Buccal Fat Removal Surgeons


Buccal pad generally refers to the pads of fat found in cheeks. They can make your face look unnaturally round, and people often do not want such an appearance. Moreover, the fat might travel downwards with growing age, which will make your face saggy. Hence, removal of the buccal pad fat tissues from your cheek calls for some serious help.

Reputed buccal fat removal surgeons in India can help you to get a toned, more proportional and symmetrical face. They will remove the unnecessary fat molecules from your cheeks to tighten up your skin. As a result, you get a slimmer and more attractive face. Looking for finding an experienced, board certified and qualified surgeon is therefore of utmost significance.


Reasons why buccal fat is done:

There are multiple times when you need the services like Buccal Fat Removal to give your face that symmetrical look. There are some reasons behind getting one, and the reputed Buccal Fat Removal surgeon might help you know the answers to it.

  • In case you have too much fat on both cheeks, which gives you an O-shaped or non-proportionate face, then buccal fat removal is the procedure for you.
  • Furthermore, if you are getting odd-looking and protruding curves in your cheeks while smiling, then waste no time further and get Buccal Fat Removal right now!
  • In case you plan for facial liposuction, and the result provided you with almost negligible face slimming, then Buccal Fat Removal is the only option left for you to address.
  • There are times when you are planning to get a slimmer face but don’t want the cheeks to sag after you lose excess fat. For that treatment, Buccal Fat Removal is the best surgical process to move forward with.

Ways to prepare for Buccal Fat Removal procedure:

There are some steps that every patient needs to follow before moving forward with the Buccal Fat Removal surgery. You can ask well-trained surgeons in India to help you with the preparation before you go under the knife. But first, you have to consult only a board-certified plastic surgeon for the treatment and other necessary information.

  • The surgeon will prescribe some major blood tests before moving forward with the Buccal Fat Removal procedure. Make sure to follow those routines and get the tests done.
  • The reputed surgeon will also prescribe proper medications or can further adjust the current ones you are going through. These adjustments take place depending on your body’s present condition and the after-effect of the surgery.
  • Whether you are a chain smoker or an occasional one, you better stop smoking completely if you want to get buccal fat removed from your cheeks. It forms a mandatory part of this treatment.
  • Make sure to avoid all kinds of medicines which are not prescribed by the surgeon, for example, all the anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin. These kinds of medicines can increase the chances of bleeding while the surgery is undergoing.
  • Never ever take any recreational drugs like cocaine. Reputed surgeons will be able to explain the reason behind it.
  • Be sure to arrange for a driver to take you home after the surgery. You can even ask someone, like a family member or friend, to be with you in case you need to get admitted for the night.

How to choose a surgeon for the Buccal Fat Removal procedure?

Choosing the reputed and right surgeon is vital for a successful Buccal Fat Removal procedure. The trick associated with good results is mainly to conservatively reduce fat pad. With growing age, facial fat levels will start to change. At this point, the conservative approach will ensure an aesthetically pleasing look, now and even in the near future.

  • Choosing a proper surgeon with an appropriate understanding of facial anatomy and experience in performing the procedure is really important.
  • Look for a surgeon with triple-board certification under his sleeves. Such names are considered to be the top plastic surgeons within the area.
  • The inexperienced surgeon might remove way too much fat from your cheeks, which will cause the face to develop that hallow appearance, mainly when you get older. So, it is better to avoid that in the first place.
  • Be sure to talk to your surgeon regarding the technique and then ask how the results might change in recent and even in the distant future.
  • A reputed plastic surgeon’s philosophy will always revolve around the compassionate form of patient care and attention to detail. So, make sure to check out these points before finalizing on the surgeon for the Buccal Fat Removal procedure.
  • A reputed surgeon is always respected by his peers and colleagues. He is able to work diligently to reveal the patient’s unique and natural beauty.

So, try to focus on these points if you are out in the venture to select the best Buccal Fat Removal surgeon for the first time. Going through each one of these points and also checking out the credentials of the licensed surgeon will help you to come up with the best choice.

The preparations you need to focus at:

During that initial consultation period with your surgeon, always remain prepared with all your medical history, along with the details of present medical conditions. In case you are suffering from any allergies or taking some drugs right now, be sure to mention those points to the surgeon as well. A reliable surgeon will always discuss the expectations from Buccal Fat Removal surgery. He will not waste his time and will physically examine your cheeks to see if this surgery is the ultimate solution to go for.

Based on these particular factors, the surgeon will end up deciding the right kind of surgery for your current condition. Moreover, the surgeon will thoroughly discuss the entire treatment plan with the patients and their families, along with the treatment’s cost and some preparations before and after the surgery takes place.

Head on with the accredited ones:

Always stay prepared to select the accredited surgeons for the Buccal Fat Removal procedure. This way, you will be pretty sure to remain in safe hands while undergoing this surgery. It takes time to find the best surgeon in all over India, but it is worth it.