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Top Lip Augmentation Myths That You Should Be Aware of

Top Lip Augmentation Myths That You Should Be Aware of

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The demand for lip augmentation is witnessing a significant surge to enhance facial beauty or to get perfect filler lips....

The demand for lip augmentation is witnessing a significant surge to enhance facial beauty or to get perfect filler lips. This cosmetic surgery can correct all your lip problems, including thinner lips. In addition, it also creates defined lip borders and highlights your cupid bow. Overall, it enhances your facial appearance appreciably, making it a widely preferred cosmetic surgery treatment.

Nevertheless, with the rapidly rising demand for lip augmentation, several myths about it also keep doing the rounds. If you wish to undergo this surgery, it would be good to burst these false stories before going under the knife. This will enable you to undergo the treatment with a free mind.

Right here, we will find out more about this treatment followed by the myths that surround it. This will give you a clear idea about the surgery before you decide to proceed with it.

Lip Augmentation - Brief Intro

If you want to make your lips fuller and more youthful, lip augmentation is the procedure to serve your cause. The procedure can be of different types depending on your choice, such as fat grafting, lip fillers, lip implants, and lip lifts. Among these, lip fillers are the non-surgical temporary procedures to plump up your lips.

Other treatments involve some surgical intervention, such as creating small incisions on the lips or face. But the latter ones make way for better and long-lasting results. The table below gives the duration of efficacy of each of these treatments.

Despite the duration of the effectiveness of all the procedures mentioned, the best procedure for lip augmentation differs from person to person. Your specific goals regarding lip augmentation, followed by the existing lip size and shape will eventually decide the type of treatment that suits your lips.

All these methods are effective in their way and help you to flaunt a better facial appearance. Still, owing to a lack of knowledge, several myths are likely to surround you. With the emergence of digital media, there is no lack of false information along with genuine knowledge. To take on these myths, let us pinpoint them and try to find out the facts behind them.

Myths about Lip Augmentation busted

Here is a glance at some of the most common myths regarding lip augmentation, followed by the associated facts.

1. Lip augmentation is highly painful

Many people believe filling your lips with injections or fillers is extremely painful. Though lip filler injections are somewhat uncomfortable, it does not lead to unbearable pain. To avoid extreme discomfort, injectors use numb cream on the lips and side areas before applying injections. Many doctors also include lidocaine and benzocaine anesthesia in their fillers to avoid further pain during injections on your lips.

2. Lips always look artificial

People often have a misconception that lips do not look natural after using lip filler. Multiple sources available online, for instance, photos posted on social media platforms will even compel you to believe this misconception. But you cannot generalize it. To avoid such misconceptions, you should know how lip augmentation procedures can backfire. It all depends on the injector. If the injector is not skillful and experienced enough, these types of accidents are likely to happen. It is therefore inevitable to rope in an experienced professional for lip filler injections.

3. Lips will be saggy after the filler dissolves

The myth can be nearly true. Careful application of the filler decreases the chance of getting saggy. If you fill your lips out of your body's elastic capacity repeatedly, your lips may turn saggy. Mostly, there is a rare chance for this situation to happen, as skilled professionals reduce the occurrence of such mistakes.

4. Lip filler is permanent

Lip fillers can give a significant boost to your self-confidence, but their effect is temporary. You will need to get fresh fillers within 12 to 18 months. Therefore, lip fillers cannot be permanent. Another fact is that you can opt to remove the fillers at any time with the help of the Hyaluronidase enzyme.

The life of lip filler depends on the type of injection you choose. Previously, doctors used to inject collagen in the fillers, which have longevity of not more than three months. Due to the allergic reaction to these injections, professionals use them rarely.

For enhanced life of the lip filler, you need to take proper care of your diet. A low metabolism will reduce the life of the fillers.

5. Hyaluronic acid fillers are permanent

Nowadays, Hyaluronic acid (HA) injections are widely in demand, as they can reduce the chances of allergy or infection appreciably. The injectable hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body. A smooth and injectable gel, it is a kind of temporary dermal filler. Its lip injections can keep your lips augmented for around 6 to 18 months.

The property of HA to attract water keeps the nearby regions hydrated and fuller. Using HA fillers will be suitable if it is the first time with the lip fillers. However, it is a temporary method and you will need to keep visiting the lip augmentation clinic after a certain duration.

6. Lip augmentation is only for women

Above all the myths disbursed, this is one of the most popular misconceptions. A surgery does not categorize gender. Both men and women undergo this surgery if they have some miscorrection in their lips. Today, men are also undergoing lip augmentation surgery to correct their facial appearances. Therefore, lip fillers are not only for women but also for men.

7. Lip fillers are dangerous for your health

Like the initial stage of every surgery, lip augmentation also accompanies some side effects. Treatment by an experienced medicated professional will increase the chances of fewer side effects. Still, there is always the possibility of initial swelling and redness. However, these signs are temporary and will vanish with time. In most cases, professionals perform post-surgery procedures to avoid any kind of allergic and infectious reactions to your health. Therefore, you can consider lip fillers as safe and free from any health hazards.

8. Lip fillers are only for thin lips

With lip fillers, professionals aim to enhance the beauty of lips by adding some volume. It does not mind shapes, sizes, or fuller or thin lips. It can improve the appearance of thin as well as fuller lips. Ultimately, they care to deliver a natural-looking outcome that complements the facial features of the respective clients.

9. Only done with lip implantation

Professionals carry out Lip Augmentation by two methods - dermal fillers, and lip implantation. The major difference between these two applications is the lasting feature. While dermal fillers are temporary, implants are permanent. Based on your body condition, the surgeon will discuss the methods of surgery with you in detail for your convenience.

Lip Augmentation: Essential points to consider

Besides, knowing the truth behind common myths about lip augmentation, you should also be aware of some vital facts about the procedure.

1. Choose the Right Professional

Consult an expert plastic surgeon who holds adept experience in the field. Discuss matters regarding your requirements, health condition, and any type of default in your lips. A good surgeon will help you enhance your facial beauty through a suitable surgical lip augmentation method.

2. Treatment

After the consultation with the surgeon, follow all the procedures required for your treatment. You can ask the surgeon about the type of treatment, doubts, cost factors, and preparation.  

3. Recovery

If you are undergoing dermal filler treatment, recovery does not take a long time. While implant treatment may take a long time for complete healing, abiding by the recovery process carefully.

Final Words

Lip augmentation is a popular method to make your lips fuller and plumper. Many methods for lip augmentation are available to make your lips attractive. These include lip fillers, fat grafting, lip lifts, and lip implants. All these treatments have their respective benefits and efficacy duration. Therefore, you may choose the best method after consulting with a professional lip augmentation expert.

If you are opting for fat grafting, a surgical method, approaching an experienced surgeon will be advisable. Nevertheless, despite its importance in enhancing facial appearance, people associate several myths with this treatment. Bursting them before moving on with the treatment is essential.

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