Gynecomastia Surgeon


Colloquially known as moobs or man boobs, the condition of gynecomastia often shrinks the confidence of men and demotivates them heavily. They are bound to face mockery and at times, made a laughing stock due to their unusually big boobs.

This condition is preventable in some instances like areas, where it is induced by bad lifestyle or fat deposition. Still, you cannot opine the same for several cases, which might arise because of gland hypertrophy or hormonal imbalances.

Immaterial of the cause, gynecomastia eventually leads to constant embarrassment if left not treated for a long time. Therefore, surgery is the best and effective treatment for man boobs. You should not think twice before going under the knife to say final goodbye to moobs.

But the important thing is to know about the clinic from where you should undergo your surgery the surgeon who will be performing it. The success of such treatments can go a long way in boosting your self-confidence. Hence, choosing the best gynecomastia surgeon with a proven track would be an advisable move to get away with this condition.

Dr. Kulwant Bhangoo

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The basic steps to watch out for:

India houses some of the best cosmetic surgery centres in here. All the metropolitan cities are noted to have the best surgeons, with years of experience and high end skills, to perform man boob surgery in a steady manner. However, it is mandatory to choose the best among the lot as you are about to spend quite some money for the treatment. So, be sure to select the right surgeon, after checking out some of the basic points mentioned below.

  • Always be sure to check out the surgeon’s experience and credentials first. You can easily come across their basic details on internet.Depending on the preliminary details you could possibly find, you can easily probe into the matter further.
  • Be sure to get access to the before and after images of previous patients the surgeon has worked with in the past. What you see will give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the surgeon out there. It will also provide you with the rates that you might have to spend for the surgery.
  • Furthermore, be sure to research on the latest advancements and the surgery methods associated with the gynecomastia treatment. Later, you have to verify the same with the surgeon you are planning to work with.
  • Check out with the clinic to see if these centres have all the proper and latest equipment associated with the latest treatments.
  • Past patients are always glad to share their real experiences with the upcoming patients. They will talk about everything, right from the surgeon and his work to the care they got from the clinics. So, ask them about their experience before proceeding further and finalizing on one move.
  • Be sure to enquire well about the post-surgery support that the surgeons and their teams will offer you with. After the surgery is done and successfully completed, you need to have some post-surgery treatments as well.
  • Here, you will be taught about the caring techniques when you head back at home and the check-up period from time to time. In case, your selected clinic is not providing any of the after-care treatment, then you better start looking for other names in the market. Providing post-surgery treatment is a generic practice available within gynecomastia surgery.

If you can perform background check on the surgeon diligently, it will help you gain confidence in their abilities. You can be sure that your man boob treatment is in safe hands and will happen much like a breeze.

Risk of selecting any wrong surgeon:

In case, you are unlucky enough to have selected the wrong surgeon for man boob treatment, then you are likely to have higher risks of side effects, when the surgery is done. Check out the worst case scenario, which you can face from making a wrong decision.

  • You might end up with the breast shape irregularities, making you look worse than before.
  • Excessive bleeding is another major effect of choosing a wrong or unskilled surgeon for the treatment.
  • There might be unwanted changes in the nipples, which you don’t want. But, it might happen if you select the wrong gynecomastia surgeon.
  • Infection can be one dangerous outcome, which needs to be treated as soon as possible. If not, it might lead to fatal diseases.
  • There might be a risk of excessive use of anaesthesia if you choose a wrong surgeon. Too much of anaesthesia can lead to disastrous results, such as brain damage or heart failure.
  • Remember that bad surgical moves can lead to the death of breast tissue. It will later cause infection and some serious diseases.
  • You might further end up with damaged nerve, blood vessels, any form of muscles or lungs.

So, remember to get along with the best gynecomastia surgeon in India and keep these issues at bay. Depending on your present condition, the treatment will differ, along with the rates for it.

Training process matters a lot:

Whenever you are making plans to select any rhinoplasty surgeon in India, you might want to check if the selected person is well-trained to cover the task on your behalf. The person needs to be certified, accredited and must be able to follow some of the highest safety standards while performing nose job on you.

Apart from that, the person in question must also work on his cleanliness. He should have good reviews under his belt, which shows the kind of job they are able to provide. The surgeons are here to understand your surgical goals well. They are able to explain all the possible options, which you have or need, with all kinds of potential complications and risks to cover.

Checking on with the cost:

If this is your first time looking for gynecomastia surgeon in India, remember to focus on the cost of the service. Not all doctors will charge you with a hefty amount. Some of them might also provide discounted rates on their surgery for a certain period of time. The main goal in here is to gain people’s trust and make the service easily available for the masses. So, watch out for those deals and get the treatment covered within your pre-set budget.

  • The surgeon needs to be certified and further accredited by state or nationally recognized boards’ like the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and more.
  • The surgeon should have proper training and qualifications for performing this surgery.
  • He needs to be specially trained in this field of nose reshaping. Their years of training will speak a lot about their treatments.
  • These credentials can always be targeted as major markers, which will signal that you can trust the liposuction surgeon to be well qualified and highly trained for performing the procedure.

These steps are mainly crucial for detecting the best liposuction surgeon because some of the untrained doctors are considering them to be experts these days. So, to keep away from these people, it is better to watch out for the credentials first.

Always study the surgeon’s approach and style:

Apart from the medical knowledge and training, the liposuction surgery will need some levels of artistry as well. As every person’s body is unique, the best liposuction surgeon will have a consultation period with the patient first to judge his or her bodily structure first. Then, they are going to focus on the right aesthetic goals, which will be tailor-made to match the treatment to unique situation.

Also check out the centre:

  • A proficient liposuction surgery will need the surgeon to customize treatment to the given needs and situation.
  • So, take your time to review the gallery of patient cases of the doctors first and his before and after set of photos for getting a proper sampling of his work. Be sure to look for some of the excellent results as well.
  • When the time comes for consultation, do not hesitate to ask for some of the added pictures, patient testimonials and case studies.
  • Some of the patient reviews on patient forums can offer you with some honest feedback from patients, based on experience with any potential liposuction surgeon.

Check out the facility for sure:

An accommodating and accredited facility is yet another major factor to look for, while choosing any plastic surgeon. As liposuction surgeries are quite detailed procedures and need multiple surgical tools and equipment, it is vital to ensure that the clinic has the facility to hold some of the highest standard of surgeries with utmost patient care, safety and high-end quality.

Apart from the points mentioned already, don’t forget to check the centre with which the surgeon is associated. If that centre has good reputation from previous patients, then enrolling your name for it will be a good call to make. The surgeon will start the procedure with a detailed analysis, and then will determine the right surgical means for gynecomastia. Believe in your surgeons to get best treatments.