Blog / Top 7 tips that can Maintain your liposuction Results till Long

Top 7 tips that can Maintain your liposuction Results till Long

Top 7 tips that can Maintain your liposuction Results till Long

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Liposuction can improve your body appearance and contours significantly. It can even be instrumental in boosting your self-confidence that might...

Liposuction can improve your body appearance and contours significantly. It can even be instrumental in boosting your self-confidence that might had gone low due to excess fat. On having a glance at its results, it does seem to be an effective cosmetic surgery, yet it has certain limitations. People often fall prey to the misconception that the fat removed through liposuction can never reappear. The fact is just opposite, as the fat can come back due to your casual attitude post the treatment.

Studies suggest that if you gain 10% of your body weight after the procedure, your entire body will start developing new fat cells. This will include the treated portion as well. It is hence wise to maintain your body and keep a regular check on fat accumulation if you really want the results to be permanent. Here is quick look at the steps that you could put forth to make your liposuction procedure a long lasting success.

1. Continue with your exercising regime

Regular exercise is one of the most important measures to curb fat from developing after the liposuction treatment. Based on consultations with your surgeon, start with light exercises during the recovery period. Walking is a beneficial move in this regard, following weeks after the surgery. This will help you to avoid blood clots and enable you to get back to your usual life quickly. After you recover completely from the procedure, the surgeon may advise you to resume your routine exercises and other workouts. As the time passes, you could switch over to activities like swimming, yoga, weightlifting and so on. Daily work out for around 20 to 30 minutes can work effectively in boosting your metabolism and in retaining the liposuction outcomes.   

2. Eat Healthy

Make sure to consume a fixed amount of nutritious calories on daily basis to remain close to your ideal weight after lipo surgery. These points could help out:

  • Limit the intake of saturated fats up to 5% of your daily calorie consumption.
  • Consume fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, etc. in apt quantity.
  • Eating green vegetables will suffice your diet with antioxidants and fiber.
  • Lean proteins are always better than non-veg food like chicken, fish, red meat, etc.
  • Eatables like sugary sweets or those consisting of refined carbs are better to avoid.

3. Increase the frequency of your meals

Increase the frequency of your meal but reduce the quantity per meal. For instance, instead of following the daily 3-meal chart, you can opt for 5-7 meals that are smaller in quantity. This can work significantly in multiple ways:

  • It improves your metabolism
  • It keeps your energy levels above par
  • It protects you from hunger, which could otherwise tempt you to eat unhealthy food

4. Drink water in excess

The habit of drinking lot of water can be highly effectual in in ensuring high metabolism levels. Staying hydrated will also you help you to curb hunger, ensure proper digestion and get a glowing skin. Abiding by technical aspect, you should drink one ounce of water per kg of your weight. For instance, if you weigh 60kg, your daily intake of water should be 60 ounces. As for calculations, 1Kg is 35.274 ounces, & 1 ounce is equal to 28.34 gram. In terms of glasses, you should drink 8-ounce glasses every day, which is near about 2 liters of water.

5. Adopt an active lifestyle

It is fine to take rest after liposuction surgery for speedy recovery. Nevertheless, too much relaxation or body inertia may affect your health. At the worst, it could even cause the fat to resurface on the treated area, hence making it to sag and nullify your fat loss through liposuction. The need is therefore to get rid of such sedentary lifestyles. Perhaps, you should indulge in some beneficial activities besides regular exercises. The ideas below could be helpful in this regard.

  • While in office, move your body after every 20-30 minutes, such as you could walk around the office, simply stand up, talk to a colleague while standing, go upstairs, etc.
  • Avoid elevator and choose staircase in your apartment, office or elsewhere.
  • Don’t spend too much time on TV, mobile or internet. Being a couch potato would only harm your regime to maintain liposuction results.
  • If watching TV, give yourself a break during the TV breaks.

6. Wear compression garments

If your surgeon instructs you to wear compression garments till a fixed time, do it honestly. Specifically recommended to wear for the first 10 days after the surgery, these garments help to prevent wrinkles, and uneven and sagging skin to readhere itself to the body maintaining esthetic contours. Though not much comfortable, they can still avoid swelling after the procedure.

7. Bid adieu to stress

Do you feel stressed often? Don’t be! It will only increase your problems, and especially if you have undergone liposuction, it may result in the return of the removed fat. Usually, tension could tend the body to release a stress hormone called as cortisol. This hormone slows down the metabolism and increases your appetite for unhealthy or junk foods. This will in turn increase fat in your body, including in the treated portion. Studies also reveal that enhanced cortisol level can bring down the calories that the body burns. This can shoot up the insulin level hence resulting in increased fat accumulation in the body. All these factors make it indispensable to control stress.  

How to control stress?

  • Activities like meditation or yoga could work to ensure mental and physical health.
  • Maintaining consistency in your daily routine is also highly effective to attain this goal.
  • You need to bear a positive attitude toward life.
  • Try spending time in  hot tub or take soaking bath often
  • Be spiritual and express gratitude for such a beautiful life


Liposuction is a beneficial process to help you get rid of excess fat on your body. It can however reappear if you bear a causal attitude during the recovery period. It is hence wise to follow all the aftercare instructions of your surgeon carefully. Following tips like drinking more water, eating health, maintaining healthy lifestyle, etc. are equally beneficial in maintaining the fat after liposuction. If you keep in mind all these things, fat cannot return after liposuction, for sure. The need is to be conscious and bear a positive attitude.