Hair Transplant Surgeons


People nowadays prefer opting for hair transplantation in large numbers to get away with their hair loss miseries. To help them execute this much desired purpose, several hair transplant centers have mushroomed. Therefore, you need to be quite vigilant while selecting the best one.

Everyone wants long and lustrous locks to change their look. But, due to premature baldness, they often find it daunting to fulfill their dreams. Currently, people are facing numerous of such hair loss issues.

Hair transplantation is a widely practiced surgical method to remedy this situation. It involves extracting hair from the fertile zones of the head or other body parts and placing it on the thinning hairline to keep the natural look intact.

It is vital to procure hair transplant surgery from an experienced and well-trained hair surgeon, who holds dexterity in offering a natural look. Hence, approaching the best hair transplant surgeon in India is equally important. Be sure to check out for the best centers and get in touch with only the skilled surgeons who could solve your hair loss problem with perfection.


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Factors to consider while selecting one hair transplant clinic:

A proficient hair transplant clinic depends on a lot of factors. It is vital to pinpoint every portion of it, just to ensure a better selection when the right time comes.

  • Experience of the doctor:

Be sure to check out the experience of the doctor first, who is associated with the hair transplant surgery. Not all doctors are well-trained in covering a hair transplant surgery. So, the learning curve to cover a transplant surgery is pretty steep.

With some of the recent advancements in the field of FUE techniques, even one experienced doctor who is following older concepts and do not update himself with latest techniques, will be a bad choice to make. So, you need to find one with minimum 10 years of experience under his belt in hair transplant surgery and also quite updated with the present concepts.

  • Checking on doctor’s credentials:

The major factor to consider is the credential or the surgeon doing the hair transplant surgery on you. You certainly won’t want anyone to start working on hair transplant, without any basic surgical training. Being a doctor is not enough as you need to specialize in the hair transplant science before working with patients on the surgical level. Patients must be careful to find out who the doctor actually is and more about the centre he is working with. Be sure to have a direct meeting with him first and get your condition evaluated prior the surgical procedure. Do not get scammed by people, who are not even doctors!

  • Friendliness of the staff members:

Whenever you are visiting a reputed hair transplant clinic, you will definitely be greeted by cheerful face. No matter how bad the hair line condition is, they will greet you with a warm smile. They are more than eager to know more about the doubts that you have and provide the much needed answer. Reliable medical centres are able to answer all your queries. Even if you have any questions already in mind, ask them and get proper answer in the end.

So, for the first step, make sure to check whether the person you are talking to, is able to clear your doubts or not. Taking time to explain the hair transplant method in detail is one sign of significant hair transplant centre.

Artistic experienced of the surgeon:

It is mandatory for the hair transplant surgeons to have aesthetic expertise in order to place the grafts as per patient’s age, profile and gender. The hair restoration procedure is noted to be 60% artistic skills and other scientific approaches. The main goal is to create a proper hairline design and then start implanting the graft on the bald spots. For that, you will definitely need perfect artistic skills which only a hair transplant specialist can perform.

During the current implantation procedure, the hair surgeon’s main duty is to provide patients with the most natural follicle unit or graph. It will provide the most natural appearance. Hairline design is one aesthetic factor, which is to be done at the right direction and angle. It is vital for placing the graft in zigzag position so that the hair restoration on those bald spots looks naturally grown. It is mandatory for the surgeon to define one specified directional line for hairline design, as per patient’s facial structure.

The staff working in the hair transplant clinic:

Whenever you are going for a hair transplant surgery, you are not just focusing on the surgeon but also his team of helping hands. For covering a surgical procedure, an entire team of well-trained and experienced doctors is required. Team work is always better than a single surgeon performing the OPs.

Furthermore, a team, which is spearheaded by an experienced and skilled doctor with team of young surgeons, will be one major combination as it will benefit the patient well. Furthermore, dividing the work among the colleagues will help to create that healthy form of working atmosphere. The like-minded doctors can get to work together as one common goal to bring the best outcome for patients.

Reputation gained from previous patients:

Nowadays, with just a click of your mouse button, you can see what other clients have to say about the hair transplant surgeons they have worked with. Following those testimonials is important if you want to learn more about the surgical centre and the doctor, before proceeding further and getting help. One honest review will mention dates, names, and the correct feeling towards that particular service. It will also try to explain the matter in details. Whether the review is talking bad or good about the surgeon, learning about it beforehand is mandatory.

The technology used:

Hair transplant procedure is highly sophisticated. That makes results a lot better. The chosen clinic must use latest technology and the methods for presenting the surgery. This step will result in higher quality results.

Following these simple steps will help you find the right hair transplant surgeon in India. Be sure to search more for the best name, and then finalize on their practices.