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Everything You Need to Know Before Opting for Breast Lift

Everything You Need to Know Before Opting for Breast Lift

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Plastic surgeries have become quite common nowadays. People undergo several types of cosmetic and physical enhancement treatments to change their...

Plastic surgeries have become quite common nowadays. People undergo several types of cosmetic and physical enhancement treatments to change their overall look, and sometimes to get away with a particular ailment. For example, facial cosmetic surgeries intend to enhance the overall look of a person, remove the signs of early aging, saggy skin, and so on.

One such plastic surgery that has become quite prevalent in recent years is breast lifting. Also known as mastopexy, cosmetic surgeons carry out this procedure to lift the breasts of their patients when they sag and droop.

It also helps to change the shape of the breasts and restore their alignment with the rib cage and the sternum. Here is a detailed look at certain aspects about breast lift surgery followed by the situations where you might get this cosmetic transformation, the associated risks, and so on.

When is breast lift surgery suitable for a patient?

The first thing to consider while deciding for breast lift surgery is the reason behind it. Often, people mistake this cosmetic treatment as breast augmentation. However, in breast lift surgery, the surgeon restores the shape of the breast by lifting the organ system. On the contrary, breast augmentation is a process that involves inserting implants underneath the breast tissue to increase the volume of the mammary glands.

Following are some of the cases where breast lift surgery has proven to be most efficient.

Pregnancy aftereffects: When women get pregnant, the mammary gland starts developing to produce milk after gestation. Due to this, often the breasts increase in volume and sag under pressure. In fact, new mothers also encounter this condition due to continuous breastfeeding or pumping of milk.

Weight shift: Change in weight often accompanies sagging of the breasts. Due to obesity, the skin becomes less elastic, causing the breast to sag downwards as the muscles fail to hold the weight and keep the organ in its proper position.

The age factor: Aging is another cause for sagging of the breast. As a woman ages, the muscles and skin covering the breast lose their elasticity and the collagen fibers. Therefore, their breasts sag due to gravity.

Uneven breasts: Sometimes, breast lift surgery becomes necessary when the nipples fall below the crease line of your breast due to lack of proper support, prolonged breastfeeding, and so on. Doctors often recommend having a breast lift if one breast is lower than the other.

These conditions would tend you to avoid breast lift

While surgeons will tell the better way if you are an ideal candidate for the breast lift surgery, several conditions might always compel you to opt out of it. Let’s figure them out.

Are you planning to extend your family?

Yes, in case you are deciding to have more children in future, it is better to wait till the time you do not want any more child in your family. Once you think your family is complete, you can schedule the breast lift anytime after consultation with your surgeon.

Do you have any health problems?

If you have any prior health condition that can affect your surgery, it is wise to opt out of it. Since it is not important medically, it will not be suitable for you if you have any risk factors.

Are you a regular smoker?

Even if you are a habitual smoker, it is good not to undergo the surgery unless you quit it months before the treatment and keep avoiding it many months after the procedure.

Are you considering breast reduction or augmentation?

Be aware that breast lift surgery only repositions the existing breast tissues instead of increasing or decreasing the size. Hence, if you are looking for an augmentation or reduction of your breast size, breast lift is not the right option. Nevertheless, you may ask the surgeon to combine these procedures with breast lift in case you want to resize and reposition your breasts at the same time.

What are the types of breast lift surgeries?

With numerous types of breast surgeries existing to lift the organs and restore their shape, your surgeon will be the right person to suggest you the best procedure. Let’s discuss some of the major types of cosmetic surgeries performed to lift the sagging breasts and bring them back to the original condition.

Crescent breast lift: Done when the sagging is minimal. In this surgery, the plastic surgeon creates a minor incision along the areolar region, mainly along the outer edge.

Vertical or lollipop breast lift: Done in women with moderate sagging. In this condition, the expert creates a circular incision along the outer edge of the areola while a vertical incision is made from the outer edge of the areola to the natural crease of the mammary glands.

Anchor Lift: When the breast has sagged significantly and simple replacement of the breast tissues through incision won’t work, doctors opt for anchor lift. As the name suggests, this surgical procedure involves inserting an implant below the breast muscles to lift it properly. The anchor point is the implant that supports the entire weight of the breast.

Periareolar breast lift: Another surgical procedure that is feasible for women having mild sagging of the breast. The treatment includes making a full circular incision along the outer edge of the darker areola, thereby reducing the chances of scarring.

All these procedures hold their respective significance in lifting the breasts to an appreciable extent. To get detailed knowhow on these breast lift surgeries, you can connect with an expert board certified surgeon.

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What are the risks associated with breast lift cosmetic surgery?

Just like any other surgery, the breast lift surgery also involves several risks that you should be aware of. Here is more info about them:  

Breast scars: Often, scarring of the tissue happens around the breast where the surgeons make the incision.  

Infection: The site of incisions can suffer infection probably due to the stitches opening or improper healing of the wound

Intramuscular bleeding: A rare symptom, which happens when the tissues can start bleeding

Negligence during surgery: Improperly carried out breast lift can result in an improper shape and size of the breast on either side

Obstruction in breastfeeding: Sometimes, breast lifting can also prevent you from breastfeeding your child, especially if that doctor has done the anchor lift

All these risks are more probable to affect you after undergoing the breast lift surgery. To avert these and associated aftereffects, it would be wise to discuss all the risk factors with your surgeon prior to going under the knife.

What is the recovery process from breast lift surgery?

Although it may sound that the incisions made during a breast lift surgery are small, the recovery process from this cosmetic transformation could be a bit challenging. Women who have undergone breast lift surgery need to abide by the rules and regulations established by their doctors to prevent rupturing of the blood vessels or the stitches. Here is more on the recovery process of breast lift surgery for your better understanding.

No smoking: The doctors instruct the patients to strictly avoid smoking or consuming alcohol during the recovery period of a breast lift surgery.

Avoid workouts: At times, surgeons may suggest avoiding heavy object lifting or putting excessive pressure on the arms and the chest. This can stretch the muscles and cause bleeding inside the breast.

Supporting garment: You need to wear a special supportive bra to ensure the garment holds the weight of the lifted breasts and reduce sensitivity of the nipples.

No stress on the stomach: Another common restriction is to lie down on the stomach or the sides. At least, for the first week, you need to lie down on your back and avoid pressure or compression on the mammary glands.

Use anti-scar cream: If you have apprehensions about scarring after the breast lift surgery, you can get an anti-scarring lotion or cream but only after the surgeon has removed your stitches with success.

Wrapping up

Breast lift surgery helps to enhance the shape and size of the breasts and removes any sign of sagging. Ensure to collaborate with the best cosmetic surgeon and undergo the treatment at the earliest. But before opting for this surgery, you should make sure whether you are the right candidate for it. Perhaps, candid discussions with your surgeon would be helpful in this regard.

Once you get satisfying answers to your queries and clear your doubts, you can proceed with the surgery on the advice of your surgeon. To help your cause, you can always seek assistance from our website, as we help you to search for the most experienced, qualified and board certified surgeons near your vicinity.