Lip Augmentation Surgeons


Lip augmentation is a renowned cosmetic procedure that enables you to have plumper and fuller lips. These days, an injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method associated with lip augmentation.

You will come across multiple dermal filler types while searching online, which the surgeons inject into lips and around the mouth. Among all of them hyaluronic acid fillers are the widely preferred ones.
These fillers comprise substances similar to hyaluronic acid, which helps to increase the volume of present lips to the next level.

The modern day lip augmentation options are safe, and their effects last longer. Implants and fat injections are some of the other methods for making your lips plumper. However, they are not as much in trend these days because the results might vary, and there is a high-risk factor involved.

Contacting an experienced lip augmentation surgeon in India would be a wise move if you too want to get enhanced lips. Hence, make sure to do an honest search for the best cosmetic surgeon to make way for best results.



Why use the hyaluronic acid filters:

These acid fillers are always designed to improve the current appearance of the lips. It does that by adding volume, shape, and size to the lips. The effects are subject to last for a period of 6 months. After that, the patients need more such injections to keep up the volume of the lips. Searching the market will actually help you to come across multiple hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers are injected in the same manner and will provide you with similar results. Some of them might even contain lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic.

Finding the right surgeon:

Now, there are several specialists claiming to perform the best lip augmentation surgeries. Some of them are dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and even cosmetic facial surgeons. However, selecting the best Lip Augmentation surgeon among the lot seems to be a serious call. India houses some of the best and accredited surgeons, who are not just known for positive results but also for their cost-effective services. Lip Augmentation in India is less costly when compared to western countries. Therefore, maximum foreign patients would take time to visit and get their lip augmented.

  • The most vital thing to notice while finding the Lip Augmentation surgeon is his qualification. Make sure to choose doctors with complete experience in giving patients the needful injections. You need to look for someone, whom you can trust with the surgery,
  • Avoid going for anyone just like that. The Lip augmentation process will possess some real risk factors, mainly if the person presenting the injection is an inexperienced specialist. So, looking for a specialized and licensed Lip Augmentation surgeon is a good call.
  • Make sure to take time and do your homework. While making a decision about which doctor for you to use, be sure to ask for his training and education first. Ask how many injections they have given their patients. You need to look for a board-certified surgeon or a member of the specialty medical association for help.
  • Don’t forget to see the before and after photographs of the previous patients that the surgeon has treated in terms of Lip Augmentation. Do you think the results make you happy? If not, then try considering the second option in the list.

Reputed surgeons can talk about the benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers:

It is true that hyaluronic acid fillers are gaining quite some popularity among the masses, but you are not sure why. However, a reputed Lip Augmentation surgeon will help you find the answer to this question. Once injected, the filler’s gel will support and shape out the tissues of the lips. The reputed accredited surgeon will clearly talk about the benefits of using such hyaluronic acid fillers now. Let’s get on with the details.

Controlling lip volume:

The number of fillers injected can easily be controlled with hyaluronic acid. It helps doctors to have better control over how much volume the patient’s lip might have.

Gradual treatment pace:

The doctors or surgeons will give the injections gradually during multiple appointments. They will continue with the procedure until the desired results have been properly achieved.

Dissolving bumps easily:

Any bumps and lumps created by lip movements will get dissolved easily with the help of hyaluronic acid fillers. Only specialized Lip Augmentation surgeons know how to work with these fillers for better results.

Less bruising to be seen:

With such acidic fillers, patients will experience less bruising and swelling, especially when compared to the other dermal fillers available in the market.

Reasonable and lasting results:

The results of such hyaluronic acid fillers will always be proven to be long-lasting. However, it is not permanent, and patients have to come back for the next slot of injections at regular intervals. You don’t have to worry when you have a Lip Augmentation surgeon by your side for help.

Hard to come across allergic reactions:

As hyaluronic acid fillers are made using substances, which are naturally found in the body, they are not likely to cause any allergic reactions. However, if the patient is allergic to lidocaine, then be sure to inform your doctor before starting with the injecting procedure.

Is Lip Augmentation the right option for you?

For answering this question, you need to ask yourself the reasons behind your lip modification. There is no need to undergo a Lip Augmentation procedure unless you want to modify the appearance truly. If you are looking for lip augmentation for making someone else happy or fit into an ideal image, then be sure to think twice before getting involved in this procedure.

Moreover, it is vital to have realistic expectations when it is about the outcome of the Lip Augmentation procedure. Enhanced lips will certainly make your lips fuller and plumper. However, you will still remain the same old yourself when you leave the doctor’s chamber after the procedure is over. A reputed surgeon or specialist will discuss with you the pros and cons of Lip Augmentation and its various options. This helps you to decide which technique is right for you.