Blepharoplasty Surgeons


Blepharoplasty is one of the commonly performed facial processes on a global basis. Cosmetic lower eyelid Blepharoplasty will involve surgery to remove or reposition fat under the eyes. If necessary, there might be some removal procedure for tightening any of the redundant skin on the lower eyelid. The main goal of this surgical procedure is to rejuvenate the area around your eyes, thus ensuring an overall youthful and rested appearance on the face.

As no two sets of eyes are the same, no two surgeries are the same either. Blepharoplasty must always be tailor-made to match the aesthetic desires of every patient, along with some unique features to procure the best cosmetic results. It will need a keen and experienced surgeon to have an artistic understanding of what beautiful eyes actually look like.

Adept surgery skills are a major prerequisite to reposition, remove or tighten the eyelid skin and fat. Hence, your surgeon must have an in-depth knowledge about the eyelid’s architecture. He should possess a deep understanding of the functions of eyelids.

In addition, make sure that he is knowledgeable enough to recognize the right time to remove or reposition fat. Indeed, information about the right time to combine lower Blepharoplasty with some other processes like cheek lift or mid-facelift or even upper Blepharoplasty or canthoplasty is of high importance.



Tips for finding the best Blepharoplasty surgeon:

Blepharoplasty can help remove extra skin and fat deposits from around eye areas. This procedure is pretty common among the masses because of cosmetic reasons mostly. But, in some other instances, the extra fat must be removed for improving the functions of the eyes. During such instances, the overhanging eyelid skin will be surgically removed.

The same procedure can be used for removing extra muscles from the upper and lower eyelids. By removing the extra puffy eye bags and lid skin, Blepharoplasty will help a person look younger, more energized, and fresh. Some of the best Blepharoplasty surgeons are working in India and carrying out the technique in an apt manner so that people can get highly benefitted from it. But, there are some evaluations to be done prior to surgery.

The importance of pre-surgery instructions:

Some tips are available to find the best Blepharoplasty surgeon working in India. You must know about those surgeons first to know more about pre-surgery details. During this form of consultation, the patient and the surgeon will discuss everything about the procedure in detail and what to be expected from it.

  • Any queries and concerns by the patient can be easily settled amicably if you have selected the best surgeon for help.
  • The surgeon further understands why the patient is currently opting for the treatment. For that, a thorough examination will be on its way to determine the exact condition of the upper or lower eyelids or both.
  • On the other hand, the patient must mention anything related to their allergies or any previous health condition. It will include any cosmetic surgery that they might have undertaken earlier so that the surgeon gets to plan it accordingly.

The value associated with physical examination:

After completing the pre-surgery instructions, the best Blepharoplasty surgeons in India will offer a detailed physical examination of the said patient. If your selected surgeon provided the same deal, then you are on the right track.

  • Any extra skin in the upper or lower eyelid, excessive fat, physical skin-related issues near the eyes, and status of the connective tissues are well examined first. It helps the Blepharoplasty surgeons to find the exact condition to determine the surgery.
  • In some instances, for checking ptosis presence, the Blepharoplasty surgeon will ask the patients to measure the width of the palpebral fissure and the distance of the margin reflex.
  • To find out more about the prevalence of brow ptosis, the Blepharoplasty surgeon will examine the eyebrow’s condition as well.

Working on some of the other tests:

People in need of Blepharoplasty surgery usually look for some tips to find help from the best surgeon in India. It is because of the tests that the best surgeons in India can help you with, based on the Blepharoplasty surgery. Some of the tests like visual field testing can help to establish the ultimate need for Blepharoplasty surgery rather effectively.

  • Visual field testing takes place by checking out superior visual fields. In case the problem in the given field is of moderate category, you might not need Blepharoplasty surgery.
  • Apart from the physical exams, some such visual tests will help you to establish the present need for Blepharoplasty surgery. Only experienced surgeons can help you know more about the right tests to deal with.

For a proper Blepharoplasty surgery, evaluation is pretty vital because this surgery is dealing with one of the primary organs of the human body, the eyes. So, a careful examination needs to be carried out, and that is only possible in the hands of a reputed and trusted surgeon. So, it is always better to choose the best name for this purpose.

Talking about the good age for Blepharoplasty:

According to some of the medical groups and associations, over 90% of patients seeking Blepharoplasty will be over 40 years of age. Most of these segments will have people over 55 years of age. However, patients with naturally hooded eyes seek Blepharoplasty surgery at early ages, in their 20s and 30s. Some young patients, like 25 years of age, can get the surgery covered, along with 65 years old ones as well!

The common reasons behind sagging skin around eyes:

It is obviously with aging that the natural eyelid starts to sag. With passing time, the supportive skin structures will normally keep the skin from breaking down. Collagen is the main protein for such stretched-out structures. As the production of collagen starts to slow down with growing age, the skin starts losing its underlying framework. It leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin surrounding the eye portions.

Aging further has other effects like shrinkage of fat pockets, migration, and more. When the skin starts losing its volume, then that is a signal to give Blepharoplasty surgeon a call. Checking out their credentials first before a final say is a smart decision from your side.