Liposuction Surgeons


Liposuction is a surgical process of eliminating excess fat from the body with the help of suction technique. By reducing the unwanted fat from abdomen, hips, stomach and several other parts of the body, this method helps people to regain their original appearance appreciably.

The result however relies much on the selection of the right surgeon. The best move in this regard would be to research more about the cosmetic surgeon or clinic, check out their reviews, focus on the number of successful cases that they have handled. All these factors will help you to get an idea about their goodwill.

Approaching the best team for your liposuction will always be helpful, as not all doctors are dexterous in using the best techniques for better liposuction surgery. So make the right choice and get an appointment of the best liposuction surgeon around you. Don’t bother even if you have to pay a little bit more, as the surgery intends to appreciate your appearance.

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Before taking the plunge:


Among all the plastic surgery procedures, liposuction is constantly rated as one of the major surgeries worldwide. In some parts of the world, liposuction surgeons saw more than 250,000 patients waiting to get their fat molecules sucked out of their body. So, if you have decided to take that plunge, then you will probably spend quite some time wondering ways to choose the best liposuction surgeon for the treatment. Even after going through internet searches, you will find dozens of options. So, making a solid choice among the lot can be tough, but not impossible.

So, before you take that actual plunge, be sure to focus on multiple criteria that you can use for judging whether or not any particular surgeon is the perfect call for you and the said procedure. Finding one qualified surgeon is always easier when you are looking for the right criteria.

Check out for the board certification in liposuction:

  • Medical credentials are often confusing in case you are not quite familiar with the jargons. So, it is always helpful to look out for them beforehand.
  • While you are searching for it, make sure to look for the board certification from the Medical Society. It means the chosen surgeon has gone through rigorous board certification procedure.
  • The surgeon should belong to a medical unit, which is not only well-respected, but also maintain a rigorous training set for all the doctors.
  • The surgeon must fulfil all the safety standards for getting qualified for the said membership.

We have experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, who are able to take care of nose related issues with ease. They can handle the situation even when it is complicated.

Training process matters a lot:

Whenever you are making plans to select any rhinoplasty surgeon in India, you might want to check if the selected person is well-trained to cover the task on your behalf. The person needs to be certified, accredited and must be able to follow some of the highest safety standards while performing nose job on you.

Apart from that, the person in question must also work on his cleanliness. He should have good reviews under his belt, which shows the kind of job they are able to provide. The surgeons are here to understand your surgical goals well. They are able to explain all the possible options, which you have or need, with all kinds of potential complications and risks to cover.

Down with the cost of it all:

Don’t forget to check out the cost of rhinoplasty surgeons in India. Understanding beforehand how much you are likely to pay for the surgery is pretty important. Any typical nose shape surgical cost will include the hospital or surgical facility charges, anesthesia fee, post-surgery garments, medical tests and even the medication prescriptions. The cost will definitely include your surgeon’s fee as well.

Some factors to consider:

Make sure to check out these factors first before selecting any one surgeon among the lot. The more you research, the better understanding you will get. So, let’s get hold of some points first.

  • The surgeon needs to be certified and further accredited by state or nationally recognized boards’ like the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and more.
  • The surgeon should have proper training and qualifications for performing this surgery.
  • He needs to be specially trained in this field of nose reshaping. Their years of training will speak a lot about their treatments.
  • These credentials can always be targeted as major markers, which will signal that you can trust the liposuction surgeon to be well qualified and highly trained for performing the procedure.

These steps are mainly crucial for detecting the best liposuction surgeon because some of the untrained doctors are considering them to be experts these days. So, to keep away from these people, it is better to watch out for the credentials first.

Always study the surgeon’s approach and style:

Apart from the medical knowledge and training, the liposuction surgery will need some levels of artistry as well. As every person’s body is unique, the best liposuction surgeon will have a consultation period with the patient first to judge his or her bodily structure first. Then, they are going to focus on the right aesthetic goals, which will be tailor-made to match the treatment to unique situation.

  • A proficient liposuction surgery will need the surgeon to customize treatment to the given needs and situation.
  • So, take your time to review the gallery of patient cases of the doctors first and his before and after set of photos for getting a proper sampling of his work. Be sure to look for some of the excellent results as well.
  • When the time comes for consultation, do not hesitate to ask for some of the added pictures, patient testimonials and case studies.
  • Some of the patient reviews on patient forums can offer you with some honest feedback from patients, based on experience with any potential liposuction surgeon.

Check out the facility for sure:

An accommodating and accredited facility is yet another major factor to look for, while choosing any plastic surgeon. As liposuction surgeries are quite detailed procedures and need multiple surgical tools and equipment, it is vital to ensure that the clinic has the facility to hold some of the highest standard of surgeries with utmost patient care, safety and high-end quality.

  • To find out if the selected facility is accredited by any credible organization, there are some certifications that you need to look for.
  • The reliable facility must have state licensure to work with. Without a proper government license, none of the clinics will be termed legal and anything happening there will be considered illegal.
  • The facility should also be a part of the Accreditation Association for the Ambulatory Health Care. It means if anything happens to the patient, the clinic is all set up with all the facilities under one goal.

Always go for the trustworthy name:

Just like finding the right family doctor, it might take more than one try to meet the best liposuction surgeon that you are comfortable to be around and trust. Having a trustworthy and personal rapport, along with ease of communication with the surgeon is really important. Not only with the liposuction surgeon, but you need to build a good relationship with the entire surgical staff. It will make a good liposuction surgery the best.

  • When you come across a liposuction surgeon you can connect with, you will feel even more confident about the said surgery.
  • Moreover, you can have that open and honest discussion about the lifestyle, overall health, aesthetic goals you are aiming for and any question or concerns that you might have in your mind.
  • The right surgeon will offer you with a realistic timeline for the recovery, depending on your medical history. He will further help you to go through the recovery process, from start till end.

So, take your time, go through all the possible options you could find under liposuction surgeons, and then finalise on the name you can trust. Yes, it is a time consuming process but worthwhile.