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Dr. Vikas Gawri – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Ludhiana

After a strict weight loss regime, you may succeed to shed off those extra pounds, but it could lead to droopy or saggy skin as a side effect. With body contouring, you can get rid of this excess skin and regain the tone of your body tissues. The procedure enables you to regain your lost elasticity with smoother contours. Our plastic surgeon in Ludhiana can help you in this surgery by eliminating unwanted skin and fat cells from your body.

Why Approach Dr. Vikas Gawri for Body Contouring Surgery in Ludhiana?

  • Board certified surgeon in Pune with specialized training in plastic surgery
  • Experience in performing body contouring with success
  • Helps patients to restore body elasticity and enhance body contours in better proportion
  • Can perform multiple body contouring surgeries including arm lift, breast lift, thigh lift, facelift, tummy tuck and more.

Cost of Body contouring in Ludhiana

The cost of Body contouring will rely largely on the type of surgery you choose. Depending on the part of your body, you can opt for an arm lift, facelift or other procedures. The surgeon’s fee, medical tests, anesthesia, surgery equipment, operating room and other factors are also substantial in fixing the cost of body contouring in Ludhiana. Our experienced and expert plastic surgeon can provide a better insight into the cost of body contouring in Ludhiana.

Our Services

You can come to us for a satiating body contouring surgery in Ludhiana. Our accomplished plastic surgeon will make sure to complete your surgery with due comfort satisfaction, and ease. Additionally, we extend world-class facilities for your surgery, which include industry best surgery rooms, advanced technical equipment for surgery, and a caring staff among others. Fix an appointment with our body contouring surgeon and clarify all your concerns before undergoing the surgery at our clinic in Ludhiana.

Do you wish to appear beautiful like never before?

Our expert surgeons can recommend you the best cosmetic surgery based on your body requirements.