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Struggling to lose that extra flab on your body?

Liposuction can help you out. Yes! It is usual to develop unwanted fat on your belly, hips, thighs, arms or face. Nevertheless, if despite exercising or dieting regularly you are not able to lose it, liposuction is a befitting solution.Consulting an ideal plastic surgeon in Ludhiana, such as Dr. Vikas Gawri can assist you appreciably in getting rid of your uninvited fat.

Why Choose Dr. Vikas Gawri for Liposuction in Ludhiana?

● Trustworthy plastic surgeon in Ludhiana, with expertise in performing liposuction
● Capable of performing the surgery on any part of your body
● Leverages advanced fat reduction techniques leaving behind minimal scars
● Helps you regain your lost confidence with a successful liposuction surgery in Ludhiana
● Can perform ultrasound-assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, power-assisted liposuction and suction-assisted liposuction with ease
● A renowned plastic surgery in Ludhiana with years of experience in carrying out liposuction surgery with positive results
● Member of several Plastic surgery associations in India and worldwide

Liposuction cost in Ludhiana

Different plastic surgeons will quote different charges for liposuction surgery. To give an idea, the surgery may go up to 1.5 lakhs depending on the surgeon you choose. This will however exclude the cost of clinic facilities, medical tests, pre-operative scans, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia and so on. Moreover, the cost of liposuction may also increase depending on the severity of the treatment area. For instance, parts like inner thighs or chins can cost dearer as compared to other locations.

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We help you get the best liposuction surgery in Ludhiana under the supervision of Dr. Preeti Shukla. With us, you can make the most of advanced surgery equipment, upscale liposuction procedures, amicable hospital staff and the best of cleanliness you could ever expect. Feel free to consult the most bankable liposuction surgery in Ludhiana and put forth your first step toward regaining a fat free body.

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