of CoolScupting is somewhere between $2000 and $4000. However, the average cost of this treatment in India may lie in the range of Rs 25000 to Rs 45000. The cost may however fluctuate depending on varied reasons like the area of treatment, your current location, the surgeon you choose, the facilities provided at the CoolSculpting clinic and more. For more insights, it is better to visit an expert near you.

What to expect?

CoolSculpting is a beneficial treatment if you want to get rid of small areas of bulging fat in various parts of your body. It is a quick, hassle free and safe procedure that starts giving the intended results within few weeks to 2 months. Nevertheless, if you are considering reducing excessive weight (more than 2-5 Kgs) from your body or if you are thinking it as a weight loss treatment, then you are knocking on the wrong door. Opting for treatments like liposuction or consulting a gym instructor to help you in your weight loss regime would be ideal in any such a situation.

Coolsculpting is however a bit costly hence you need to fix a budget for every session of this treatment. Considering overall facts, CoolSculpting is indeed a cool process that makes your appearance cool enough. Visiting the expert can clarify your doubts even further. No wonder, its results will remain permanent.