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Permanent Lip Augmentation – Methods and Misconceptions

Permanent Lip Augmentation – Methods and Misconceptions

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The zeal to look good and appealing is age-old, and modern-day people are even more concerned about their appearance. This...

The zeal to look good and appealing is age-old, and modern-day people are even more concerned about their appearance. This tends them to opt for several facial and lip beauty methods such as creams, lotions, laser treatments, and even surgeries. While all the other methods are short-lived, cosmetic surgery can have long-lasting results. Notably, Lip Augmentation is a widely embraced procedure in this regard.

Lip fillers have become one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments worldwide. The surgery involves undergoing a lip cosmetic procedure, which uses fillers or implants to change the shape of the lips. The cosmetic procedure can enhance the lips into larger lips, giving a correct symmetry. This also creates an effect of protrusion or adjusting the ratio of the top and bottom lips.

Understanding the lip filler cosmetic procedure

Lip Augmentation is one of the most prevalent plastic surgeries performed on the face physically. The cosmetic process involves a simple and natural surgery with hyaluronic acid that helps restore the natural shape of the lips, making them look more appealing on the face. One of the common myths around Lip Augmentation is that it might cause harm to the lip, which is false. Instead, this surgery enhances the look of the lip immaterial of the duration of the surgery.

Different types of Permanent Lip Augmentation procedures

Surgery is one of the most common and efficacious methods of Lip Augmentation. It incorporates injectable dermal filling, such as hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps increase the volume of the lips.

Talking about Permanent lip Augmentation, the procedure helps to improve the appearance of lips with permanent results. It is unlike temporary treatments whose effect lasts for only a few months, such as injectable fillers. You will notice appreciable changes in your lips once after undergoing a permanent Lip Augmentation. Here are some of the widely preferred techniques used by surgeons to carry out this procedure.

Lip implantation

In this method, the cosmetic surgeon requires the surgeon to make a small incision in each corner of the mouth for inserting an implant into the lips. The implant can be temporary as well as permanent.  This in-office procedure requires the surgeon to administer local anesthesia to ensure a painless experience for the patient. The recovery will take around 1 to 3 days. You can consider lip implants as a permanent form of Lip Augmentation, as it leverages plastic implants to increase the volume of the lips. Mostly, doctors use silicone or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene as lip implants.

Lip Lift

A permanent surgery lip lift happens when the surgeon removes excess skin between the nose and upper lips or that of the corners of the mouth to pull up the lips as a part of lip surgery. Because of this procedure, your lips will become natural-looking and more defined. The treatment allows you to flaunt a youthful appearance without the use of implants or fillers to plump up the lips. Among the many types of lip lifts, you may opt for:

  • Central lip lift
  • Corner lip lift
  • Gullwing lip lift
  • Italian lip lift
  • Bullhorn lip lift
  • V to Y lip lift

The lip lift procedure can change the looks of your lips by adding volume to the upper lips and making the exposed upper teeth invisible. It also eliminates the aging lines around the lips and reverses a down-turned lip corner

Dermal Transfer

 Also termed Fascia Grafting, this autologous Lip Augmentation method requires the doctor to use a strip of your skin or dermis, mostly from the lower stomach area. After resecting the skin (mostly a C-section scar), the surgeon eliminates the epidermis of the top layer of the skin.

The skin left on the stomach is a strip of dermis, rolled in a shape like that of a cigar. The doctor inserts this piece into your lips in an in-office procedure that takes around 60 – 90 minutes to complete. This dermal transfer will help you retain the volume and shape of your lips for around 5 years or even more.

What are the common misconceptions related to Lip Augmentation

The desire of many to have fuller lips led to the exploration of various types of lip surgery. Several myths related to Lip Augmentation procedures. Let us explore some of the common myths surrounding this segment.

1: Lip fillers give a fake look appearance

People often consider that Lip Augmentation leads to faking the look or appearance. This myth needs to be debunked. Lip surgery enhances the look post-surgery, making a difference from the previous look. The type of surgery and the surgeon you choose matter a lot in inflicting the expected results on your lips.

2: Lip Augmentation is a painful procedure

This cosmetic procedure is relatively painless where the doctor applies the anesthesia cream before surgery to numb the area, reduce the pain, and minimize the discomfort. Additionally, advanced modern fillers come with lidocaine, a local anesthetic to enhance the comfort of cosmetic procedures. Hence, Lip Augmentation is neither painful nor dangerous.

The use of scissors and the extent of precision in making the cuts might make the treatment a fragile one. Nevertheless, the expertise of the surgeon will make it a successful procedure. It is therefore high time to bust this myth instead of believing it.

3: Only the wealthy and young can afford Lip Augmentation

People might consider the procedure of Lip Augmentation meant for only affluent young people. This conception is wrong. The process of Lip Augmentation is affordable for many who desire to do so. With a little bit of research, you will find out that Lip Augmentation and lip filler treatments vary in terms of cost.

Therefore, you can choose a suitable treatment depending on your budget and preferences. Moreover, Lip Augmentation is for patients of all ages, instead of only young people. Age was never a limit for this procedure.

4: Lip Augmentation can alter the facial appearance

A common myth associated with the procedure of Lip Augmentation is that it leads to a change in the facial structure. In contrast, the process leads to improvising facial structures and restoring the original lip line. The surgery makes the lips fuller, ensuring that the lips are fully visible.

5: Lip Augmentation can affect the shape of the lip

There is a much more delusion among people that the conduct of Lip Augmentation can lead to an unshaped lip, which is just a myth. In fact, the surgery makes sure to lift the lip and restore it to its originality. This might not cause any harm or affect the shape of the lip in any way.

6: The treatment needs less to no special care after the surgery

This misconception can put people in problems since they need to take some care after the

Lip Augmentation surgery. For example, doctors suggest patients not to apply any cosmetic and facial products on the face and lip. This leads to satisfactory healing after the surgery without any distortion.

7: The results of Lip Augmentation are permanent

The permanent results of Lip Augmentation depend largely on the type of treatment you opt for. Lip filler treatment may last for a few months. Likewise, the results of Lip Augmentation may last for several years. However, the results may wither with age.

In both the options, regular touch-ups and proper maintenance are essential to ensure enhanced results. Especially, in the case of lip fillers, you need to keep visiting your clinic for repeated treatments to maintain the results. So, you can say that the results of Augmentation are not permanent.


Various government-approved Lip Augmentation treatments are in the fray. People have been opting for them to improve the appearance of their lips. Before choosing any of them, the candidates need to take several essential precautions to ensure the proper influence of Lip Augmentation. You should research well about your cosmetic surgeon to ensure the proper and safe execution of a permanent Lip Augmentation procedure.

The important thing in Lip Augmentation surgery is to find out if the surgeon holds the proper skills and expertise in performing the treatment without causing any distortion. Plastic reconstructive surgery puts effort into making the appearance of your lip look endearing with the cosmetic procedure of Lip Augmentation.

The selection of an expert surgeon followed by a reputed clinic can help you to make way for the expected results. Nevertheless, before opting for a permanent Lip Augmentation surgery, it is imperative not to believe in any of the misconceptions doing rounds.

If you have any doubts, it is better to clarify them with your doctor instead of putting your ears to false conceptions. Knowing about the type of treatment that suits your lips will further help you to appreciate your facial looks.