Gynecomastia Cost


The cost of gynecomastia surgery solely depends on the complexity of the treatment and the current condition of the patient. India houses some of the best clinics in all its metropolitan cities, where you can get treatments for man boobs within your pre-set rates.

For best results, you should check out the fastest growing cosmetic surgery clinics, which have served multiple patients successfully every year. The main goal of these centers is to offer excellent treatment procedures within cost-effective rates.

Talking about the cost of gynecomastia surgery in India, it relies on several factors. These may include the fees of the surgeon, the charges of the clinic, and more. For a better insight into the cost, feel free to contact our expert gynecomastia surgeon.


Choosing the right surgeon for Rhinoplasty

The basic reasons behind costing differences:

Before starting with this procedure, you should understand that gynecomastia surgery is one form of cosmetic surgery. So, it will need special surgeons with proper skills to cover the surgical procedure. The surgery cost highly depends on varied practices and to the level in which the surgery needs to be performed. In some instances, patients might end up with differences in cost with the same surgical practice. To determine the right cost, you should be sure to check out the below mentioned points first.

  • First of all, you have the location. This location will actually reflect the entire cost of the surgery. It pretty much depends on the living cost at geographical locations. For example, getting man boob treatment in Chennai or Mumbai will cost you a lot when compared to Jaipur and Agra.
  • Now, you need to focus on the fee of the cosmetic surgeon as well. It is yet another major component to determine the final cost of the gynecomastia surgery. Surgeons are highly skilled and mastered and they have various levels of experiences. So, the higher the qualification gets, the experience turns out to be better. Along with good experience, be prepared to spend more money.
  • The last stop is the nature of the surgery to be performed for your man boob removal procedure. It depends on your current body structure and condition. If this is a minor surgery, then you don’t have to pay much. However, you can’t say the same with the bigger surgical procedures as well. Not just the surgery’s nature but to what extent it must be performed is another driving factor, based on the cost.

Generally speaking, the cost of man boob surgery will be ranging from 65,000 rupees to 95,000+ rupees. It depends on the amount of fat that the surgeon has to remove from patient’s body. Sometimes, while removing a huge chunk of fatty molecules, surgeon has to use the sculpting technique to its maximum. Even some methods will need proper use of technology. All these points will help to determine the final cost of the surgery. There are some other miscellaneous expenses added to it.

A prior consultation period is important:

Remember that a proper consultation period is highly necessary, when it comes to gynecomastia surgery in India. In this consultation period, the doctor will have a look at the patients and will ask them to run down some tests. The main reason is to check the present condition of the man boobs and the amount of fat to be removed for giving that flat chest-like look. Depending on the technique and modern technologies to be used, surgeons will give you a general idea of the amount you need to invest for this surgical method.

Catch up with experts only:

Be sure to do your part of research and end up with the best gynecomastia surgeon over here. The more you research, the better options you are likely to get in here. Depending on the type of condition patient’s has for the man boob’s growth the surgical process will differ along with the price of it as well.