Hymenoplasty Cost


Browsing online will let you come across several accredited hospitals that offer the most cost-effective Hymenoplasty surgery around the world. Among all of them, you will find the Indian hospitals and clinics to be the most reasonable ones.

India is at the top level in terms of hymen repairing cost, especially when compared to developed countries. Reputed medical centers have curated a team of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in India, offering 100% positive results.

You can undergo the low-cost and affordable Hymenoplasty surgery in India under the supervision of the best cosmetic surgeons. The main goal of these surgeons is to ensure a higher success rate and lower cost within their locality with ultimate surgical satisfaction.

If you too are looking to undergo hymenoplasty, all you need is to look out for a cosmetic surgeon who is expert as well as cost-effective. Your surgeon will take care of the rest. Eventually, a satisfying hymenoplasty surgery will be the result.


The preferable cost of Hymenoplasty surgery in India:

The cost of Hymenoplasty is lower than in western countries. The entire surgery will take around one to three hours to complete. The patient can easily resume her normal activities from the very next day. But, complete healing with hymen reconstruction will take around four weeks to 3 months. The surgical cost will vary, depending on the said complexity and the cost of the available technique. The cost will range between 25,000 rupees and 60,000 rupees. On average, patients are required to pay around 40,000 rupees to cover the entire surgery.

Factors determining the final cost:

There are certain interesting factors available that help every patient to determine the cost of Hymenoplasty surgery. For the first-timers, reputed plastic surgeons are always there for assistance. After going through a thorough check-up, these reliable surgeons can help you aim for the best package. Depending on their consultations, you can pre-set a budget within which the entire procedure will get covered. So, without wasting time, let’s talk about the factors, which will finally help you to set a budget for Hymenoplasty surgery.

  • First of all, let’s talk about the techniques used. Depending on the current condition of the hymen, the surgical technique will differ. The different techniques used for this procedure are basic technique, Alloplant, and hymen restoration technique. Therefore, the cost is likely to differ as well.
  • Now, even the selection of surgeons for Hymenoplasty will also focus quite a lot on the budget you have. Reliable and accredited surgeons are known for offering complete care even after the surgery takes place. So, you can expect to spend quite some bucks for their services. Yes, it might be a bit expensive at first, but you will receive complete care.
  • You have to focus on the hospital charges, too, while considering the final rate of Hymenoplasty surgery. Right from the techniques used for the surgery to the disposable materials, medical bills, and hospital stay charges, everything will be taken into consideration while finalizing the bills.
  • To understand more about the hymen’s condition in detail, plastic surgeons will recommend some lab tests and blood works to be done. Make sure to keep those payments in mind as well while setting up a budget for Hymenoplasty surgery. These rates are flexible as well, depending on the number of lab works you need to cover.
  • Even the choice of hospital will focus quite a lot on your pre-set budget plans. If you have a tight monetary budget, the chances are high that you won’t get into private hospitals. Government hospitals are there for such help. However, for the best Hymenoplasty treatments, it is better to move towards private hospitals first.
  • Don’t forget to consider the type of anesthesia as well before moving forward with Hymenoplasty surgery cost. Based on the dose of anesthesia provided, rates are subject to differ.

Focus on these points if you want to target the best cost for Hymenoplasty surgery. If you do have insurance plans, make sure to take those advantages as well.