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Can Fat return after Liposuction?

Can Fat return after Liposuction?

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Liposuction is the process of removing additional fat from the body to help you get a fat free figure. The...

Liposuction is the process of removing additional fat from the body to help you get a fat free figure. The results will not be that miraculous, still you will be thinner than earlier. Despite positive results, most people express apprehensions about this treatment, suspecting the return of fat after the liposuction. If you too have the same concerns and are two-minded whether or not to go for this minimally invasive cosmetic surgical treatment, then don’t be. This is because the liposuction results are permanent and lifelong, irrespective of the method you opt for. 

Targeted treatment areas

All the prevalent liposuction techniques intend at eliminating fat cells from the targeted areas of the human body. These may include the portions of your body that cease to respond to your gym or dieting regime, like abdomen, upper arms, tummy, buttocks, thighs, hips, calves, ankles, neck, chin, etc. At times, people also choose this treatment to deal with gynecomastia or for breast reduction.

The plastic surgeon uses a an  aspirator and cannula to suction out the additional fat cells from any of these targeted areas. Interestingly, the results post treatment will remain intact and hence the treatment is a widely preferred one among people who fail to curb those extra pounds through dieting and regular exercising. The question, ‘can fat return after liposuction’ remains unanswered even now. Let’s find out!

The fate of fat post liposuction

The liposuction treatment cannot impose a total ban on the production of fat cells inside your body. That’s the bitter truth, but it all depends on your choice – whether you want to retain your toned and fat free body or let the fat to make a comeback. Much depends on the weight you gain after the treatment. The scenarios below shall clear the mist. 

Case 1

Suppose you weighed 80 Kgs (176 lbs.) before going for the procedure and liposuction removed 7 kgs (15.4 lbs.) of your fat. If after the operation, you are able to maintain your weight at 73 kg (approx. 165 lbs.) or something below that, fat cannot return. 

Case 2

In another instance, suppose post-lipo weight gain has soared to 4 kgs (approx. 9lbs.), but it is still less than the fat removed. In any such situation, fat cells will be bigger, but you will retain the enhanced body shape gained after liposuction. This is because the portion of the body that underwent the treatment has lesser fat cells due to an even fat growth throughout your body.

Case 3 

If you have gained weight in excess, say around 10% of your body weight that you had prior to liposuction, you will start developing new fat cells in the untreated areas. Since the production of fat will be in proportion throughout your body, it will not accumulate in the treatment area. Therefore, if you have already undergone this treatment, you will still appear far more appealing than other fat gainers who are yet to opt for the treatment.

The hassles

Despite the fact that weight gain can have lesser toll on your health and appearance, it is advisable to curb your weight beyond a certain limit. Especially, if you remain inactive even after undergoing liposuction, excess weight could leave you with severe health risks because the fat may reappear as visceral fat. As you might know, visceral fat accumulates around different organs of the body, hence leading to rise in the threats of heart disease, diabetes, etc.

How to combat the entry of fat post liposuction?

All you need is to be active and maintain a fat free body after the treatment. Your healthy lifestyle, which comprises balanced diet and regular workouts holds the key to an impressive body. Besides, adhering to salient tips could also help you sustain the results of liposuction. One that is important is to keep your body on a fixed weight, and try your best not to exceed it anyway. 

Also follow these-

  • Obey your surgeon: Adhere strictly to all the post-lipo instructions given by your cosmetic surgeon 
  • No calories: Minimize the consumption of calories as much as possible. 
  • Complete and proper diet: Balanced diet comprising carbohydrates and proteins in prescribed quantity is good to have  
  • Hydrate yourself: Make sure to drink lot of water. The idea is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • Embrace Meal Delay:  Avoid heavy, oily and fatty feasts. Instead, try savoring on comparably smaller meals, but never skip your diet.
  • Keep exercising: Carry on with your workouts, they will help to keep you in the best of shapes, hence setting you free from additional fat after liposuction.

The bottomline

Liposuction is a recommended treatment to set you free from excess fat that refuses to cut down despite your regular exercise and prescribed diet. Immaterial of the type of liposuction you undergo, you can expect the results to be long lasting as the fat once removed ceases to reproduce. Still, if you do not care for your body after the treatment, the fat in the untreated area would continue to grow. This could cause your body to acquire unappealing shape yet again. At the worst, you might also fall prey to threatening diseases like heart disorders, diabetes and more. 

Hence, the main point here is to maintain your weight and do every possible effort to avoid it going beyond a certain limit. It could be regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating fat free diets or anything else. You have experienced the treatment on your body and you surely won’t let it all go in vain with weight gain. Would you?