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Are You Aware of these Breast Implant Surgery Risks?

Are You Aware of these Breast Implant Surgery Risks?

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Modifications are an inevitable term of life. The growing technology has indeed connected all of us beyond borders but the...

Modifications are an inevitable term of life. The growing technology has indeed connected all of us beyond borders but the inkling for comparison has once again striked. To have a D or not is a question every woman contemplates when it comes to discussing her breast size. The constant visibility of pop culture is one in the charts that has a huge influential role in this context. 

Nevertheless, while women often do not mind opting for the surgery, they should also make up their mind for the risks that it accompanies. Connecting with an experienced plastic surgeon would be the right move to find out if you are the right candidate for breast implant surgery. It will also disclose whether your body is strong enough to withstand the associated surgery risks and side effects.

So, if you too wish to have bigger breasts the information included in this blog will prove helpful.  


Reasons to opt for Breast Implants

Abiding by the stats from American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast implant surgery remained one of the top five cosmetic procedures performed alone in the USA during 2020-2021. This itself speaks about the importance of breast implants in the modern day society where the females want bigger and rounder breasts to please themselves more than making their spouses happy. Besides, many more reasons can prompt you to go under the knife for this surgery, such as: 

  • For modeling alterations
  • Health issues like extra large breasts causing backache
  • Sagging of breasts to an unhealthy amount
  • Extreme cases like flat chest

However, you should know that having breast implants is not the key to happiness. You should be comfortable and satisfied with the way your body is turning out. If you do need an increase in your chest sizes, here is all you need to know about the process. In any case, you should remain prepared for the risks involved with this surgery.  


Some Facts about Breast Implant Surgery

Here are some of the common aspects of breast implant surgery that you should know about:

  • Surgeons perform this procedure by placing implants behind breast tissue and chest muscle. 
  • The sac for the implant is filled with salt water or silicone.
  • It will be a pain free surgery on the insertion of general anesthesia.
  • The natural skin fold of the breast is the targeted area.
  • Surgeons usually take the skin from the three main areas:
  • Under the forearm
  • Edge of areola or nipple
  • Near your belly button

Your board certified surgeon will be the best person to give you a better insight into this surgery and the associated facts.   


Risk Factors Associated with Breast Implant Surgery

Just like any other surgery, this cosmetic pleasure surgery also involves several risk factors. Hence, if you are planning to go for one soon, keep these three things in mind:

  • You will end up spending considerable amount
  • The surgery can turn out to be complicated and risky
  • There is no 100% assurance for healthy breasts after surgery
  • Implants are not permanent and would require their removal/replacement after a few years

This is in no way a discouragement but a clean chit for total transparency. Now, going back to stats, there is no execution risk as shown for the past records. Though there have been benefits of this surgery, it could still go the other way. 

Knowing about the risks that you may face during and after the surgery will help you to make well-informed decisions.   


Are you the right candidate for breast implants?

The candidates opting for this surgery should be aware that around 20% of women undergoing it would need to opt for the removal of implants within 8-10 years. Failure to undergo removal or replacement may tend the breast to become saggy and generate wrinkles. 

Moreover, the implants are likely to obstruct breast-feeding due to the manipulation of milk-producing glands and the breast tissues during the surgery. This makes it a strict ‘No’ for women who are 

  • Planning to have children 
  • Are pregnant or 
  • Already breast-feeding their kids

So make sure that you decide to opt for breast implant surgery wisely. Discussing about your current health condition and your plans with your surgeon will be helpful to decide the best move. Notably, pregnancy can alleviate breasts significantly due to breast milk pumping so you might not need breast implant surgery at all after the delivery. 


Types of Breast Implant Surgery Complications

Getting a breast implant poses several complications. Let's know more about them in detail.

Short-term complications

These issues can surface either during or after the surgery. They are usually not complex and might just be the body's way of adjusting. If you feel a little bleeding and tightness in the area, visiting your surgeon would be advisable. 

Long-term complications

It happens after a significant amount of time has passed after the surgery. They may include fatal symptoms like hardening of the implant, rupture, and leaks. Please be aware that breast implant surgery is not a one-time thing. One after the other, you have to make countless trips to the surgeon solely for maintenance purposes. 

Issues with breast lift surgery

Did you know that breast implant surgery only increases or decreases the size of chesticles? Therefore, if you have sagging breasts, you might have to get another surgery to make them look presentable. You can discuss with your surgeon about combining both of them to reduce the load.

Additional efforts and side effects

Though breast implants are popular and durable, more time with implants results in multiple other surgeries to see through complications. Additional surgeries include implant removal or replacement and repositioning an implant.

The type and size of the implant is likely to have a significant impact on:

  • The amount of pain caused
  • Future visualization of your breasts 
  • The appearance of breasts with respect to your health
  • Risks for leaking or implant breaking

Some side effects you might notice are: 

  • Temporary pain
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Unnatural tightness in the breasts

Since it is always better to be safe than sorry, we would advise you to visit a surgeon if problems persist in the long run.  


After surgery complications

The most common after-surgical complications you might experience include:

  • Rupture in the place of implants
  • Noticeable creases and folds
  • The thin covering on the implant or rippling
  • Infection that will result in a removal
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Hardening of breast tissue 
  • Scarring which doesn't fade
  • Dissatisfied with results
  • Nipple nerve damage

Most of the stated conditions result in a re operation or removal of the implant. It would be good to follow all the guidelines of your surgeon carefully for a successful management of surgery.  


Implant Types You Might Come Across

Not all the implant types might suit you for health reasons and hence, you must have a trustable chest of options to choose from. 

Selecting the best implant type

The surgeon can suggest the best implant type after doing a careful examination of the patient’s anatomical features, which include:

  • Height and Weight
  • Shape and size of chest wall
  • Shape and volume of the breast
  • characteristics of soft tissues and the skin

Usually, patients having a tight skin may have more choices for breast implant selection. Just the opposite, there may occur problems in choosing the right implants for patients who have suffered a heavy weight loss. This is because extensive loss of weight can affect the body tissues and skin adversely. 

Here is more on the different types of breast implants that the surgeon might suggest for your breasts.

Silicone gel implants

It is naturally the most common and chosen implant type. You will find several products in this specialized area with the use of silicone. They will have wrinkle less than saline implants and can reduce the risk for implant rotation or scar deepening effectively. However, these implants also accompany several risks. For example, a silicone gel implant has a possibility of spreading into breasts and causing ' silicone granulomas'. 

Saline solution implants

A fancier and safer version of salt water, these implant types are safe to absorb by the body if there exists any chance of a rupture. As the solution will leak out, the detection is easier as well. It will reflect a noticeable size difference in the surgical breast. However, saline solution implants are often less firm than silicone ones and hence, are more prone to wrinkling and folding.  

Detecting complications

Experiencing several symptoms might indicate mild to major complications in your implants, like:

  • Redness around affected region
  • Unusual and painful swelling that is persistent
  • Unbearable burning sensation 
  • Asymmetrical shapes and sizes
  • Pain in breast or nipple area
  • Substance losing of breast tissue
  • Skin thinning
  • Calcium lumps under breast
  • Deformity of chest wall
  • Breaking down of skin in place of implant
  • Any cut that ceases to heal properly
  • Toxic shock syndrome
  • A hole in implant 

All these symptoms might seem normal and basic but you should be aware of their severity. Even a slight lapse could prove detrimental to your health, so act wisely. 


Wrapping Up

Women consider breast implants to have their breasts fit the ideal cosmetic shape and size. It is necessary that you should have an idea of the things you are putting yourself in. The procedure and any potential risks research will ensure that a woman can make the most informed decision about whether to get breast implants or not.

A wrong decision might put your present as well as your future at stake. For instance, if you are planning for a baby, this might not be for you. Breast implant surgery is a potential interference in breastfeeding nourishment of the baby as well. Hence seeking advice of a board certified plastic surgeon would be good before reaching any conclusion.

In case you face any problem with your implants or somewhere in the operated area, an immediate medical intervention is necessary. Visiting your surgeon would be the ideal approach in this regard. Hence, if you were aspiring to acquire a voluptuous figure, opting for breast implant surgery would be a suggested move. But you should be aware that the procedure entails its respective risks and side effects, so all we suggest you is to be cautious and approach only the best plastic surgeon for a successful surgeon.