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Owing to your weight loss regime, you might have developed sagging skin on the inner thighs. Opting for a thigh lift surgery in Bangalore or thighplasty could help you get away with such excess skin to get tighter thighs. The treatment however needs extreme precision, as it requires the surgeon to create a long incision to remove the excess skin that can go up to the full length of the thigh. With the expertise of our thigh lift surgeon, you can remain rest assured of a safe, pain less and successful thigh lift surgery in Bangalore.

Why Trust DR. Karishma Kagodu for Thigh Lift Surgery in Bangalore?

• Board certified surgeon in Bangalore with adept training at performing thigh lift
• Works with precision to remove lose fat or skin, resulting in reshaped and smooth inner/outer thighs
• Helps patients to attain their ideal body goal with improved and tighter thighs.
• Enables the patients to regain confidence in their body with a successful thigh lift surgery in Bangalore

Cost of Thigh Lift in Bangalore

Usually, the cost of thigh lift will vary depending on the surgeon and the clinic you choose, your geographic location, and the type of thigh lift surgery you undergo. In addition, the cost may also differ on various other factors like prescribed medication, lab tests, medical facilities, anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, specialized garments provided during surgery and more. Our expert thigh lift surgeon in Bangalore will be the best person to furnish relevant details about the involved cost.

Our Services

We provide you with the best of facilities in our clinic. Feel free to contact our thigh lift surgeon and be at the receiving end of our advanced surgery equipment, hospitable nursing staff, well-equipped operating room and above all, the highly experienced thigh lift surgeon. Our skilled and consummate thigh lift surgeon will ensure a noteworthy thigh lift on your body.

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    • The famous Bangalore clinic sources cutting edge technology, operated by skilled technicians. It was founded by Dr. Karishma Kagodu to offer cost-effective treatments that enhance the appearance.
    • All the surgeries are safe and hassle - free.
    • Dr. Karishma customizes the treatments according to the patient’s requirements, hence ensuring the best care for the patient.
    • The clinic comprises industry best lasers for tattoo removal(Q - Plus Evo),
      hair removal(Ice Platinum) and other procedures.
    • We provide Precision Body Contouring through Vaser Lipo
    • Our experts leverage Energi - Fractional CO2, the innovative laser
      for surgical and energy - based laser devices
    • We offer Silk-peel, a dermal infusion technique for skin resurfacing of our non-invasive treatments
    • Our surgical treatments involve the use of modern equipment, operated by expert surgeons and trained technicians
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