Buccal Fat Removal Cost


A cheek fat reduction or buccal fat removal surgery plays a major role in improving the present facial features. The procedure improves the V-line face shape from its O version. The surgeon performing this surgery works to accentuate the facial feature and removes extra fat from the lower cheek line. Overall, the surgery helps in detracting the V-line face shape as it might make the mid-face look a bit wider. Interacting with the surgeon face-to-face will help you know the cost of the surgery the better way.

This cheek reduction process helps to define your cheekbone the better way, thus enabling your face to have that chiseled look. A widely performed removal procedure, it is a highly individualized one. Surgeons perform it after taking note of the size variation of the buccal fat pad with the concerned individual. When executed with expertise, it addresses the worries of the patient regarding chubby cheeks.

It takes around 30 minutes to complete the entire buccal fat removal procedure. At first, the plastic surgeon will administer local anesthesia to lower the pain level in a patient. After the effects of anesthesia wear off, patients might feel mild to moderate pain for the initial few days. If the pain becomes unbearable, the surgeon might offer some pain-killers for the same. The success rate of Buccal Fat Removal surgery is high, and the patients might have to stay in the hospital for just one night.

The cost of buccal fat removal surgery in India depends on various factors combined together. These include the selection of the surgeon, the setup where you undergo the treatment, the number of sessions taken to perform the surgery, medical facilities and equipment used and so on. To get detailed info about the involved cost, a direct interaction with the plastic surgeon would be advisable.


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The factors affecting the cost of Buccal Fat Removal surgery:

There are certain factors, which will finally affect the cost of Buccal Fat Removal surgery. Getting those points jotted down beforehand will always be a good call.

  • Profile of the patient:
  • The patient’s profile will include the extent of the persistent issue and the type of surgery that needs to be done. It depends on the expectations that the patient has along with the facial structure, goal of surgery, and patient’s general health.

  • Profile of the surgeon:
  • The first choice when it comes to Buccal Fat Removal surgery is always the board-certified surgeon. If that surgeon specializes in cheek reduction, then that’s a plus point. The MBBS surgeon with expertise in surgical performance and high recognition in various international and national cosmetic centers will always be the first choice. And those surgeons will have a higher fee bucket.

  • The charges associated with anesthetists:

The anesthesiologist will make this surgical procedure painless. He is the one to monitor your vital parameters during the surgery. So, his experience is really important for a safe surgical procedure. So, make sure to keep your budget extended for his fees as well.

  • The center’s infrastructure:
  • It is vital to choose an accredited cosmetic surgery center in place of daycare centers for a safe and successful Buccal Fat Removal surgery. The accredited center will be accounted for its safety and hygiene-related to the surgical procedure. The level of sterilization, operation monitoring equipment, and advanced technology for the procedure will add up to the surgery cost.

  • The stay in hospitals and the medication costs:
  • Most of the time, the patients might be admitted for one day just to see how well they are able to cope up with the Buccal Fat Removal surgery. So, this hospital stay will add up more to the medical bill in the end. The facilities of the in-suite room with hygiene, cleanliness, and staff support system will determine the final cost of it all. Even the medicines will add to the costing list, like surgical medicine, anesthesia, consumables, and disposable items.

    Be sure to check out these points and finally get to determine the exact rate for covering Buccal Fat Removal surgery, from the start till the end. You might have to go for some follow-up sessions post-surgery, which will add more zeros to the medical bill.