Hymenoplasty Surgeons


Hymenoplasty, also known as hymen restoration surgery, is a surgical procedure that aims at reconstructing the skin membrane located in the lower half portion of the vagina. This elastic and fibrous tissue is mostly torn with the first sexual encounter. But it can easily break after a physical accident, due to sudden movements, or even after using tampons.

Repairing the hymen is a simple surgical procedure, which will involve stitching the torn portions together with dissolvable threads. Most of the time, surgeons perform Hymenoplasty procedures using local anesthesia and as a day case procedure.

Patients mostly request for Hymenoplasty operation to recover their original hymen status for religious or cultural reasons. It is because, in some selective cultures, people consider the hymen as a symbol of virginity. But, it is also vital to note that the hymen can easily tear from any of the non-sexual causes like certain sports activities or tampon usage.

A board certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon would be the best to help you restore your hymen by performing a satisfying hymenoplasty surgery. Therefore, it would be good to look out for the one if you want the best results out of the treatment.



What comprises of Hymenoplasty and the aftercare from reputed surgeons:

Hymenoplasty surgery is pretty simple and consists of the reconstruction of the hymen by dissolvable and fine sutures. The current duration of this surgery will be around 30 minutes to around an hour. This newly formed surgical hymen might also bleed when it gets torn. The new hymen will then be constructed from original torn tissue.

  • Before you proceed further and head towards Hymenoplasty, it is mandatory for you to quit smoking. Reputed surgeons are able to recommend you the medications, which need to be stopped, based on the current body goals.
  • Furthermore, you can expect proper aftercare from reliable Hymenoplasty surgeons. It is true that you might expect some sort of pain after the surgery. However, with the surgeon’s advice, you can return to your normal activities within a span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Hymenoplasty surgeons will always use dissolvable threads for stitching out torn hymen. So, there is no need to visit the surgeon later to remove the threads when the area starts to heal.
  • The complete healing procedure will take around three months’ time. During this stage, it is advisable not to go for any intercourse.

Things to look into reputed Hymenoplasty surgeons:

If this is your first time working with Hymenoplasty surgeons, then you are pretty confused about choosing any one among the lot. India is known to host some of the best and world-renowned Hymenoplasty surgeons, associated with accredited centers only. These surgeons are likely to charge less for their services, which is why most international patients take their first flight to India to get their torn vaginal repaired. However, there are certain factors, which will help you to select the best surgeons in town. Look into those factors to ensure that you invest your money in the right hands.

  • The best cosmetic or Hymenoplasty surgeons will have years of working experience in repairing torn hymen. They further have direct exposure to all the international quality standards of surgeries. So, you could expect nothing but the best from these sources.
  • Reputed surgeons will be members of reliable committees and associations like the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and more. So, make sure to check out the accreditations first before heading towards the final Hymenoplasty surgeon.
  • Reliable Hymenoplasty surgeons are able to perform the entire hymen repairing procedure with utmost care and confidentiality. As they have already solved similar issues before, so working on your torn hymen won’t be a surprise for them to handle.
  • Moreover, these surgeons have worked with multiple patients before. So, they have dealt with various kinds of vaginal rejuvenation and tightening beforehand. Being associated with this surgical field for a long time, these doctors have witnessed multiple vaginal issues. So, working on your complex situation won’t be a tough call for them to address.
  • Reputed Hymenoplasty surgeons are associated with top hospitals in India. These hospitals are proficiently equipped with cutting-edge technology and the latest infrastructure to offer the finest patient-centric care.

The best surgery hospitals will have a comprehensive team of experienced cosmetic surgeons, alongside specialists and other doctors, to offer completely holistic treatment. Searching the internet will let you come across some of the best hospitals and reputed Hymenoplasty surgeons within your hands’ reach. Don’t forget to check out your location first and then select the best surgeon in India to move forward with.

Benefits of repairing torn hymen:

Hymen repair or Hymenoplasty surgery is one form of cosmetic surgery that will help to either create a new hymen or utilize from what is leftover. The hymen is one thin layer, which will enclose the vaginal opening. In most cases, outside intercourse, the hymen can break easily due to physical sports like horseback riding, gymnastics, inserting tampons, or even due to routine pap smears. Most women are not even conscious of their hymen tearing as there is hardly any blood loss or not even a single form of discomfort.

  • The major benefit of Hymenoplasty is to provide women with complete control over their lives and in one patriarchal culture. Here, the hymen is stated to be a symbol of virtue. Then you have other women who seek Hymenoplasty just to feel young and rejuvenated again.
  • In India, Hymenoplasty is an essential form of surgery and costs pretty less than any of the other western countries. Moreover, patients will get services from a dedicated team of specialists, expert cosmetic surgeons, and other doctors for complete comprehensive care.
  • Even though there is an affordable rate associated with Hymenoplasty surgery, but that won’t hamper the quality of care and treatment that goes with it. So, that forms an essential part of hymen surgery as well.

Choose India for reliable solutions with Hymenoplasty surgery all the time:

Moreover, India holds some of the best hospitals, which use specialized and well-equipped tools for covering the surgery right on time. With a little bit of research from your side, you will end up with specially negotiated prices and time-bound packages. So, consult a reputed surgeon now and enjoy the best Hymenoplasty surgery of all time.